Seven DACA Trespassers Released from Custody and Blame Everyone Else for their Circumstances

Confirming that the truly are members of “The Whiniest Generation,” seven illegal aliens who were given the benefit of deferred action and work authorization under a likely unconstitutional action taken by former President Obama, attempted to hold the entire U.S. government hostage to their demands for permanent amnesty. That demand was just an exercise of bad taste. What landed them in the clink was trespassing, notably refusing to leave the Capitol offices of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) on December 15.

While they had the stage, the seven trespassers decided to milk it for all that it was worth by staging a hunger strike. True to form for members of the Whiniest Generation, they held out for six days. Cesar Chavez – a political figure whose legacy the illegal alien advocacy movement has misappropriated – by contrast, mounted a 36-day hunger strike in the 1980s, at age 61.

As they threw in the towel, the seven DACA trespassers let loose with one final tantrum (in the form of a rambling press release) aimed primarily at Schumer. Belen Sisa, one of the trespassers had this to say: “I am leaving jail to deliver a message to Sen. Schumer.” Why, exactly, she needed to leave jail to deliver a message to Sen. Schumer, or even what that message is, is unclear. Messages are not that hard to deliver these days and since it is unlikely that Schumer has much interest in having a face to face with them, the same message could have been delivered from jail. More likely, she, like her six co-trespassers, just didn’t have the fortitude to stick it out.

Then Sisa went on to charge, “He has said repeatedly he stands with Dreamers and that we need a Dream Act by the end of the year. We gave him a chance to put those words into action but he failed us. He let me spend six days behind bars, with no food [emphasis added], the risk of ICE involvement increasing every day. It’s unbelievable that the incredible sacrifices we have made are not enough to push Schumer to take more risk himself and rally the necessary votes. My community stood by me, but Chuck Schumer did not.”

Schumer let them spend six days behind bars with no food? First of all, they could have gotten out anytime they wanted. All they had to do was give their names and be fingerprinted and they could have walked out the front door. And the no food part of her gripe: Isn’t going on a hunger strike a personal choice? As for their incredible sacrifices, that’s kind of a judgment call. They did six days; Nelson Mandela sat on Robben Island (South Africa’s equivalent of Alcatraz) for 27 years to confront true injustice.

Another of the self-described martyrs, Cata Santiago, also had some harsh words for Schumer. “Time and time again politicians have failed to stand by our community. Now, at the peak of the Dream Act fight, Chuck Schumer and the Democrats won’t hold their promises to protect us. That’s why, after sacrificing so much in jail for these six days, we are leaving now – because we need to continue mobilizing.”

Let’s give Cata the benefit of the doubt that they were leaving jail to further their cause, not because martyrdom is too hard. But if they’re waiting for Schumer to keep a promise on immigration, they should take a number and get in line. The man has broken every promise he’s ever made when it comes to immigration. Sorry guys, you’re not special.

Most people respect martyrs, whether they agree with their causes or not. The willingness of people like Mandela, Gandhi, and King to pay a real price for what they believed (it also helped that they had justice on their side) helped sway public opinion. Nobody is going to be impressed by a bunch of whiners who can’t even figure out that they are in the situation they’re in because their own parents put them there.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    I’m sure the illegal creepers who work for Facebook love it when illegals are released from jail, and allowed to go back and commit more crime here in Amerimex.

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    It’s time for these schemers to leave our country. They make a mockery of our nation at every turn and are behaving in ways in which we, as Americans, would never ever allow our own young people, America’s real dreamers, to behave! Adding to this too many cacas are just too darn old to be talking about they’re dreaming!!! Go dream in your own country. The jig is up.

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    Blame Obama

    His illegal Executive Order is the root cause for the DACA mess and right now America has far more important matters to attend to; like its legal citizens getting good jobs.

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    Reading their statements is hilarious. “Incredible sacrifices”? Did they miss taking some selfies? Did they miss all those oh so important texts from their friends about what happened every second of the day?

    In the liars hall of fame, few can beat Thomas Friedman of the NY Times. In a recent column he wrote this:

    “Fourth, we had, in the last century, the most open immigration policy to attract the most high-IQ risk takers, the people who often start new businesses, as well as high-energy lower-skilled workers. I don’t have to tell you where Trump is on that.”

    Hard to know where to start with the lies. Hasn’t Trump said that our immigration policy should be focused on those high IQ people, which we have not been doing? Second, for most of the last century, from the mid 1920s on, we had much lower immigration than now and the middle and working classes prospered and had more of a share of the economic pie than they do now.

    And it matters little what their “energy” levels are , those “lower-skilled” workers are not an economic asset because they are nothing but cheap labor for corporations who pay only a fraction in taxes compared to what they cost in government expenditures. Technology is replacing many jobs and the last thing we need is more of the people who work them.

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    They probably won’t try that again. Schumer is notoriously unreliable, not because of this situation, but because he is a politician and wants only what will benefit his current cause. He is just like Trump in that regard. When will this country produce the Mandela’s, the new MLK’s, et al , who not only have a political agenda, but one that makes sense and is good for the country?