Trump to Democrats: You’ve Got 13 Years to Restore Chain Migration

After the Democrats’ disastrous attempt to hold the country hostage to an illegal alien amnesty in January, the White House was essentially sitting at the table with a full house to Chuck Schumer’s pair of deuces. Polls showed that the American public broadly supported the president’s original list of requirement for an immigration reform bill, and they were not particularly happy with the Democrats shutting down the government in an effort to extort benefits for illegal aliens.

Inexplicably the White House decided to fold a winning hand, and preemptively pared down its list of demands on immigration to just a down payment on a border wall, an end to family chain migration, and an end to the visa lottery while sweetening its offer on amnesty. As Congress sits down to craft a bill, the White House has again tipped its hand by sending a clear signal to the mass immigration lobby that the crown jewel of what is left of the administration’s plans to reform immigration is little more than a façade.

The news media are widely reporting that the Trump administration is assuring Schumer (still sitting with his deuces), and his allies, that they will have 13 years to reinstitute family chain migration before the current family chain migration system winds down. Clearing out the current family chain backlogs and reallocating lottery visas to relatives already in the queue “would effectively make up for the cuts in other immigration categories for about 13 years, [a Trump administration]official said. After that, if Congress takes no additional action to add or expand visa categories, the total number of people allowed to resettle in the U.S. each year likely would decline by hundreds of thousands,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

If Congress takes no additional action to add or expand visa categories is a mighty big if. It’s more like a certainty. The lobbying to restore immigration for this category of relatives, or that category of relatives, will begin the moment a bill is signed. Heck, it’s probably begun already with winks, nods, and private assurances that they’ll sneak these categories back in once the dust has settled and they think no one is paying attention. Thirteen years is a long time, and the way the Republicans are governing they may not even have control of Congress in 13 months.

Here’s another “if.” If the American public has learned anything over the past 30 years, it is that any promises on immigration enforcement, or immigration reform in the public interest, that are not fulfilled before benefits are granted to illegal aliens are never going to happen. We don’t need to wait 13 years to figure that out.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Irs not just illegals coming here. The green card program has gotten way out of hand and takes good jobs away from Americans. Most Americans do not want to pick crops or clean hotel bathrooms or work at car washes like the illegals do. But green cards are taking many of the good jobs including high paying tech jobs. I’ve even heard of Americans being laid off and forced to train their green card replacement. the green card program was never meant to take jobs Americans would like to be hired for but it is being used to fire them and undercut wages.

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      This is why I am against the merit based system being pushed by Tom Cotton, Rep. Senator from Arkansas. I would like to see immigration cut, but it is because I don’t like the U.S. population growing like India’s.

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    If trump cuts Medicare and social security for the elderly in order to give those huge tax cuts to the wealthy I guarantee you most every senior who voted for him will vote him out. He promised to protect both and now it looks like Paul Ryan who is no friend to low income seniors I’d leading trump around by the nose.

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    If Trump does NOT do what he campaigned on, the Wall, and end to sucking up to illegals and their supporters, and the deportation of ALL of them, he’ll BE a one term President.
    And so will every so-called “Republican” who supports anything less than a TOTAL crackdown on illegals, their supporters, and the so-called “sanctuary” locations.
    The best possible scenario is electing a majority to the Senate which IS possible since HALF of them are running for reelection this year. All that needs to be done is replace HALF of that half with Republicans who ARE Republicans- meaning center to right of center Conservatives who will FOLLOW THE LAW and fix the illegal problems once and for all.
    IT will mean that we also need to dump 3 or 4 so-called “Republicans” who’ve been consistently voting with Democrats to block any sensible solutions to removing Obamacare totally and doing the same with illegals.
    Sending the same message to Trump in the White House as above will put him on notice. He HAS the opening to do what he promised since US citizen taxpayers are already seeing the benefits of him being in office and would likely support a Republican candidate who campaigns on the illegal, Obamacare, and money in their (taxpayers) pockets issues.
    Democrats wouldn’t have a chance. Especially if their hypocritical positions were part of the Republican campaigns. Meaning, “Would YOU trust a person, with YOUR future at stake, who reverses his/her position every time they think it benefits THEM to do so? I know I wouldn’t!”

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    No I say the Rino Republicans have 3 years to do what they promised. They promised that would repeal Obamacare by the roots once they won the Senate, House and White House and all they did was to trim and water it. They promised NO AMNSTY and that sall they talk about.
    Why would any sensible person vote for the Republicans when they can’t do what they said they would do?
    They will be losers in 2018 and in 2020.

    “Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us”

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    There is no other way to put it. Trump had the winning hand to force real change, with broad public support, and he is giving it up. This is just a complete cave in to the Democrats and pro business Republicans positions. It is the same old same old same old. Amnesty up front, guaranteed and locked in place, and enforcement promises that will last as long as the morning mist. Meanwhile there will be no meaningful reductions in legal immigration and with no e-verify those who overstay visas or cross the border illegally will still be able to work. Just get a big sign on the border and declare everyone welcome. What’s the difference.

    No Republican who cares about the party or indeed any American who cares about the country, could possibly support these things because we are allowing people in who will support the open border positions of the Democrats by large margins. Trump said just a few weeks ago that he would not give any amnesty without an end to chain migration and complete funding for the wall and it appears he is going to do just that. And he is doing it and getting virtually nothing in return. We could have elected Jeb Bush to do this. A lot of people voted Trump strictly on his enforcement promises.

    It’s probably a path we would be a little reluctant to go down, but maybe we need to consider a constitutional amendment that permits nationwide votes on certain issues. The British public got to vote on Brexit. When politicians tell you something to your face over and over and then in the end just completely cave for no reason. It becomes a case of why trust in the system. Never again another amnesty after the first in 1986. A double layer fence along the border voted for by both parties in 2006 and never built.

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      But, Leland, that seems to be the problem. There are more American citizens, including most of Congress, that DO NOT CARE about our country, in fact WANT it to be brought down low ; many more of them than us, so they are winning this war. You speak of a constitutional amendment allowing the people to decide important issues. While a great idea, it can never happen because only Congress can amend the constitution and, of course they would NEVER give up ANY power to the people. The only other possibility is a Convention of States but that effort, while laudable, is just bever going to happen in time to save our nation, becsuse too many politicians in too many states will not allow it to happen. We are doomed.

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        If you want to accept that we are “doomed” fell free to do so. If we start making an issue of whether such an amendment should be passed, politicians ignore it at their own peril. Two pro amnesty senators, Flake and Corker, are quitting because they faced stiff primary challenges this year and were well behind in the polls. All the pro amnesty GOP candidates in the 2016 primaries including Graham and Bush got no support.

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      you are totally right. trump was elected to end DACA, end birthright citizenship, and to end all of the rewards people who enter the country illegally are recieving