In Becoming A Sanctuary State, California Followed Washington State’s Lead

On New Year’s Day, California earned the status of “sanctuary state” in the country as the bill Gov. Jerry Brown signed in October went into effect. While it may be the largest sanctuary state, its northern neighbor – Washington State – earned that less-than-distinguished status almost a year earlier with the stroke of the gubernatorial pen.

On February 23, 2017, Gov. Jay Inslee (D) signed an executive order compelling law enforcement agencies to stop providing any assistance, including financial, to law enforcement agents charged with enforcing federal immigration law.

“No executive or small cabinet agency may use agency or department monies, facilities, property, equipment, or personnel for the purpose of targeting or apprehending persons for violation of federal civil immigration laws,” reads the executive order.

It also tied the hands of cabinet agencies that carry out law enforcement activities.

“The Washington State Patrol or Department of Corrections, or other executive or small cabinet agency with arrest powers, will act consistently with current federal law and shall not arrest solely for violation of federal civil immigration laws,” the order continued.

Inslee said the role of state agencies was “to fulfill missions of providing services to Washingtonians, not enforcing immigration statuses,” Inslee said.

In a further remarks, Inslee demonstrated his intent to follow his political instincts, not the law.

“This executive order makes clear that Washington will not be a willing participant in promoting or carrying out mean-spirited policies that break up families and compromise our national security and community safety,” he declared.

The state, however, has been long adopted policies benefitting illegal aliens. In 1993, the Evergreen State’s legislature passed a law permitting driver’s licenses to be issued to illegal aliens. Although the statute does not explicitly affirm that licenses will be given to illegal aliens, it only requires applicants to verify their identities and proof they are Washington state residents.

As FAIR’s Matt O’Brien notes, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing Motel 6 for cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents by providing them with guest lists.

For Ferguson, filing suit over immigration-related matters is old hat.

Last September, Ferguson sued The GEO Group, which runs a number of detention centers throughout the nation, alleging the company violated minimum wage laws by paying detainees just $1 per day for their work.

Ferguson argued the contract signed by GEO, a privately-owned company, required they abide by state and local laws, including minimum wage rules. Most states permit exceptions to minimum wage laws, such as for government-run prisons and jails.

And the AG’s office also previously filed lawsuits over the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and President Trump’s travel ban.

Is it any wonder that Washington State has seen a 14 percent increase in illegal immigration since 2009

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    How can they do that for illegal aliens if American people did not count if we broke the law as American week would be arrested what is the difference about the law it says illegal aliens are breaking the law you come to this country illegally they should be rested that is the law so you’re telling me take a break the law but American people came do you think eventually there’s going to be alright and fights and killings over these illegal aliens being here better Force the law cuz eventually American people are going to get tired of this law then there no start breaking the law and how can you rest American people for breaking the law if you cannot arrest illegal aliens for breaking the law should be a felony for them being here I should be deported they should not be able to work here or go our schools here are go to our hospitals are for any American government systems American people are getting tired and angry visually you don’t see a push back the American people stopped at their selves then it’ll be a Civil War in the United States over this people are tired illegal aliens do not have no rights here by by the law or the American people will do it for you eventually it will happen you hear everyday people are tired of these illegal aliens

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      How can inserting “civil” into the wording give states the authority to break Federal laws?? Enforcing the law is why the taxpayers pay for law enforcement, so how can a governor write laws that usurp federal laws? This is total BS and could be stopped, why isn’t the government fining and jailing these idiots who have suddenly became the guardians of the entire U.S. who are unwilling participants in this sedition? Put anyone who has grown to big for their britches in jail for a few years, and this bull will cease..don’t, and it will only get worse.