Motor Voter Law Drives Illegal Aliens Into The Open

The U.S. Motor Voter program is bringing illegal aliens out of the shadows.

Whether a deliberate scheme by state and local registrars to plump the voter rolls, or just bureaucratic incompetence, noncitizens are getting caught up in the Motor Voter machinery.

Either way, election-integrity groups are finding noncitizens on voter-registration lists from coast to coast. Some of the individuals have illegally cast ballots.

One of the best ways to ferret out illegal aliens is to cross-reference jury excusals with voter-registration records.

When noncitizens receive a jury summons (generated from voter rolls), they inform the courts they cannot serve because they are not legalized citizens. The excusals flag them for voter-rights groups to challenge their right to vote, along with their legal status.

It’s an ironic twist: The Motor Voter law, long touted by political progressives, draws attention to illegal aliens in our midst.

In many cases, the noncitizens did not even know they were registered to vote, says Logan Churchwell, spokesman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), a nonpartisan group that has sued cities and states over tainted voter-registration lists.

“It wasn’t like (noncitizens) were signing up in a Walmart parking lot,” Churchwell noted. “When we see people registered for 10 years and they never cast a ballot, they probably checked the wrong box at the DMV.”

California’s DMV issued 806,000 driver’s licenses to illegal aliens from 2015-2016. Under Motor Voter, the state’s voter registration system is now considered “highly susceptible” to fraud.

PILF credits over-eager bureaucrats, as well as less-conscientious ones, for helping to expose noncitizens.

“Voter registration forms were put in front of them by local government. DMV officers give them those forms – even when they’re looking at a green card on the counter,” Churchwell said.

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    Mr. Dane,

    The following paragraph describes an extremely important fact that you fail to mention in your article entitled “Motor Voter Law Drives Illegal Aliens Into The Open.”

    Your article about the “1993 Motor Voter Act” (actually signed into law by President Clinton in 1995) is somewhat factual, but one the most destructive results of the law is not even mentioned. As you stated, because of the law, Voter Registration Cards have been issued to untold numbers of illegal immigrants. No one really knows whether the Cards were used to vote – and we will never know because the States and the Federal Government refused to keep such data. However, by using valid Voter Registration Cards, illegal aliens can much more easily and successfully complete the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification process. The Cards have become “de facto” U.S. Citizen I.D. cards (as only “Citizens can vote”.) Aliens are coached to claim U.S. Citizenship on their I-9 form, then produce a Voter Registration Card as “Proof of Identity” (allowed in List B of the I-9.) If the alien then shows a non-restricted Social Security Card (usually counterfeit), they are considered eligible for work. The employer sees the Voter Registration Card as proof of U.S. Citizenship and fears it is illegal to further question either the applicant’s “U.S. Citizenship” or authorization to work.

    As one who served 25 years as an INS Special Agent, I brought this “loophole” to the attention of many INS and DHS officials, hundreds of Members of Congress and several White House Administrations. The problem continues to this day!

    P.S. If you use the above information, kindly remember the person who sent it to you…and give credit where credit is due!


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    It’s already been proven for a fact that noncitizens have been casting ballots in Virginia and not just a vote or two, but hundreds maybe thousands. A recent race for the state legislature came down to a tie, which was broken by a drawing for the winner. The Republican won and they kept control because of that. It’s hard to dispute that most all of those illegal votes are going to Democrats and that they may have made a difference in a few races.