‘Dream Act’ is Taxpayers’ Nightmare

Nobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman famously assailed open-border immigration policies, declaring, “It’s just obvious you can’t have free immigration and a welfare state.”

Two decades later, the Congressional Budget Office confirmed Friedman’s admonition by putting a multibillion-dollar price tag on the latest amnesty legislation, the so-called DREAM Act.

S. 1615 would expand America’s welfare state by making up to 2 million deportable aliens eligible for a host of federal benefits — health insurance subsidies, child tax credits, Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (a.k.a. food stamps) and higher education assistance, among others.

CBO estimates the bill, introduced by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., would increase the federal budget deficit by $26 billion over the next decade.

The DREAM Act doubles down on a U.S. immigration system that’s out of control, literally. President Donald Trump summed up the problem over the weekend.

“Our current immigration system helps special interests, but hurts American workers, taxpayers and national security,” Trump said in his weekly radio address.

FAIR calls the DREAM Act a prime example of dysfunction on Capitol Hill.

“The CBO report should provide the death knell to efforts to hold up passage of the upcoming spending bill over a DREAM Act amnesty. It should also remind Congress that, in 2018, it should focus on securing our borders, eliminating incentives for illegal aliens presently in the country, and establishing a modern, merit-based legal immigration system.”

D.C. policymakers didn’t heed Friedman’s warning 20 years ago. It’s long past time they did. To taxpaying citizens, the DREAM Act looks like another national nightmare.

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    Carolyn Gilliam on

    NO AMNESTY OF ANY KIND FOR DREAMERS OR ANY ILLEGAL. We the people you are suppose to repersent do NOT want these illegals here. Do your job & deport dreamers. We didn’t want them when Obama started this. We’re tired of every thing where these illegals are concerned. Too many illegals are in our country. Too much dishonesty from all of you about these dreamers. WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK. We want to help our own people & our own country. We are sick of illegals living better than citizens. They are draining our ecomony. You are costing the American people over a billion dollars a year for these illegals. We can use that money for our own people. We are tired of your lies. Tired of loosing job. All the crime & benfits that are taken from citizens. To give to illegals. As long as we have our own homeless & our Vetrain’s who need help. Our poor. Our own dreamers. We don’the want these dreamers. Do your job for us for once. We are watching who fights to keep illegals. Who puts illegals before citizens. You will be voted out of office. The people who pay your salaries are sick of you putting your corupt agenda before the will of the people. NO AMNESTY FOR ANY DREAMER OR ANY ILLEGAL. DO YOUR JOB

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    If a child was brought here illegally by their parents and they’ve become a productive citizen I say, vet them. if they don’t have any crime against them make him jump through the Hoops do it legally and keep them here. they should all also, if they respect the tax-paying citizens of America they should pay back the money for their free education.

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    Actually, I support full green-card amnesty, but only under conditions that will ensure, as much as possible, we are not faced with 15 to 20 million more illegal aliens living and working here ten years down the road. Republicans are not holding up a DACA vote, Democrats are. If they would agree to pass legislation ending chain migration, reform birthright citizenship, implement a robust E-Verify system, and close the Child Tax Credit loophole, a general (green card) amnesty for the first 11 million registered illegal aliens presently living and working here at a time certain can be supported by a majority of Pres. Trump’s power base.

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      Tens of thousands of Muslims came to the US and overstayed their visas in the last 20 – 30 years. They and their US born children are on welfare, spreading Islam. No amnesty. Deport them all.

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    John Curtis Gibson on

    Dream Act is dead again for Christmas 2017. It died many, many times over the past 16 years. All it does is ruining Mexican youth’s lives/careers with all the false promises that is never delivered. The CBO estimated 20B on Monday 18th. And how is congress supposed to react to it by Friday 22nd? Where is the committee to study the long term benefit/damages? Where are the testimonials by defense high ranking generals about threat risks? Where are the hearings of state-by-state litigation by their attorney generals?

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      Go ask the people who have paid and worked and studied to legally get a citizenship if they think the dems should just give all Daca kids automatic citizenship. Most have said no dam way. If they want citizenship it has to be after they take the courses to learn about this country.learn to respect the flag and the people. They have to obey and live by the laws in this country. This will be their home and the flag will be their flag. They will work, pay taxes and respect this country and no longer run around streets making demands. Once they break laws and god help them, if they burn another American flag they must be thrown the hell out.
      You want citizen ship then you do what others have had to do and learn the meaning of the word respect. Anyone who has a problem with this can pack their **** and leave. Nancy Pelosi tried to speak to a group of Daca kids not long ago to support them and they attacked her. They only wanted to hear Ok your all citizens today. What the hell is wrong with you people? This action and aggression is why many people are saying no. One more thin bro protesting and waving the Mexican flag or any other flag is not helping your cause, It just infuriates us. So learn respect and the word please or leave. the party is over. The good daca kids will stay and become great citizens.

      One more little detail. Asking for committees and studies is opening the door to delaying any action on daca for years. Hearings and litigation? this could take decades. Drop it.