In Washington State, Sanctuary Policies Lead to Another Preventable Death

The brutal stabbing and dismemberment of a Kent, Washington, man by an illegal alien who had been deported four times exposes the fallacy that sanctuary policies do not endanger lives of residents, including those in immigrant communities.

A day after Rosalio Ramos-Ramos’ brother called the police to raise the possibility that he might have killed someone, the 37-year-old illegal immigrant and convicted felon was arrested by Kent Police on charges of murdering his cousin, Pedro Venegas-Ramos.

The murder should never have occurred because Ramos-Ramos was being pursued by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) last year after federal authorities learned he had been in the custody of Kent Police, according to Circa.

“I believe this person needed to be off the streets. He had been deported four times prior, he is a convicted felon and he’s a very violent person,” said Kent police Chief Ken Thomas.

Ramos-Ramos landed in jail last October on misdemeanor charges of possessing methamphetamine, but was transferred to Harborview Medical Center after attacking jail staff. He was then placed in a medically-induced coma after he continued to act violently.

When ICE officials became aware of his arrest, they sought to detain him at Harborview, but were met with resistance because the hospital is considered a “sensitive location” where state sanctuary laws prohibit federal immigration officials to enter.

Kent Police tried to assist by continuously calling Harborview for his status. They were met with obstruction. On a final call, the Kent Police said they were coming to detain him, but the hospital had released him the night before.

After several interactions with other South King County police agencies, he was arrested on January 11 for the murder of his cousin.

The hospital deflected blame, “it is the role of the law enforcement agency to guard the patient while they are hospitalized” and that they followed “federal privacy laws that dictate the amount and type of patient medical information” they could release, according to KOMO news.

The hospital’s reckless disregard for public safety should come as no surprise given the precedent set by the county and the state of Washington.

Kent is situated in King County, one of 29 sanctuary jurisdictions to have received multiple warnings from the Justice Department about potential non-compliance with 8 U.S.C. 1373, a federal statute that promotes information sharing related to immigration enforcement.

The first letter was sent last November with the second coming two weeks after the arrest of Ramos-Ramos. Despite the case dramatically demonstrating what goes wrong when city and state agencies can act in opposition to federal law enforcement authority, county politicians responded, well, politically.

After the January letter, King County Executive Dow Constantine and Council Chair Joe McDermott issued a joint statement asserting that the “Department of Justice’s reckless actions threaten the safety of our communities.”

McDermott said the U.S Department of Justice’s threat to subpoena King County if they failed to provide requested documents was “nothing more than bullying and intimidation by (President) Trump and (Attorney General Jeff) Sessions,” adding that the country complies “with federal law” and does “nothing to inhibit communication between our officials and federal agencies.”

In February 2013, Gov. Jay Inslee (D) signed an executive order reaffirming “Washington’s commitment to tolerance, diversity, and inclusion” but also compelling law enforcement agencies to stop providing any assistance, including financial, to law enforcement agents charged with enforcing federal immigration law.

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    Time to put the politicians and their relatives themselves in harms way. Publish their addresses, phone numbers, places of employment, hours they’re there/not there, family employment, schools, etc, etc.
    If they want to turn illegals loose on the general population, they need to be a part of that as well. It should equate to having a “Gun Free Zone” sign planted in their yards, job sites, etc.
    I don’t advocate criminal activity, but I also don’t advocate giving criminals the ability to function freely while under “protection” status. Being an Illegal Alien IS being a criminal.

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      I agree. And they should all be deported.
      And for the states that are santuary for hiding
      And taking care of these illegal people should be pay penalties. President Trump should put his foot down on these states.
      I’m glad we have President Trump trying take care of this long on going problems that Democrat’s aloud.

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    James R. Alexander on

    I am ashamed to say the Florida legislature is now considering turning Florida into a sanctuary State. Yet, the Democrats in their sole endeavor to expand their voter rolls at all costs, has chosen Party over People, Illegal Aliens over American citizens.

    I am so disgusted with George Soros, Hillary Clinton and their wealthy comrades and puppets attempting to turn our once Great Nation into an anti-American, Socialist, Third World Class dictatorship marching in lockstep with their Marxist and Communist agendas. The Leftists MUST be voted out of Office at every level to save our Republic.

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      I agree these Democrats need to be voted out. Yes there are disgusting to treat us legal Americans that live in our own country the way they do. I guess we all need to start protesting and get out there ourselves.

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    CA has turned into a S—hole, Sanctuary State protecting the ILLEGALS, Dreamers and non-vetted refugees. Brown and Congressman, Senators, Mayors need to be removed from lack of concern for Citizens.
    It’s not SAFE with the people on drugs, drinking, sex offender, drug gangs, criminals, murders.
    Illegals have drivers license, no insurance cost our state lots of money because illegals get hurt, they are a burden to state. Stolen property, vehicle, insurance goes up.
    We must Deport these dangerous people.
    Our State looks like a THIRD world country.
    Go TRUMP
    God bless our country and everyone.

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    You have to organize against these liberal fools that are putting you and your families at extreme risk…every stupid liberal politician needs to be voted out of office and never cast your vote for another liberal again! They are dangerous, ignorant, and their policies will get you killed and destroy your beautiful state…hopefully people can turn this horrible situation around by voting and KNOWING who you are voting for and what they stand for..and VOTE for President Trump in 2020!!

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    I live in Washington state and I am behind ICE and any other agency that pick up illegal aliens especially when they have committed a crime. Our governor is an idiot and is only following in the lefts footsteps I do so hope that if not removed from office that he is voted out next election cycle and a republican governor is put into place.