DREAMers ‘Rage’ on DC. Nearly 200 Activists Arrested

Open border groups are making a final push to get Congress to grant amnesty to beneficiaries of President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.   Hundreds of DACA recipients are being bussed from across the country into Washington, D.C. with plans to confront Democratic and Republican lawmakers, and many are steeling themselves for arrest, after planned displays of civil disobedience.

On Wednesday night, nearly 200 illegal alien activists, including two lawmakers, were arrested at the U.S. Capitol Building on a variety of charges.  In addition to protests in Washington, illegal alien activists are targeting members of Congress in their home states and districts. On Monday, seven protesters (six men and one woman) were arrested at the Phoenix office of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) after staging a “sit-in,” demanding amnesty for illegal aliens.  The protesters were all charged with criminal trespassing.

McCain, along with fellow Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona have stated they would support a path to citizenship for illegal aliens.  McCain and Flake were part of the original “Gang of 8” Senators who tried to pass an amnesty deal for illegal aliens and now it sounds like Flake is trying to start the gang back up again.  According to reports  Flake is “quietly” working with Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) to craft “Dreamer legislation” that could pick up 60 votes.

DACA recipients and open borders advocates see December as their best opportunity to get Congress to pass a “DACA fix” because Republicans, who control Congress, need votes from some Democrats to pass a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown.

In December of 2010 open borders advocates and illegal aliens made a similar push to get Congress to pass the DREAM Act.  During that attempt, hundreds of protesters were jailed across the country after acts of civil disobedience.  The bill was ultimately defeated leading President Obama to invoke executive authority to create DACA in 2012, he claimed on 22 occasions not to have.  President Trump has stated that he intends to end DACA by March 5th.

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    Immigration Reform:
    No more Birth Right Citizenship!

    14th Amendment was written for children of freed slaves.
    15th written for Indians (Native American).

    Strike at Root of the Problem! We have been ripped off by people coming here and having anchor babies to enable them to get freebies paid for by hard working citizens. Supreme Court needs to rule on the Intention of Amendment 14 and 15. It would solve so much for this county.

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    These illegals were ushered in by Obama……this fraud has tried to hurt the USA many times. But we’ve figured him out now and urge him to stay OUT.

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    I’m happy they are beginning to be moved. They aren’t good citizens…..they’re just using it to disguise their true intentions! Shame on them~!

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    Start Deporting ALL. You got 200 get them out of here Saturday. Get all out of here. Wasting to much money on all of these ill-legals. …..

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    No amnesty. People from other countries need to start fighting their own Governments for their rights and for change. Enough of running and then using and abusing those who took you in and helped you. Enough taking advantage of Americans. If you want to live here, you need to qualify and assimilate.

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    50% of Illegals lied about age and education to get DACA . Obama never vetted DACA Illegals (gangs and criminals in population) 70% of DACA are not fluent in English 49% of DACA completed high school they are all adults. 73% of DACA live below the poverty line 9 to 16 % of DACA unemployed they are over 700,000
    DACA only 383,000 are employed.

    Don’t believe the Democrat lie that DACA are great achievers this is a ploy to give them amnesty for votes costing billions of dollars in welfare, medicaid etc

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    No Daca that does not include a border wall, no relatives included, an end to chain migration, and other enforcement measures. Not promises to do those things, but actual legislation that guarantees them. Otherwise, it’s just another Trojan horse to bring in ever more millions who will vote overwhelmingly for open border politicians. And when you refuse to commit to sealing the borders and deporting visa overstays, then you are for open borders. There is no other way to look at it.

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    Are these the kind of people we want in our country? Breaking the law and making demands. I say deport them all. We have enough home grown idiots. We don’t need to keep people like this who broke our laws then dare demand that we act in their behalf.

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    Christine Porter on

    DEPORT THEM ALL!! If you have been here and never attempted to apply for CITIZENSHIP and you had years to do so. Get going, the free ride is over.

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      All the illegal invaders need to be deported and a few of our so called legislatures who are trying to sell the country out. That would be terrific, President Trump promised to drain the swamp, this would be a good place to start, any legislator who is against US Laws, US Citizens needs to be drained from office and very soon.