Let’s Be Honest: Congressional Democrats Chose Illegal Aliens over American Citizens

Democratic senator and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) rallied almost all left-wing Democrats to block government funding because they didn’t get what they wanted: a no-strings-attached amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

Much of the mainstream media pinned the resulting “government shutdown” on those who favor enforcing our immigration laws as written. This makes no sense. To fund a spending bill, you need a simple majority (currently 216 votes) in the House of Representatives, and 60 votes in the Senate. Republicans have 239 members in the House, and they easily passed a funding bill with 94 percent of the party voting in favor. Conversely, in the Senate, Republicans only have 51 of the needed 60 votes, so Democrats were able to block the funding bill.

So let’s be honest about what is actually happening here: Democrats in Congress held the welfare of American citizens hostage, demanding that the open borders lobby get their way. They sent citizens home without pay, and recklessly jeopardized both healthcare funding and soldier pay, because they want an amnesty for illegal aliens.

Reportedly, Democrats only became willing to vote for a funding deal that re-opens the government after promises to hold an amnesty vote in the coming weeks.

However, Democrats still refuse to negotiate in good faith. President Trump has offered to give them exactly what they originally asked for – protection for DACA recipients – in exchange for common sense immigration reforms and border security. Schumer refused the offer – even though he, personally, has agreed to almost every one of those provisions in the past.

Finally, the American people opposed Schumer’s shutdown. A CNN/SSRS poll found that 56 percent of American favor funding the government, even it means forgoing an amnesty deal for DACA recipients. Only 34 percent believe that amnesty for DACA recipients is something worth shutting down the government over.

American citizens deserve to have their interests represented first by Congress. Schumer’s shutdown didn’t do that. Senate leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and congressional Republicans must stand tall and refuse to sacrifice American interests to protect illegal aliens. And congressional Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for prioritizing illegal aliens over the welfare of American citizens.

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    Bottom line:

    If you’re a large US business, would you rather pay $100 per hour to an American consultant, or pay $30 per hour to an Indian consultant? Managers in US companies are now mandated to bring in cheap labor to fill the roles left by American terminations, after of course, they have trained their replacements.

    This should NOT be a slow process. STOP the H1b visa program, and even more abusive, STOP the L1 intra-company visa. Why are we allowing American companies abuse their own countryman??

    Yet, not one thing has done. Not one politician has moved off the dime and we’ve allowed business lobbies and immigration law lobbies to drag it out and drag it out and drag it out year after year and turning a deaf ear!

    I don’t think Trump can stop this. These type of p-ss off abuses can only be stopped by a serious uprising in Washington DC and in all US cities. But… Americans IT workers haven’t gotten p-ssed off enough to do anything about it! It’s just pitiful!!

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    Gustavo Rodriguez on

    The shutdown happened because Republicans did nothing for months, creating an emergency and then blamed Dems., these did not choose aliens over americans, Republicans wanted to force their ways and make Dems. look bad, fortunately, they FAILED MISERABLY, they forgot to bring back…TED CRUZ, a true failure.


    P.S. I am an….INDEPENDENT with a working brain.

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    Arthur L Coleman JR on

    You must be out of your mind? Liar Trump & GOP could have prevented the shutdown by passing immigration, CHIPS, and DACA a long time ago but decided to reinforce their racist views by doing nothing.

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      We don’t want DACA in our country and don’t want to support illegal immigrants and if you don’t like it maybe you should move out. Stupid Libtards want the illegal immigrants here but we sure and the he’ll don’t.

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      James R. Alexander on

      There are immigration laws on the books already. There’s no need for an additional law or two to back up Obama’s ILLEGAL DACA program. DACA should be allowed to expire on March 5 and I.C.E. should be ready to DEPORT all Illegal Aliens. They are NOT immigrants; they are INVADERS/TRESPASSERS in a Sovereign Nation.

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    The DACA issue is only the beginning. Should they get their way in the end, it will only wet their appetite for more. If anything, their protests will intensify until the Democrats arrange for open southern border and pass a legislation to allow the entire Mexican population to relocate at will to the US!
    Isn’t it interesting how the DACA people whine that they were brought here at a very young age, 6-10 years old, and don’t remember other country than the US? Well, if they didn’t remember other country than their own when they ILLEGALLY crossed the US border and adapted here, why wouldn’t they adapt back home where they originated from? Are those countries indeed such ‘shitholes’ places? I beg to disagree!

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    When Lindsey Graham withdrew from the presidential race in December 2015, a Reuters story noted that “he registered below 1% in most national polls.”, a flame out equaled eventually by pro-amnesty advocates Rubio and Bush. Yet the media has decided that Graham is to be the Republican spokesman on all things immigration, with him qualified to tell Trump which of his aides and allies he must ignore.

    Graham [and Rubio] were both sponsors of the worst amnesty ever put forth in Congress, the 2103 Gang of 8 amnesty bill that not only would have legalized every single illegal in the country, but would have doubled legal immigration above it’s present already high levels, and allowed business to bring in foreign workers at will. It had virtually no enforcement measures, only “studies” to be done in a time frame of five long years, at which time those could be extended yet again. Another case of “trust us” by people have shown repeatedly they can’t be trusted.

    One thing that is puzzling is the fact that we keep allowing people from countries other than Mexico to claim asylum at the southern border, which means they tend to be here to stay because the courts are so clogged with cases. Doesn’t federal law say that those who have reached a third country safely must make their asylum claims from that country, in this case Mexico?

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    Democrats act more like DemonBrats all the time. Open borders may help them in their elections and to make themselves millionaires but it does nothing for the American people.

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      I think there is a typo in your text. I would think more accurate term would be DemonRats, don’t you :)? They are openly selling us out to the LOWEST bidder south of the border!!