The Administration makes the first move in immigration debate. And it is not a good one.

With the release yesterday of a framework, the White House set down its benchmarks for crafting a legislative fix to a broken immigration system and securing the border. If the one-page outline is a fair representation of where the Trump administration hopes to start negotiations, we are concerned about what bill will emerge at the end of the legislative process. Particularly when it will be shaped by an open amendment process in Congress.

For months, President Trump has argued that any agreement that identifies a permanent solution to the 700,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program participants must include an end to both chain migration and the visa lottery program, and funding for a border wall. And, the Administration stated, Congress should address border security and reforms to the legal immigration system should be take priority.

According to the framework, the Administration it would “eliminate lottery and reallocate the visas to reduce the family-based ‘backlog’ and high-skilled employment ‘backlog’. While an end to chain migration is good news, the reallocation of visas would not implement the needed limits on legal immigration,

In real-world terms, that “backlog” means bringing in 4 million people who currently reside on chain-migration waiting lists. An already-burdened U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) would be further stretched to the limit processing millions of immigrants.

Which brings us to the ever-expanding scope of DACA. For months, President Trump heard lawmakers who warned that if amnesty is granted to DACA beneficiaries, the Democrats and open borders groups would demand more.

And it appears the Administration has acquiesced. Now included in the so-called DACA fix are “other DACA-eligible illegal immigrants.”

So, the Administration wants the American people to buy into an agreement to put an additional 1.8 million Dreamers on a 10-12 year path to citizenship. And that is just if the estimate is accurate.

The Trump administration abandoned the idea of including in a bill mandatory E-verify and now the fences have been moved again. For President Trump to fulfill his first priority as chief executive – the security of the American people – he must focus on getting firm commitments from Congress that increases  border security personnel, enhances legal authority to deport criminal aliens and guarantees that fully funding the border wall come first.

Speaking with CNBC today at the Davos conference, President Trump said he believed lawmakers who have consistently supported stronger borders and limits on immigration are “willing to shift more” in their positions.

“And so am I,” he added.

If he wants the American people to support him, he cannot “shift” any more than he already has.

(Listen to FAIR react to the proposed pathway to citizenship above)

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    Therefore, America people still monitor and keeps their eyes, watch Trump Administrations and Trump Agenda on DACA and other issues, to see what Trump says and what Trump doing…

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    Send them all back to their **** hole countries” Illegal is Illegal “and if they are such fucking great people like the “Dumbass-O-Crat’s” claim they should have no problem going back and Un-Fucking their own counties and not have to come here !!!

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    Any amnesty will trigger a renewed surge of illegal aliens along our southern border. It is clear that the desire of the American people to protect their country has been subverted by the “swamp”. Native born American citizens will be the big losers in this so-called ” reform”, which will continue to drown us in Third World immigrants, increase the threat of domestic terrorism, and take away jobs and drive down wages for American workers. Clearly. we must now look to other political parties to protect our way of life.

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      I think he is playing chicken with the Democrats, hoping they will show their true colors. It’s a big risk. I hope he’s right. Know thy enemy.

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    James R. Alexander on

    On the surface, it appears President Trump is “caving in” to Senator Schumer and the rest of the Democrats. I – personally – am not pleased with the President’s loss of his backbone in this matter. With the Executive Branch, the House and Senate wrapped up with Republicans, I feel it should be the Democrats who bend to the America-first plans and wishes of the Republicans, not the other way around. I am highly disappointed in my President in this particular problem.

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      I would agree with you 100% only I were 100% sure that slick Trump honestly means it. His ‘kindness’ could be about setting a trap for Chuck & Nancy again. Remember the recent government shutdown after which the Democrats looked like fools and quickly caved in :)? To me so far, Trump resembles a fox in a hen-house :)! I refuse to believe that he could be that crazy and sell out our great nation to an army of unskilled Hispanics.
      Should the DACA people get their way today, it will only wet their appetite for more outrageously selfish demands to advanced THEIR, NOT American, agenda. And if it ever comes to it, then the American blood spilled at The Alamo and San Jacinto was totally pointless. Let’s hope that cool heads prevail and Trump won’t fail us in the end.