California Considers More Benefits For Illegal Aliens

When California lawmakers start dreaming, it is sure to be a nightmare for taxpayers.

Yes, California lawmakers have identified another way to use taxpayer funds to benefit illegal aliens.

As part of his $4.3 billion budget plan rolled out on Dec. 13, Assemblyman Phil Ting has proposed spending $1 billion a year to provide health care to all Golden State residents regardless of their immigration status.

California already grants complete health care coverage to illegals under the age of 19 through Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program.

Because the federal law prohibits Medicaid funds being distributed to those who entered illegally, the state had to foot the bill for their coverage – and would likely end up paying to expand health care benefits to even more illegal immigrants.

The Ting plan is the latest example of politicians forcing legal residents to pay for services and benefits for those who live there illegally, such as issuing driver’s licenses to illegals and allowing them to apply for professional licenses.

California dodged a fiscal bullet last year when a bill to expand state-funded health coverage to all residents, regardless of immigration status, was shelved. The Democratic head of the state assembly refused to back the measure because it lacked any specifics on how to the estimated $400 billion cost would be covered.

While Gov. Jerry Brown is pro-amnesty, it is not clear yet whether his own budget priorities will trump Assemblyman Ting’s.

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    When we prosecute for Federal immigration law violation, start with Gov Moonbeam, then the LA Raza Mexican legislature, who are paving the way for more illegals with more benefits. These crooks stay in office because illegals are voting to keep them there. Feds should audit voter rolls, cut off fed funds until this sanctuary crap is stopped.

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    Forget all of this bs….real question is how did brown get elected to 4th term…..when ca constitution sets the limit of 2….answer this morons

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    Is there a Money Tree some place? I have an inquiring mind and if there is I want a piece of that action!! When will Californians wake up and see that their value to the gov’ is in the $$ THEY pay into the tax purse. It is obvious that Brown values illegal over his own citizens everyday of the week!! Newsom is worse!!

    Isn’t there a sane person who can balance a check book around who would be willing to inconvenience himself for 8 years to set the state back on track?

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    I would like to see border patrol leave CA. border go to texas, have ice and there staff leave go to texas, watch CA. collapse, with illegals flooding state it will happen, just a question of time.

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    Mexifornia is overdue for a massive earthquake. I don’t care if the drug cartels kill all of them. Just do it on your side of the border! Build the WALL!!!

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    This is a violation of Federal Law Title 8 USC … 1324 , why is the DOJ letting the Government in California spend taxpayer dollars on illegals … The leftists in California are committing Federal Felonies … charge these bastards and arrest them …

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    George P Tyrebyter on

    You really wonder when the 12 non-illegals non-scum in CA will tire of paying for criminals.

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      Way past tired to pissed the f**k off with this leftist cr@p ….. I want to see them all charged with violating Federal immigration laws …. and theft of taxpayer funds to aid illegals ….