Prince William Breaks a Taboo: Speaks Out Against Overpopulation

On November 2, England’s Prince William spoke in London and warned about the dire consequences of overpopulation worldwide, especially as it relates to wildlife protection and species preservation. The event was sponsored by the Tusk Trust. The Tusk Trust protects African wildlife.

“We are going to have to work much harder, and think much deeper, if we are to ensure that human beings and the other species of animal with which we share this planet can continue to co-exist,” he said. Prince William is courageously venturing into the oft-ignored issue of overpopulation.

We should take our cues from Prince William’s leadership.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the current U.S. population totals over 326 million. Shockingly, unless immigration is reduced, the nation’s population will climb to nearly 400 million by 2050. That’s a 22 percent increase in just 33 years! America does not have enough available resources to sustain a population this size without further damaging the environment from growing development related pressures. Though rarely discussed, the reality is that we must curb future immigration in order to save our country’s remaining wildlife for future generations.

Which is one reason why the RAISE Act, now pending in the Senate, makes such good sense.

Phasing down levels of legal immigration will help stabilize the U.S. population in time. The RAISE Act would reduce legal immigration by 50 percent. Immigration would become manageable because the RAISE Act ends chain migration and restores our nation’s ability to determine its demographic destiny. Prince William understands the need for population stabilization – why can’t our own congressional leadership?

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Diana Marshall on

    ….the real problem with population ? Decent educated adults are not procreating to provide society with the next productive generation. Statistics pegged educated couples 1.2 kids, whereas the poor, especially the ones on welfare and/ or poor immigrants average 3 to 4 kids and counting The problem is the quality of the population – The people with the least to contribute are drawing the most resources , whether healthcare, food, housing, social services etc

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        Someone needs to think about a sterilization process in the near future for people who do not contribute to society as much as they should . Mainly for idiots who just pop out babies to get a tax credit. It happens every day. If you cannot support yourself , why should you have a baby ? I know , some of you are like , this guy is crazy, well maybe , but think about it for a sec, what if we keep up the population span we are at right now ? I could go on all day about whats right and whats wrong, but we don’t have time for that either. We need to do something fast and NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great job Prince William! All of the people that argue for our current levels of immigration never argue for increasing our current population to 400 million people as a reason for keeping our current levels of immigration, because they know that this is a losing argument. Instead, they always yell “Racist! Racist!” to shut people up and make them feel bad for wanting what is best for the country.

    As if not wanting to increase our population to 400 million people by 2050 is the equivalent of wanting to bring back Jim Crow. Sorry, but a person can be opposed to any form of racial and religious discrimination in the US, while simultaneously being opposed to the current insane levels of immigration, as well as immigration policies that bring in people that are at high risk of being terrorists as well as people who are criminals. This does not make a person a “racist” no matter how many times you say it.

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    Leland, I am looking for the best way to devote my time and abilities to attacking the worldwide overpopulation problem. You are obviously well-informed. Do you have advice for me on where to plug in?

    Thank you!

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      Just simply by starting not to have too many children or none at all given the current panic…… melodramatic…..

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        Perhaps the prince should have no children to give the example,!!! This is a response Leland would give….

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    The fact is that large parts of the western US are too dry to support large populations. Every time California has a drought they dig ever deeper wells and draw more water from underground supplies. This has led to tremendous infrastructure damage with bridges, canals, and roads all sinking and cracking. The Rockefeller Commission on US population growth in the early 70s recommended that we stabilize our population at then level of 205 million. We have added 120 million since then.

    And then we have the Pope, who constantly insists that western nations have to take in the poor from all over the world. The only thing he needs to open his mouth about is to tell those same people it’s not a sin to use birth control. The Catholic country of the Philippines has over 100 million people on those relatively small islands, an ten fold increase from a century ago. They also have a twenty year waiting list to immigrate here. I’ve often seen that offered as supposed “proof” of our “broken” immigration system, as if it’s our duty to take in the people that they cannot provide a decent living.

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      Or to have let in people that provided you w decent living n the American Dream!!! That is the other side of the coin…..

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      Have you read the Georgia Guidestones? I believe that while some areas of this world might be overpopulated, there is plenty of room on the planet. Once someone, especially a New World Order proponent and royal family member, (and probably Illuminati) starts to begin to even suggest that we should “depopulate” our inalienable rights are in jeopardy. Immigration and decreasing the population, may overlap, but they are two very separate issues. One threatens the sanctity of human life. The other, addresses national boundaries.

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      California would have no drought problem if our governor would stop sending all the water that “falls from the sky” out to sea. We have dryer years but it was never a problem before the Sierra Club started making the rules.