DREAM Act: Straining Budgets, Punishing American Workers

The Congressional Budget Office says the DREAM Act will cost Americans $26.8 billion over the next decade. That’s a net expense, and it’s just the beginning.

The DREAM Act, which would grant lawful permanent residence to some 3.25 million illegal aliens, is being played as a bargaining chip in negotiations over immigration reforms. It’s no bargain.

The CBO estimates 2 million aliens eligible for conditional resident status would become naturalized citizens. That projection – a low-ball figure in light of prior amnesties and DREAM Act provisions – minimizes the true fiscal impact.

If history is a reliable guide – and there’s no reason to think it isn’t — significantly more aliens are likely to apply. This would add billions to the DREAM Act’s initial price tag.

Witness the amnesty embedded in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.  Some 2.7 million illegal aliens established legal residence through IRCA, significantly more than the government’s top estimates.

Language in the DREAM Act ensures that more low-skill, low-education aliens will be waved through – granting them access to legal employment, as well as a full smorgasbord of public benefits (your $26.8 billion at work).

The most expensive benefit would be Obamacare subsidies ($12 billion), earned income and child tax credits ($5.5 billion), Medicaid ($5 billion) and food stamps ($2 billion). CBO understates the impact here, too, by excluding state and local outlays.

A “confidentiality” provision in the DREAM Act bars Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers from examining amnesty application files, raising the odds for fraud. Further, government adjudicators are required to accept easily doctored documents – utility bills, rent receipts, even remittance records — as evidence of eligibility.

If all else fails, applications can be approved for “humanitarian purposes or family unity.” “It will be exceedingly difficult for the government to deny an applicant and not be sued for ‘abuse of discretion’ when those are the standards for grants of waivers to criminals, smugglers and illegal voters,” notes the Center for Immigration Studies.

The not-so-dreamy DREAM Act gashes a broken immigration system while further straining American workers and taxpayers, says Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas.

“Isn’t it interesting that the people who keep demanding immediate legalization also demand that there be no wall? They don’t want border security. It’s pretty transparent they don’t care about U.S. workers whose wages have been stagnant, or have been unable to find jobs,” Gohmert said.

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    Change and you voted for it, turning America black. The Death of white America was enacted in 1965 with the signing of the Open Immigration Law of 1965. The Open Immigration Law Of 1965 was the beginning of white genocide, America’s death as a unified nation. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 scrapped our immigration system that had been in place since 1924 and replaced it with admitting large numbers of Latin Americans, Africans and Asians instead of Western Europeans. White people days are number, And they voted for it. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that by the year 2050, European-derived peoples will no longer be a majority of the population of America due to the massive influx of immigrants since the signing of the bill in 1965. Every day this bill stands every day America becomes more black.

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    Legal Immigration is one thing with Limits.
    Mass Immigration of Illegals and Refugees without set limits, will not only bust a Country’s Economy, but also leave it wide open for a Global take over. Just look at what happen to Europe.
    Yes We have a big heart and compassionate but there comes a time one has to use their Brain and Knowledge to make ends meet.
    Obama’s Unilateral Executive Order was and still is ILLEGAL. Therefore all these illegals have been lied to by Obama and Hos Administration.
    Democrats don’t represent what they use to. It’s all about getting a Vote at any cost. Globalist Puppets for the Elite.
    No DACA, Close The Borders, Build The Wall, Stop the Give-a-Way’s.
    Last count I heard was 9.3 Million Illegals and reproducing everyday.

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    Like we need more unskilled and dependant people in our country. We should take care of our own first and foremost. This is America if you want to go through the process of becoming a US citizen you better be able to support your self or family with skills already learned in your country then if you need more training to acquire a job get into a skill training program immediately. We want people who will expand our tax base not destroy it.

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      Barbara, with all the Training and Skills many have learned here in America, why can’t they go back to their own country and put that Training and Skills to work over there ?
      Do they not know that the US and some in the UN send money and relief to their country’s to help them all ? It is up to them to oust their Greedy Leaders so they can reap some of the Good from those Funds and Supply’s that are sent there.

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    Why not use this money to secure our border and instead of paying for school for illegals, let us use this money to pay for college for our sons and daughters. I am a legal immigrant who stood in line for 4 years to get into this country and had to provide a medical and police report to get a visa. I don’t understand how we can justify this nonsense. Double standards for those of us who do the right thing and rewards for those who sneak in and demand amnesty. Why don’t they apply to become legal instead of demanding we give them amnesty. Shame on you elected officials who don’t put our citizens first! Maybe you guys can take them in your homes!

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      Thank You, LAL for becoming Legal the proper way. It is a Privledge not a Right to be accepted into America.
      To many have been lied to. An illegal Executive Order from the Obama era is still Illegal. Some may not be aware of that either.
      I Hope and Pray Life is going Good for You here in America. #MAGA

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    Gloria Wedemeyer on

    Americans need to take priority over any illegals. If we don’t try to build the wall and use every resource to keep illegals out of the country, there will come a day when we will go broke and the less fortunate will never be taken care of. I truly believe that the dems only want to let them have rights so they will get more votes.

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    Let’s get all the facts straight, New legalized immigrants do not receive the benefits claimed. They are not eligible for most of the benefits we are told. Second, explain why unemployment is so low with 11 million undocumented people here already, despite Mr Dane’s lifelong claim otherwise. Third, where I live, Farmworkers do the job Americans have refused making 11-12/hr. It is claimed that if we pay them more, Americans will do that work; well, salaries have risen based on federal standards and there are still no Americans in the orchards.

    And lastly, where would we be if we blocked immigrants from the beginning. I know I wouldn’t be here, a third generation American.

    Real facts are undeniable. Look them up where they are published not where a talking voice matches your world view.

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      So, all these illegals immigrants are just out there working their butts off at minimum wage jobs that no citizens want to do with no assistance whatsoever? No Snap, no WIC, no section 8 housing, no free medical care, no free schooling? Oh….and they are managing to send a record x billion dollars back to their home countries? (can’t recall the exact figure) how is that?

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      The Congressional Budget Office-CBO says the DREAM Act will cost Americans $26.8 billion over the next decade. The most expensive benefit would be Obamacare subsidies ($12 billion), earned income and child tax credits ($5.5 billion), Medicaid ($5 billion) and food stamps ($2 billion). CBO understates the impact here, too

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    Cut taxes, cut spending, stop spending billions of dollars a year, on people in this country Illegally. It is unconstitutional for our Senators and Congressman to ask the fifty percent that actually pay taxes to be burdened by this expense. It is unsustainable and unrealistic. We cannot keep flooding this country with people who need a hand out. No DACA, no DACA Amnesty, no amnesty at all. No chain migration, no Diversity Lottery, no birth citizenship, no imported Terrorism, stop the invasion of our country before we end up like Europe. Immigration laws are to benefit our country and its legal citizens, and what is going on now is not! Build a wall, hire more border security with real weapons, we need to get serious about this folks or we won’t have a country. Deport people in this country illegally, put terrorists in GITMO not in our jails so they can recruit more terrorists. Start fining people for hiring illegals, start giving jail time to people who enable and support the invasion of our country. Save a border patrolmen’s life Build the wall. Stop voting Democrat!

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    Notice how yet again the goal posts have moved? All we have heard for several years is that it would be “only” 800,000. And we also heard about what a plus for our economy they would be when a significant percentage cannot even speak passable English and have low educational levels. Low income workers are not a plus in a welfare society when their status makes them eligible for many taxpayer funded programs.

    The media seems to have anointed Lindsey Graham as some leader in this debate, when the fact is that he drew so little support for his presidential bid that he had to drop out before the primaries began. The two pro amnesty candidates left, Rubio and Bush, drew little more than single digit totals before quitting. Trump was quite clear about what he would do and he won. It’s like the “remain” crowd in England who still insist that the majority who voted for Brexit need not be listened to.

    There is absolutely no reason to trust Graham or any of his pro amnesty cronies. He’s basically doing the old dealing from the bottom of the deck like always. He wants the amnesty first, with a “down payment” on all the other issues, including a “slow” start on reducing chain migration. In other words, we will promise anything you want to hear and then when and if the Democrats take over again all those promises go by the wayside.

    We saw it with the 1986 amnesty and the Secure Fence Act of 2006, voted for by many Democrats. It’s promise promise promise and then the funding gets cut out in the next budget. Why believe people who have shown repeatedly they can’t be trusted? And the political establishment wonders why they got Trump? Look in the mirror.

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    Amazing! While Social Security, a safety net for US citizens who worked their entire life here, is going broke, our crooked politicians are competing among themselves who would provide the most billions of dollars for uneducated illegal immigrants! Yet many of these immigrants don’t even plan to integrate into the American society. They live for DECADES in their exclusive Hispanic neighborhoods, speaking ONLY Spanish. To make things really, really convenient for them here in California, ALL welfare application forms must also be printed in Spanish! The brave Americans who died at The Alamo must be turning in their graves!

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    My opinion is, that there should be no illegal alien allow to receive any taxpayers dollars. No taxpayer handouts to these people that came here illegally, period! I ask this question. How can you politicians justify in giving anyone taxpayer handouts to people that came here illegally? Isn’t there laws that supposed too, governs our borders? Most of these illegals have prior convictions and have ties to gangs and drugs! You politicians who want to reward these illegals, cause you’re looking votes to keep you in power. I have a question for you politicians. Why don’t you make it easier for the ones that are citizens, that may have criminal record, and trying to do right in society. Instead of working on illegals staying here and sucking off the system, which is supposed to be set up for the American poor, not foreign nationals. How about helping American citizens that are trying to look for work and be a productive citizen, that may made some mistakes in the past. How about helping them, instead of wanting more illegals under DACA or some backdoor amnesty.

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    Democrats want’s TRUMP to sign a bill and we have no idea WHO or how many people are here. 800,000, ??? Or how many. Just like Obamacare, sign bill and read later to find out what’s in it. I don’t trust Brown and what he is hiding in CA, s—Hole Sanctuary State. Go TRUMP. NO Dreamers.

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    I feel the same way. We don’t need them and they are taking money that is better used for our own people…

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