Nancy Pelosi Government Shutdown Gambit Shows Where her Interests Lie

Speaking at an event in Cambridge, Massachusetts, last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi argued it was the issue of government spending, not Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), that was increasing the chances of a government shutdown.

“If there never were one Dreamer on the face of the Earth … we would still not have an agreement in the budget debate,” Pelosi said.

She went on to claim there would be no shutdown if Republicans would agree to “lift the domestic spending in the same proportion they’re lifting defense” spending included in a stopgap measure.

So when Republican leaders agreed to boost non-defense spending, her bluff was called. The House did approve a temporary spending bill to extend most agency funding until March 23 and promptly sent it to the Senate for consideration.

Prospects of another shutdown were dead, until Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) revived them, telling reporters spending bill without a DACA promise was tantamount to “a complete betrayal.”

Pelosi relented after Gutierrez and private opposition from other Congressional Hispanic Caucus members.

While conceding “many Democratic priorities” were addressed but since the bill “does nothing to advance bipartisan legislation to protect Dreamers” she and the Democrats would not support it and risk a shutdown – which she had claimed would not happen.

As Senate leaders were working out an agreement to avoid a shutdown, Pelosi filibustered in the House by reading letters from DACA beneficiaries, passages from the Bible and other stories about illegal immigrants.

Pelosi, who has spent most of the last few weeks dismissing $1,000 tax breaks for American taxpayers, showed ultimate fealty to open border special interests.

Speaker Ryan told reporters he would allow a vote on any immigration bill that President Trump could support, even those with grossly generous amnesty provisions.

Last month, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer demonstrated his willingness to risk America’s national security for his own political future. Now, it is Nancy’s turn.

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      This God awful ‘all for me and **** everyone else’ thief needs to go to prison, a federal prison along with jerry ‘the clown’ brown, dianne feinstein, and brown’s flunkee, gavin newsome, who wants to be the next governor, not if i can help it. This ******* was instrumental in declaring San Francisco as a ‘sanctuary city’ during his term as mayor. Well, you know how that turned out, more bums, ‘boat people’ from china, freeloaders, crime, dirty streets and crappy infrastructure. i live in San Francisco and it makes me wonder how the people of California keep re electing this no good liberal ‘socialist’ whose mantra ‘all for me and **** everyone else’ policy of wealth redistribution, as long as it’s your wealth and not a damned dime of my wealth. case in point; after the wildfires in the Sonoma and Napa Wine country last fall, she had the gall to get up on the television, i had to change the channel as this was dinner hour and (the sight and sound of this lying thieving disgusting old hag makes me sick to my stomach). and ask people to ‘help the victims of the ildfires with your donations’. This hypoxrite cares only about nancy pelosi and no one else. Hopefully the people of California are seeing these liberals for what they really are all about, staying in power and not doing a damned thing to improve the lives of the legal citizens of California. Under them the destruction continues, all collecting huge salaries, pandering to the voters stupid enough to believe their drivvel all while flipping ’em the ‘bird’ behind their backs. With the mod term elections coming up in june, I hope and pray the ‘dumbocrap’ purge continues or at least starts here in California. In November we get rid of more of these ‘thieves’ until they’re gone. Frankly I’m sicjk and tired of dealing with the chaos these criminals have foisted on us the residents of California with their basically ‘socialist’ agenda. I’m tired of being traated like a walking ATM to pay taxes for all their freebies aka give aways to the bums, ‘boat people, freeloaders, leeches and parasites who won’t work, chose not to work and basically say let society support me’. Hopefully the ‘gravy train’ is coming to a final stop, God help us, the overburdened taxpayers are sick and tired of payingfor all their BULLS**T!

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    It seems “lawmakers” just make laws then denigrates the people who enforce them or want them enforced. The issue about immigration is not based on HUMANITARIAN reasons it is about the LAW OF THE LAND. The United States cannot possibly sustain millions of people who come here for the FREE BENEFITS. The one true fact about Democrats is they never keep their word when it comes to making a deal, Reagan was duped into giving 4 million “illegals” amnesty in exchange for border security, Bush 41 was duped into raising taxes, Bush 43 was duped in bailing out the banks, the American People was duped by Obama into giving up LIBERTIES, DOCTORS, and JOBS. So when it comes to IMMIGRATION REFORM, Trump should not trust the DEMOCRATS or RINO’s if they promise something period.

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      You are wrong & delusional William….most of it wrote it yourself and .THe People for not upholding the laws ..You duped yourself/

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    Why not believe the Democrats when they outright tell you they favor foreigners over Americans. In 2010 Rep. Luis Gutierrez said: “I have only one loyalty and that’s to the immigrant community.”

    A couple days ago USA Today carried a story: “US cities dominate the world’s top 10 most traffic congested areas, with Los Angeles leading in mind numbing and costly gridlock, according to a new report issued Tuesday.” The story noted that drivers in LA spent an extra 102 hours a year stuck in traffic. The “costly” part stems from the fact that the time spent sitting in traffic costs companies lost productivity when delivery trucks spend so much of their time crawling along. It also increases fuel costs with stop and go driving.

    One third of California’s summer water supply comes from the snow pack that melts in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Quartz Media online just reported that “Overall the snow pack across the Sierras is at 27% of normal for Feb. 1.”

    Of course, all these problems, and others, would be more able to be managed if we were to stop the flow of immigrants both legal and illegal into that state. Criticize the GOP all you want, they deserve it, but only one party, the Democrats, is turning this nation over to foreigners, particularly Mexico. That’s the real “collusion”.

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        All of them. In San Francisco we have a chinese invasion. These diagusting *********** spit on the ground, push and shove, expect everyone to kiss their dirty yellow asses by speaking chinese. And God hhelp you if you don’t, yhey are as rude and nasty to you as all get out. Me, i won’t take this kind of disrespect. I recently learned a couple of choice words in chinese, phonetically , via Google, they are **** off and go to hell! I’ve no problem using either to anyone of these rude ill mannered cretins who pushes me on the bus or disrespects me in any way, be it a 90 year old lady or a teenager! Bottom line the ‘dumbocraps’ aka liberals care only for these entities as they are their main voting block, pure and simple. Their idea, we give all kinds of ‘freebies’ to them so they want to keep getting these andouts, this ensures they’ll vote for us, pure and simple. Thus these anti American thieves continue theuir ‘socialist’ agenda with their mantra’ all for me and **** everyone else’ and as long as i get to continue my luxury lifestyle, the lower eschelons can eat crumbs or rot in the gutter!

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    The term “Dreamers” used over and over and over again sounds like a phrase dreamed up by a sleazy DC PR firm to manipulate and guilt trip Americans into going along with another amnesty for people in this country illegally.

    Because they are “Dreamers”, if you are against giving them amnesty, you are a bad person who is for crushing the dreams of other people. We already have the problem of birth tourism and anchor babies, where any woman who is a citizen of another country that gives birth to a child on US soil gets automatic citizenship for the child. So now any child who is brought into this illegally after being born in another country is allowed to stay because they are “Dreamers”. This will only encourage more people to come here illegally.

    We live in a world of 7 billion people, with a population headed towards 9 billion people and most of these people are poor by US standards. So by the logic of people who keep talking about the “Dreamers”, every one of the billions of poor people on the planet who have dreams of coming to the wealthy US should be allowed to come here because they are “Dreamers”. What an idiot way to decide what the immigration policy of an advanced, industrialized nation like the US should be.

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      They should fix all..just the dreamers is not the American way….or whatever way…..if they fix the Dreamers we will fix noting and the same thing……

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    James R. Alexander on

    The lack of any intelligent leadership in the Democratic Party continues to become evident each and every day. The obfuscation which the Party participants spew is a never ending work in progress. Yet, not a one of them understands the meaning of the word “Illegal” as indicated by their every breath of air in bringing up the subject of DACA and the Dreamers – BOTH groups of ILLEGAL ALIENS; but NOT progressiveness which they so wrongly claim. If we are to dismiss everything which is now illegal, there would be no further need for the Judiciary, Attorneys or Law Enforcement since everything (murder down to a broken tail light lens) would become LEGAL. The Democratic Party basically continues to be the Party of no vision, no laws, no direction and no future in our American Republic.