Mom of Son Brutally Killed by Illegal Alien “Disgusted” Over DACA Gridlock

Democrats are doubling down on demands that Congress protect “DREAMers” as part of any compromise to avert a government shutdown.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has stated they “will not leave here, without a DACA fix.” The threat from Pelosi comes as thousands of illegal alien activists stage displays of civil disobedience across the country to get lawmakers to push through a legislative amnesty.  Many of them are DACA recipients who claim they’ve been victimized by a broken immigration system.

But who are the real victims?

“Families like mine don’t have the option of skyping my son or emailing my son or calling him on the phone,” says Maureen Maloney of Milford, MA, the mother of 23-year-old Matthew Denice who was killed by a criminal alien. “If these DACA recipients are sent back to their native country they can do that.”

Maloney is a co-founder of AVIAC (Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime) and is no stranger to loss.  Her son was killed in 2011 in a grisly car accident perpetrated by an illegal alien from Ecuador.

Nicolas Guaman was driving drunk when he ran through a stop sign and hit Denice who was riding a motorcycle. Denice rolled over the hood of Guaman’s truck and crashed into the windshield before Guaman ultimately fled the scene “and when he fled Matthew was lodged underneath the truck and dragged a quarter of a mile to his death,” says Maloney. “While he was screaming there were witnesses, people were pounding on the truck trying to get the driver to stop.”  She says Denice finally became dislodged when Guaman hit a curve… but then he ran over Denice again. Guaman was convicted in 2014 of manslaughter and is currently serving a 12- to 14-year sentence.

“If that illegal alien who killed my son wasn’t in this country, my son would be alive, if these illegal aliens were not in the country all of our children would be alive.” Maloney says she is confounded by the gridlock in Congress over amnesty for illegal aliens. “Isn’t it disgusting that they’re willing to put the DACA recipients ahead of all the Americans in this county? They should be focusing on making American’s safe.”

Open borders advocates have been flooding news outlets with stories about the “hardships” that DACA recipients are going through.  “We’re so outnumbered and the media chooses to ignore the victims – the true victims of illegal alien crime,” says Maloney.

For families of illegal alien crime, they feel victimized twice.  Once by the actual crime itself and a second time by a broken immigration system that allowed the perpetrator to stay in the country.  The most recent example of that is the Kate Steinle case, where criminal alien Jose Ines Garcia Zarate (who had been deported five times) was acquitted in her killing.  Steinle’s father says “justice was rendered but it was not served,” and the family refused to attend court during the verdict.

Maloney watched the case closely, because she too had to sit through a similar trial. “The things that come out in trial are things you never even think about as a parent,” says Maloney. “The trial really does re-traumatize you because suddenly you’re hearing about blood splatter, the fingerprints as (Matthew) is trying to claw his way up the hood, as he’s trying to stop himself from being dragged.”

“It takes a couple of years to get over the shock.”

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Shirley Riggs Olivas on

    President Trump was elected on the issues surrounding immigration (illegal and too much legal). If Congress would do what it takes to stop Birthright Citizenship, they would solve so many expensive problems in this country. No more amnesty of any kind!

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    Maureen Maloney and every other person who has lost an innocent at the hand of an illegal alien has suffered twice the pain. To lose a child is the ultimate pain a parent can endure. To lose a child as the result of government’s dereliction of duty is the ultimate betrayal.

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    My republican member of congress is leading the charge to have a stand alone DACA bill without any border security additions. Scott Taylor from Virginia’s second district. I will be voting him out.

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    Ask your Congress, “How many American citizens must die from the hands of an illegal immigrant before Congress stops protecting them?

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    The American people have had enough of the illegal aliens that are invading our country. They are all leeches and doing so much harm to our nation. So sick of all their sob lying stories

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    Another tragic, preventable, and completely unnecessary killing by an illegal. Why do we continue to put up with this?

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    How did this guy only get convicted of manslaughter. If you read the details above it’s easy to make a case for second degree murder, since the driver refused to stop as the victim was screaming for his life while being dragged. Typical that it’s Massachusetts. I doubt he does ten years.

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    I agree, why are they putting these illegals over Americans safty? We have voiced our options and Congress isn’t listening to us. Who pays their salaries, who put them in their high paying jobs, we Americans did. I am tired of these un-American reps in Congress not doing their jobs. Look up who is for this DACA fix and let’s make sure we vote them out! We need people who put Americans first always.

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    I stand with Maureen and the thousands of other victims of illegal alien crime. Thank you Jo Gomez for highlighting our fight