Will Gang of Six Grant Amnesty to ex-DACA Gang Members and Criminals?

One of the unanswered questions about so-called “bipartisan deal” put on the table by six pro-amnesty senators is just how many illegal immigrants will reap the reward of amnesty? In many ways, the reality of the proposal does not match with the dreams its sponsors are selling.

Not only would the “Gang of Six” give the recipients of President Obama’s unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program a pathway to U.S. citizenship, it would pave the way for DACA-eligible illegal aliens and the parents of DACA illegal aliens.

Nor does it make cuts to legal immigration levels, and it fails on multiple levels to strengthen security at the borders or interior law enforcement.

But there are serious questions even if amnesty is reserved for the 700,000 individuals who have already benefitted from DACA.

The question is all the more important given recently-disclosed U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) statistics show more than 2,000 recipients have had their status revoked due to criminal activity or gang affiliation.

During a hearing last year, USCIS acting director James McCament told the Senate Judiciary Committee that his agency can only estimate the number of criminal DACA recipients because the agency does not “electronically track” the underlying reasons for terminating DACA status.

In follow-up answers recently provided Committee Chairman Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), McCament revealed that as of November 22, 2017, approximately 2,127 DACA recipients have been removed from the program due to either criminal activity or concerns about gang affiliations. The figures date back to the start of the program in 2012.

While 652 have been deported or are in custody of immigration officials, the agency statistical breakdown shows more than 500 remain in in the U.S. and unaccounted for.

Specifically, 535 were released from federal custody and ICE has no record of removal, detention or release for another 940 one-time DACA “kids.”

The yet unwritten proposal from Sens. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) currently lacks any provisions enhancing law enforcement authority to deport or detain criminal aliens. Nor does it address the reality that gang affiliation or membership is not sufficient grounds to deny a green card applicant.

The Gang of Six has shown they want to protect DACA recipients, now it is time to show they want to protect the American people.

As Chairman Grassley said recently, “they need to tell the American people why they refuse to give our government the new authorities needed to remove these individuals who have endangered our communities. They either support removing dangerous criminals, or they don’t, there’s no in between.”

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    Gang members, drug smugglers, people smugglers, any other assorted felons, we don’t care if they know their native country any more or not – OUT! Their families can go with them if they want. Build the wall so they don’t come back. If they do and are caught, straight to prison – then OUT!

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      I think we have to be very select on who stays and who doesn’t. If they are productive workers, paying their taxes,and self sufficient and not sending money to Mexico but are being true to America then look into their former background and make sure they are the kind of people we want to be here.

      If they are dependent on our State and not contributing but totally taking or they are terrorist or violent not carrying their weight then they need to go back to their OWN country. We have enough Citizens that commit crime that we don’t need added takers, and criminals in our Country. When they commit crimes like a guy that raped several times a little 5 yr. old girl and gave her genital herpes we don’t need that for our little ones to be subjected to.

      We have to open our eyes and be reasonable about the kind of people that come to America. We could not go to ANY other country and perform the way some of them come here and perform. We would be in prison or dead depending on what country we were in. They should NOT expect more from America than their Country would do for American’s.
      I rest my case

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    Why is this even an issue!? It is called illegal aliens for a reason. They do not have the right to stay, and above all America should not be a virtual stomping grounds for gangs,mobs that attack at Republican rallies. We are called racist because we’re tired of supporting the world. Let’s start taking care of our own first!!

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    It is important that RINOs not be allowed to interfere with the deportation process. The process should be controlled only by those who agree with the President. One thing we do not need is for undocumented aliens and their children to become a third column within the United States.