Man Confronts Illegal Alien who stole his ID

“I’m wondering how I’m going to put food on the table,” says David Omlor, whose Social Security number was stolen by an illegal alien. “And the Department of Labor’s telling me I’m working.”

Omlor lost his job last year and tried to file for unemployment benefits but was turned down by the state of Georgia – because according to their records he was still working – at one of the largest construction firms in the state.  It was part of a nightmare discovery where Omlor found out his identification was stolen by an illegal alien.

A FOX 5 Atlanta investigation revealed that Omlor’s name and Social Security number had been stolen by an illegal alien who used it to work in the country for 10 years, at 21 different jobs.  After his arrest, the illegal alien, Juan Carlos-Estrada Hernandez, said he purchased Omlor’s Social Security number at a flea market for a few hundred dollars.

Estrada Hernandez pleaded guilty to forgery in the fourth degree and was sentenced to 10 years’ probation, fined $1,000 and ordered to pay Omlor $5,000 for the pain he caused him.  And even though Estrada Hernandez had been using Omlor’s identification to work in the country illegally for years he still had one more “favor” to ask of him.

Estrada Hernandez wanted to meet Omlor face to face to explain why he did what he did.

“He apologized a few times,” said Omlor. “He shook my hand.”

For people like Omlor who are victims of ID theft by illegal aliens, an “apology” falls far short of the pain and frustration it causes. For years Omlor had received IRS letters and audits insisting he had extra income he didn’t claim.  A report by the Center for Immigration Studies reveals that about 75 percent of working-age illegal aliens use fraudulent Social Security cards to work in the United States.

Credit FOX 5 Atlanta

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    We have ten to twenty million illegal immigrants here in the United States, living and working against the law! Our President said that all illegal immigrants would have to go home, why are they still here?

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      The judge hearing the case must have been a liberal, given this sentence was basicslly a slap on the wrist! This thieving bastard needed to be imprisoned and the care bill sent to mexico, pure and somple. Why should the American taxpayers get stuck supporting him while in prison? My family’s Italian and we’ve means of getting justice fre this kinf of disrespecr, MORTE! he’d diapppear one day and the body would never be discovered, kind’sd like jimmy hoffa who disappeared in 1975, outrageous! By the way, this judge should be disbarred and kicked off the bench, like the one who presided over the kate steinle murder case in san francisco last year, he gave the bastard a light sentence which amounted to basically a slap on the wrist, and this guy had been deported 7 times previously, so ‘much for ‘sanctuary cities’, like san francisco and los angeles. Time for a big change, get rid of ALL ‘sanctuary cities’ and those officials in teose cities who don’t comply with federal regulations will be imprisoned for obstruction of justice!

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    If all the illegal aliens would be deported and their possessions given to the people they have cheated the problems of illegal immigration could be solved very quickly. Throw all of these leaches out of the country as they also receive welfare payments illegally–Would save millions of taxpayers money.

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      Great idea, but first we’ve got to defeat the liberals especially in California, where i live, who allow this to go on., all paid for by the hardworking legal citizens and taxpayers who for the most part are forced to pay for all this BULLS**T Good thing the mid term elections are coming up in June, let for the purge of ALL ‘dumbocraps’ aka liberals to begin. In California; jerry ‘the clown’ brown, dianne feinstein, nancy pelosi and brown’s flunkee, and governor wannabeeg avin newsome must go. These 4 thieves and traitors to America have basically robbed the taxpayers with all their taxes supposed to pay for infrastructural improvements but are diverted to thr general fund for the hahnd outs, ‘freebies’ or whatever you want to call ’em which to me is THEFT, pure and smple. So the improvements never get done and time to implement another BUPKUS tax to keep the ‘gravy train’ rolling along, it never ends. They’ve destroyed this once great state with their ‘socialist’ agenda and ‘freebies’ aka public assistance programs doled out to all the bums, ‘boat people’ and freeloaders who’ve never worked, thus paid taxes and are ineligible and unqualified for these programs. In November comes the general and also gubernatorial election and we must continue the purge and make sure that gavin newsome, former mayor of the once great, affordable liveable, clean and beautiful city of San Francisco now a ‘sanctuary city’ thanks to him, that’s become a dirty, bum inhabited, crime ridden CRAPHOLE with rampant homeless encampments, piss and **** on the streets and sidewalks, crappy local economy, unaffordable housing and costs of livig and antonio villagrosa, the current mayor of los angeles are both defeated by a landslide. If God forbid either of these lying thieving liberals get brown’s job, expect the destruction to continue another 4 yyears. Frankly this thought like the thought of hillary clinton getting the White House last year frightens me to the core. We can’t let this happen. Think about your future, your childrens future and your grandchildrens future and theie abolity to get good a eduscation, good jobs and be able to have the American dream. ’cause with the past continuing another 4 years, it won’t happen, sad to say!

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    Glenn R Shannon on

    It said he got probation so it doesn’t look like he is going to get deported and all the government is interested in is getting money, does’t matter weather it is legal or not.

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    Did they get the person from the Flea market? You know. The big guys that do the “actua”l stealing.

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    The worst part about this is what happened here happens in many of these cases. As stated, the victim was continually getting statements from the IRS and being accused of various acts. But, when the victim asks for any information on who is doing this, they are told that the IRS will not reveal any information because of “privacy concerns”.

    But it’s clear who had the SS number first so why should they have to prove they are innocent when it is also clear that someone has stolen their number. Many people have been denied passports and home loans because of this activity. In this instance, it went on for 10 years. Who says our government doesn’t favor illegals over citizens?

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      I have a feeling they may play a part in it or lack intelligence.
      They know where the victim lives so how could he be working in a different state?

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    Take this times about 20 million instances of illegal theft and this is where our country is now! Was he deported?

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      My question too! He is a foreign nationalist – illegally here, but I didn’t see anything about telling him to go home or go to jail. Illegals still have more “rights” than citizens.