Wait…What? DREAMers Threaten to “Self-Deport” if Congress Doesn’t Pass Amnesty

“I will leave.  I will leave America as soon as possible,” says 19-year-old Alex Velez, who along with her sister Daniela are DACA recipients. “I want to be able to leave on my terms.  I’m not going to be waiting for anyone to come for me.”

Alex and Daniela tell CNN they plan to move to Ecuador, where both are citizens. “At least we will feel safe with family by our side,” says Alex.

The idea that illegal aliens would decide to return home voluntarily if they could not benefit from remaining here illegally is one that FAIR has talked about for some time.   If people can be discouraged because they will not benefit from breaking the law or the possibility of deportation, why would we give them reasons to stay in the country?

Alex and Daniela both came into the U.S. as children and have since benefited immensely from DACA.  Daniela even earned two associates’ degrees from Rowan College in New Jersey and say she’s adamant that she will put those skills to good use in her country of origin.

“One thing I’ve learned is my talent and my skills are mine,” says Daniela. “It will be hard to start life again, but we will not stay the rest of 2018 in America.”

When President Trump decided to end the DACA program last year the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) urged DACA recipients to use the time left on their work authorizations to prepare for their departure.


Trump Administration DACA Talking Points by Noah Lanard on Scribd

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    It sounds like all we really need to do to get these people to vacate, is offer them citizenship, but they would have to give up all other citizenships. Canada has the right idea, no dual citizenship.

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    These two illegals don’t want to be citizens of America. All they are here for is the free handouts they get, like free everything and then after they get all they can get and are finally ready to get a job and have to start paying into the system they will leave and go back home where they can use what America has given them to use. Just like these terrorists that are back in their own countries that say they came here for the education, graduated from some University and then they go back home and try to destroy America. Why should America be responsible for paying for someone to live here, get a great education at our expense just to have that education be used against us. Our schools and Universities should only be for legal US Citizens. Even if a person comes to the US legally, they should not be allowed to attend a University unless they are US Citizens. We don’t need anymore Harvard, Yale or some other University educated foreigners using our education to destroy us.

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      You are not exaggerating. Why in the world are we educating citizens of China which is our biggest enemy. They steal our technology at every turn.

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    I hope Alex and her brother return to Ecuador and make a difference there. I wish her success at the highest levels. Ecuador needs good, educated people more than New Jersey, which will continue to have plenty. She seems to have the drive and ambition her home country needs. Many of these countries are controlled by small numbers of people who control the wealth for their own families- like the Trump tax cuts seek to do. Ecuador’s people are hard working and intelligent like America’s, and deserve better.

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    As a Senior – It is difficult for us to see our Social Security Benefits given away to illegals. Having seen immigrants bring in their parents to beat the system is irritating. Their parents take jobs like house keepers, or nannies, or something that doesn’t require an education and get about $15 per hour or more and happily PAY social security, but for only a couple years – ( then comes the scam – they RETIRE and collect social security for the rest of their lives here). .We get about $500 for working for years until we are 65 or older, and they get about #1,500 per month for only a few years work. How fair is this?? Even the immigrants brought in from other nations get almost $1,700 per month – In some cases that may last for a few years, but even that is more than most social security benefits for American citizens.

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    Please do leave.. taxpayers won’t have to pay, once again, for your flight out, train ride home, or how ever you choose to leave this country! We have paid far to much for your education and all the free welfare you have received off of the hard working tax payers of this country. This way Trump can’t be blamed for one more thing that is unfair to moochers to our country!!

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      I just want to say these so called dreamers and parents and hispanics in general practice reverse racism. I tried to start a business in a predomonately hispanic area, and i speak spanish, but bc i am white, i did very little, and could not survive there, while the predominiately hispanic owners were busy all around me. Hispanic buy from hispanics , most of the time, period.

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    This country should not be giving out public tax money for scholarships for any non citizen. Or any other government assistance money. People want to go to our colleges From other countries should pay their own way and not expect the American tax payer to foot the bill. nor should they ‘ve taking up classroom space and bumping American citizens out of their own colleges when there is high demand for a particular public college. Citizens should have total priority at all tax funded American college’s.

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    What’s keeping you? Need help packing? Driven to the border? Airport? Bus? Train? Don’t let the door hit you in the arse as you leave!
    Congress needs to go into recess on March 4th.. for an indefinite period of time.. or until the last “Dreamer” has been rounded up and deported.

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      80% of Americans agree. That included all Americans who are citizens of both parties.

      What Democrats in DC and the elite royals of the party are thinking about acting like we do I have no idea.

      I paid my way through night university. Most Americans can’t afford what the Dreamers are getting and we are paying for it!

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    Is this to punish us legal Americans? She’s saving us the trouble and we’re being punished? That’s like a convicted bank robber telling the bank that he won’t bank with them for convicting him. Well I say “HASTA LA VISTA, BABY”!!!!

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      Any other country in the world would not let them stay and even jail them until they are deported. What are they thinking?

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    Nelson W. Lentz on

    “DREAMers Threaten to “Self-Deport” if Congress Doesn’t Pass Amnesty”.
    By all means then, DON”T PASS AMNESTY!!!
    Think of how much money that would save our country.

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      Just like the ones that said they would leave the country if Trump was elected these people get our hopes up and then don’t follow through no one left before and no one will leave this time. They just keep breaking out hearts

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    EVERY ONE who is against this DACA garbage, needs to go to the White house website and send a message to President Trump…demanding NO amnesty… these illegal aliens are just as guilty as their parents.. once they reached legal age and did nothing to secure legal status…

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      I agree : “We owe them nothing.” Deport since can’t and won’t LEARN and speak ENGLISH. Language barrier since won’t sacrifice and show thankfulness for all they get free, expecting more,
      Our own people have been fighting for our RIGHTS. What do they do but take these rights free?

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    I would be very interested to see if they are still here at the end of the year. Will they be leaving like all the celebrities and media figures who left because they promised they would do that if Trump won? Oh wait. None of them did.

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      Tweeted Goldberg couple months ago asking if I could help her pack.. !! AS usual,, LOUDMOUTHED LIBRATURD!!!!

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    How sad it is that there are people who doesn’t have the heart? To see that undocumented people are not all bad. They are surviving just like the rest of us. They also need to dream and to have a better life for themselves and there children, just like like us. Why can’t we as Americans be open minded and see the hardships of other lives.
    Not everyone is born the same. Have a heart to all those people who are less fortunate. Pass amnesty or CIR.

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      What you’re saying is anyone who wants to come here should be allowed to come here. If not, then what are you saying? Is there a limit on the number of people who should be able to come? How many? Give us a number. A lot of us think that a third of a billion people in this country is enough. Is there some obligation for other countries to clean up their own messes?

      Cuba has been run by the same family for 60 years. Why don’t they take care of that situation instead of running to the US and get on the welfare rolls? Why are WE always responsible for everyone else? Any amnesty without enforcement controls is just more encouragement to come here illegally. Your hearts and flowers Hallmark sentiments are ridiculous.

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      IF they chose to come live with you in YOUR house.. are you okay with that? do you have locks on your doors?? WHY??? have a heart… they may not live as good as you do.. so let them live with you… You supply their medical care and education. YOU feed them … have a heart.. open your home to them… same difference.. THIS COUNTRY IS OUR HOME!!!
      YOUR LOGIC IS MESSED UP!! do you like paying your taxes so they can have FREE Medical care and education.. WHILE they send their money to Mexico (and other countries)… we are fine with people coming here LEGALLY!!! DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT ILLEGAL IS???
      anyone is welcome to come.. DO NOT COME HERE ILLEGALLY !!!! I’m fed up with our tax dollars of OVER $100 billion EVERY year supporting people who have NO right to be here…

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      So if people broke into your house and ate up all your food and then invited all their family to move in then demanded that you give them all the rights you have then harmed your spouse and your children. Where is your heart if you allow them to stay in your house?

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      I agree that the situation is sad. However the truth is that with 7 billion people on the planet and at least half of them wanting to come here it is just not possible to take them all in and a line must be drawn somewhere as to what we are able to do. We are not even properly taking care of many citizens including veterans disable and seniors. Many European countries are also realizing that they can no longer help a seemingly endless amount of immigrants either without destroying their economy or safety net for their citizens. If you have disposable income there are many organizations where you can give aid to people in need all over the world. I ncluding helping them with family planning as many of the problems are caused by population problems that outstrip resources.

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      OSCAR, your comment is SAD! We are the most generous country in the world! Don’t you realize we are bankrupt? We can’t take care of American citizens let alone every foreigner or Illegal Alien that cross our borders. Without borders we have no country.

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    I have a dream too; I dream that someday, foreign nationals who sneak into our country and take our hard-earned tax dollars will actually show some gratitude. I dream that they will be so grateful that their goal will be to assimilate into American culture and make us all great again – like so many of our ancestors who immigrated legally and worked hard to build and become part of the American dream.

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    What will I do if Dreamers self-deport? I will do what millions of other Americans will do – celebrate!

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      John, they can live anywhere they want… as long as they ENTER THIS COUNTRY LEGALLY!!!
      HOW would you feel if someone decided they wanted to just live in your house.. will you let them in??? pay for their medical, their education, pay all the utilities and supply their food for them while they use their money and send it out of the country and then demand you give them more …..
      Think about what you said….. and IF EVERYONE JUST CAME HERE TO LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY… HOW long do you think we will be able to support them before we collapse under the strain… DO YOU REALLY WANT OUR COUNTRY TO END UP LIKE VENEZUELA… ? PEOPLE FIGHTING FOR FOOD …

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    It’s the Democrats who have failed DAKA and they own it. They’ve had years to get this completely straightened out and they’ve done nothing but use these people as political pawns. They’re still doing it. One wonders why the Dreamers have chosen to continue to live in the US “illegally” and why havrn’t they applied for visas/citizenship that became available to them during the Obama administration. We have Federal Immigration Laws in place which have been blantantly ignored. There are thousands of people from other countries who are waiting in line to enter the United States legally so why are they being penalized. Now some of the Dreamers are threatening to leave the US if the Congress doesn’t meet the DAKA deadline. Why wait, go now.

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    Yes please self deport—do it now—you have had your chance to become a citizen and you did not–so yes please leave

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      absolutely agree… I say good-bye, adios, good riddance…
      they are adults and are NOW living just like their parents.. ILLEGALLY IN THIS COUNTRY, BREAKING OUR LAWS… We don’t need them here

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    LOL oh I’m sorry, America isn’t safe or fair if you don’t get everything free? Welcome to capitalism. You’ve earned nothing, you’ve been handed everything. Get. Out.

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      I fail to see how anyone could disagree with a single word of your post. I add my “amen” to it. Invaders, go home. I am sick of having to wade through you and your burritos cluttering the aisles of stores while you jabber in that nutty language you speak.

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      Thanks Steve–Let start with the real problem–Nancy Pelosi, her husband and Chuck and Geo Soros. They are robing the American tax payer and promoting the invasion of our Country by foreign nationals. It is time to bring them to justice. They are guilty of treason.

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        Most American Democrats do not agree with Nancy, Chuck and Soros. Both parties allow this to go on for years. There are so many legal immigrants they already approved.

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      AMEN!!! absolutely agree with your post…
      as adults, they have done NOTHING to secure legal status.. they want it all just handed to them.. they are NOW just as guilty as their parents…

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    I do not agree with DACA and they call it Immigration Reform when it is Amnesty…IR would be for all…

    “Alex and Daniela both came into the U.S. as children and have since benefited immensely from DACA? ”

    How so? Not easy to go to school and have good grades….

    If any, now they are ready to contribute……

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      Their medical is paid for.. their education is paid for.. and who knows what else and they DEMAND more… MANY are adults and as adults, they are just as guilty as their illegal alien parents… IF THEY REALLY WANTED TO BE HERE, WHY HAVE THEY NOT DONE ONE THING TO APPLY FOR LEGAL STATUS … WE HAVE SPEND BILLIONS ON THESE DACA PEOPLE…

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    dale a peterson on

    I deal with illegal human traffic crossing open land from Tecate, Mexico east of San Diego. Large groups cross our properties, head to SD. I witnessed parents, or no parent children crossing…….repeating DACA in the future. This need to end. Secure our south border now. Wall/no wall, bring heavy enforcement.

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    Just leave, nobody cares, you already know you don’t belong here. Your problem is with your parents, knowing they were illegally here and put you in that position. You don’t have the right to be mad at the American taxpayers because you are not wanted here.Go to Russia or China see if they will tolerate you there.

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    I’m with President Trump my parents had to come here the right way and have 8 children spent lots of money so we could come her legally why should they not have to do the same President Trumps proposal is mighty generous they should take it or leave I’m sick of crying Chuck Shine. Helen

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      We worked all our lives waiting in line to have the precious Immigrant Visas. Paid a lot of bucks and completed a very thick of documents to satisfy the requirements of USCIS. It’s hard to understand now that suddenly we realized that millions had just crossed the borders or never complied with their non-immigrant visa duration and never went back to their countries. Instead, they hide from authorities, remained in the U.S. and even became a citizen? They build their lives that easy for decades by moving around illegally. USCIS AND ICE can do better than what they’re doing now, make more rooms and detention centers and deport all the illegals out. Amnesty is stupid.

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        Thanks for you comments, My friend, a Polish surgeon and his wife, a internist worked for years to become American citizens. I am sick of paying taxes to educate and feed the people who cross illegally. Round them all up and send them home–we have supported, educated and feed them long enough.

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      Bien dicho! It’s refreshing to hear a child of legal immigrants complain about the illegals. I’ve never understood why so many Latinos who are here legally seem to be in sympathy with the ‘gate crashers’.
      To me, this coddling of illegal aliens is a slap in the face to the people who did the paperwork, paid the fees and waited their turn to enter the U.S. Worse than that, it’s an invitation to others to sneak in. BTW, I’m a grandson of immigrants (both sides of my fanily) who came here legally and embraced the American culture.