Illegal Alien Cop Killer Vows to Kill Again, Angel Mom Reacts

In a stunning profanity-laced admission, 37-year-old Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes said “I wish I had killed more of the mother—–s,” as he sat grinning through a trial where he’s charged with murder for the killings of two Northern California sheriff’s deputies.  Bracamontes interrupted the Sacramento Superior Courtroom with his expletive-laden tirade, going on to say “I will break out soon and I will kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me… There’s no need for a f—ing trial.”

“I can’t even imagine what these officers wives were going through hearing this,” says Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son Mesa Police Sgt. Brandon Mendoza was killed by an illegal alien drunk driver. “It’s just another dose of reality of the violence from some of the people who are here illegally and it’s time for our politicians and our court systems to take these threats seriously because these people don’t value the lives of Americans.”

Bracamontes is on trial for the 2014 killings of Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputies Danny Oliver and Placer Deputy Michael Davis Jr. in a daylong spree of violence that began at a Motel 6 and ended in a shootout about 30 miles away.  Bracamontes defense attorneys claim his outburst in court is evidence that their client is unfit to stand trial.  His attorneys have already unsuccessfully attempted to enter a plea of not guilty by insanity.

(Listen to FAIR interview Mary Ann Mendoza above) 

“This piece of crap has shown he’s not insane, he knows exactly what he’s saying, he knows exactly what he’s doing and he predicted the future what he will do if he’s out in public in America,” says Mendoza. “The grin on his face, he almost looked ecstatic that he pulled it off and he wished he would’ve killed more.  He’s a maniac and I sure as heck have to pray and hope that he’s not released on our streets in some way but you never know in California whether it will happen because you’ve heard of crazier things.”

Bracamontes is a Mexican citizen who has a long history of drug arrests and has been deported twice.  He could face the death penalty if convicted.  His wife, 41-year-old Janelle Monroy is also charged in the killings, she faces life in prison if found guilty.

Both Bracamontes and Monroy were in a car parked in a Motel 6 parking lot with the trunk lid up when Deputy Oliver and his partner approached the suspicious vehicle.  Oliver was shot to death with an AK-47-style rifle.  Bracamontes and his wife then fled north to Auburn where Deputy Davis Jr. was killed in a shootout before they were finally arrested.

(Memorial to slain Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver)

Bracamontes attorneys’ fear that he will not receive a fair trial because of the “anti-immigrant sentiment” from President Trump.  It’s an argument that the attorneys for Kate Steinle’s killer, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, successfully employed in a trial that ultimately led to his acquittal.


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    This is a guy who should walk – and then be killed just for the ‘general good’ of society. Perhaps by a large group of citizen assassins in masks – ‘Los Vigilantes’.

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    The Politicians that protect illegal immigrants are just as guilty as the criminal immigrants! If the Citizens of California would quit electing these same Politicians to office they would not have the problems they now have with illegal immigrants. They also need to take a look at their jail and prison population and see the number of illegal immigrants there and the cost of their incarceration to the taxpayers?

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      The good citizens of California are out-numbered. The liberal/socialist/politicians of the state encourage this type of lawlessness. They have sanctuary cities & laws that protect these criminals. The state has become over-run with law-breakers & hoodlums, many of which are illegal immigrants that should be arrested & sent back to Mexico, but very few of the lawmen wants to do anything to help the local authorities solve this problem. All the good & decent ppl. have moved out of the state. Until the ppl. of California start demanding that the crooks, gangs, punks & hoodlums be arrested & sent home they will have this problem & it will fester & grow until it reaches a point where the authorities have to act to protect the innocent ppl. who deserve to be protected from those who want to rob, steal & kill the innocent ones!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Any government official from a city up to the Governor that allows any form of sanuaury to these illegal thugs needs to be charge and convicted of the same crimes that these illegal thugs commit.

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    Gloria Wedemeyer on

    He needs to get the death chamber. He not only does not belong here. He does not belong on earth.

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    I believe in the rule of law, upholding it, we aren’t a third world state steeped in anarchy, but after watching this, I wills say that I wished for that day we weren’t, would have loved to have seen a ***** mob, maybe the family members of the cops this cowardly idiot killed, form a good old fashion ***** mob, string the fool up to a tree, **** him slow and enjoy the show.

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    Illegals depress US wages and displace US workers. Illegal immigration undermines veterans, African American communities, and senior citizens who compete for the same limited social services.

    Pro-La Raza racists and deceitful Democrats won’t tell us hard-working, middle-class taxpayers that the ONLY reason they love illegals is that illegals have children at higher rates than US-born citizens and children of illegals (anchor babies) vote for Democrats about 7 out of 10 times.

    Liberals want to see California and the rest of the USA turn into a failed ghetto state just like Venezuela.

    The Democrats plan to grow the Democrat Party through crime, illegals, and trickle-up poverty! The shame!

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      Guest, you are correct. – – – – – – – the pitiful democrats can only get votes by being dis-honest & bringing them in illegally, & giving them the right to vote as soon as they get here. I have always felt like a min. of 5 yrs. should be required before voting. They need that long to get adjusted to their new country. Then & only after proving to be a good citizen, staying out of trouble with the law, working or going to school , & receiving the proper paper-work are they allowed to vote. I have personally felt like the right to vote, should come with the right of citizenship, but if that was to become law, the next democrat pres. would just make an EO giving them the right to vote by just stepping across the border. The dems. will not be caught empty handed again. They will have the votes in 2018, by hook or crook. They are not above cheating, lying, or stealing to keep him from winning a second term.

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    Newsweek is touting some poll that shows that 2/3 of Mexicans have an unfavorable view of the US, reversing what their feelings were about us under Obama. That’s a surprise? Trump said we’re done being your doormat and you are no longer free to ignore our laws. It’s like your brother-in-law who’s been sleeping on your sofa for a month and eating your food. When you tell him to be on his way, he’s not going to be happy. Boo hoo. Just like all the countries who are upset that he expects them to pay their share of their defense.

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      When you come to a Country, do it Legally, if you can’t find a Country that will help you. Follow all the rules to get in, and then follow the rules of the Country that just
      let you stay in the COUNTRY. SIMPLE RULES. Staying in a Country for years and year’s, does not give you the right to be a Dreamer, and want special RULES to STAY. You went to school, use your education and fill out the papers you need to, to be
      legal in country you have lived in. Do your PARENTS pay taxes or do we take care of you, because we work. If you border the USA does not give you right to come in be deported and come back in again, and comment MURDER. You don’t need a law degree to know what was done 3 times is against the LAWS in USA, Canada and other COUNTRIES. Munson January 21, 2018

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    Every time I see the tape of that SOB on TV in the courtroom laughing about how he’s going to kill more cops I just want to wrap his necktie around his throat and choke the hell out of him.

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    The killers of those two Police officers should be ordered by the judge to be track chipped where it would hard to removed. all illegals waiting for a deportation order should not be released unless they accept track chip The deportation hearding should be no more than 30 minutes The illegal has no right of being in this court room since he has no rights being in this country. two counts. crossing border with documents, using false or stolen document to obtain employment. then any criminal record. if used government facilities (welfare, medicaid. criminal record. Income tax filing 3 yrs and etc)

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      They have as much rights as if they were natural born citizens, plus the US taxpayer pays his attorneys to go to court for them, & whine & cry about how he’s been mis-treated by this country or any tactic to get them off or get a reduced sentence. If they are found to be guilty of a murder of a policeman or anyone else, for that matter, who is going about their business , not bothering anyone, then he/she should have their sentence [ I like firing squad ] carried out within 30 days.

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        That is true Holice. No matter how many times they are sent back they are right back over here. I know that for a fact because my neighbor is one of those. Dosent make sense. People who are here illegally and they have access to so many things that a lot of Americans can’t get. It affects all Americans and takes a lot from us all. This guy here just needs to Hv done to him what he did to them. If he sits on death row for years we will pay for that too.

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        Here’s a good idea load all criminal illegal aliens in a c130 and deport them at 10,000 feet with no parachute!

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        IN COURT they MAY have the same rights as citizens (a damn shame) but everywhere else they HAVE NO RIGHTS since they are in this country ILLEGALLY. Stop and think about it a bit…ILLEGALLY…let it sink in!!! Every breath they take while in this country is done so in an illegal status and they have broken our laws to be here. Forget deportation…DECAPITATION should be there punishment!

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    James R. Alexander on

    “. . . . if convicted.” I would question the legitimacy of the Court and sanity of the Judge IF this piece of crap is NOT put to death the same day he is convicted. WHY spend thousands of dollars to house this animal when society would be much better if he were DEAD.

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      Well James that is the stupid American Way. The lawyers have to be given the chance to milk the government for every time they sign a piece of paper for him, & don’t think the attorneys are not well trained in how to do this. That’s why they get the death penalty & the criminal might die of old age before his death order comes up. That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of, I say, if he has been given a fair trial, & with all the DNA capabilities we have access to now, & as technical as forensics have become, it is almost impossible to commit the perfect murder now. He should not be allowed but one appeal, unless new info. is found. If after all this takes place, I say carry out the sentence within 180 days.