Football Star Embodied the American Dream – Until he was Allegedly Killed by an Illegal Alien

Early in the morning on February 4, the day of the Super Bowl, Indianapolis Colts linebacker, Edwin Jackson, was struck and killed, allegedly by a drunk driver. Inebriated drivers kill thousands of innocent people every year. Every death caused by drunk driving is unnecessary, but this particular incident is especially tragic because it was doubly preventable.

Manuel Orrego-Savala, the alleged drunk driver that killed Jackson, is a twice-deported illegal alien from Guatemala who was also driving without a license. Preliminary reports show he had a BAC level of 0.239. Orrego-Savala has a previous dui charge from 2005 in California.

Jackson, who was only 26, had a history of working hard for his success. He played football for an Atlanta, Georgia high school and also won regional championships in wresting. And despite college recruiters passing him over, he found success as a “walk-on” star for Georgia Southern University’s football team. This opened the door for Jackson to play on the Indianapolis Colt’s “practice squad” in 2015 despite being undrafted. That opportunity led to him playing in the NFL and recording 66 tackles in 2016 before suffering an injury.

Edwin Jackson’s story of dedication and earned success stands in stark contrast to that of his alleged killer. Orrego-Savala decided to break the rules in order to enter the United States illegally three times. He then squandered his time in the United States by allegedly driving drunk, without a license.

If the United States had taken the necessary steps to secure our borders and remove the incentives that lead to illegal immigration, Jackson would likely still be alive today. And despite so many tragic stories like this occurring on a regular basis, hundreds of cities, counties and states continue to protect criminal illegal aliens like Orrego-Savala. If these “sanctuary” jurisdictions have their way, this alleged killer will be released back into society instead of turned over to ICE and ultimately deported. That makes this story all the more tragic. Our immigration system is so broken that it is costing us the lives and bright futures of American citizens.

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    More Americans killed by illegal aliens. What does the body count have to before open borders politicians do the job Americans pay them to do and protect their lives? Shame on you open borders politicians!!!! How can you live with yourselves?

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      They don’t care about us. Plain and simple. They sold their soul out for money.They are being paid off by special interest groups to allow entry of illegals.The illegals bring in drugs and death. The Democrats hate America and want to destroy it. I will never understand it. America is the country everyone dreams of coming to, yet the Progressive Left wants it’s destruction.

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    There need to be consequences for a second illegal entry. 3 months on a work farm raising their own food then deportation. Double that for every further entry. It’s called punishment, the basis of our legal system. Break a law, pay a price.