Chicago ID Card can be Used by Noncitizens to Register to Vote

Two years and two million in taxpayer dollars later, Chicago is preparing to launch a program to provide residents, including illegal aliens, with municipal ID cards that could open the door to voter fraud.

When the program was unveiled, city officials promoted it as a means “to unlock opportunities for all Chicagoans and all of the great things our city has to offer” and to serve as a valid ID for the homeless, noncitizens and formerly incarcerated. At the time of the announcement, it was not clear the card could be used by individuals to register to vote and as a valid ID when at the polling booth.

The city clerk’s website notes it serves three purposes as “a valid, government-issued ID, a library card, and transit card.” Not mentioned is that it can also be used to register to vote.

The Chicago Tribune reports the Chicago Board of Election Commissioner is planning to accept  city IDs as a valid form of identification for voting, which should be welcome news to embattled Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is desperate to improve his approval ratings and image among immigrants.

Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia told WGN Radio confirmed that illegal aliens will be able to use it, just like a utility bill, at the voting polls. Yet, when pressed about the possibility of increasing the chance of noncitizens voting, she deflected attention onto President Trump.

“What is really unfair is that we have a White House spewing misinformation that is really racist,” she said, adding there is no evidence illegal aliens are committing fraud by voting in elections.

She further asserted it was not her “responsibility” to ensure noncitizens were not casting ballots, but that of election officials. She has stated that applicants those applying for a card will be properly vetted, but has provided no specifics on how that would be achieved.

Valencia has also argued the cards won’t increase the chances of voter fraud since voters currently aren’t required to prove they are American citizens under state law.

Other supporters of the ID card counter critics’ concerns by stating that those intent on voting fraudulently could just get another fake ID.

“It’s not changing the state law, and there’s nothing stopping someone from getting a fake ID now and going to try to vote,” said City Council Latino Caucus Chairman Ald. Gilbert Villegas.

The issue of noncitizen voting, however, is not merely part of a rhetorical debate, but a growing problem throughout the nation.

In Pennsylvania, officials discovered a “glitch” in the state’s electronic driver’s licensing system that allowed noncitizens to register to vote when they applied for or renewed their driver’s licenses. A report issued by the state election board showed roughly 100,000 current voters were matched with noncitizen driver’s license holders in the statewide registration database.

And in May 2017, the nonpartisan Public Interest Legal Foundation uncovered evidence that 5,556 noncitizens had been quietly removed from Virginia’s voter rolls. However, at least a third of them had cast votes in at least one previous election.

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    Constant hysteria from our corrupt government in DC about Russia interfering in our sacred democracy. But then they don’t care when huge numbers of illegals vote. If Russia wants to interfere in our elections all they have to do is move millions of Russians loyal to Putin illegally into states like Illinois and California and let the Democrats sign them up to vote. Mexico does it and influences our elections, its only fair for Russia to be able to do it too.

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    George V Rowe on

    We are supposed to be a Constitutional Republic. If we had a democracy as in ancient Athens
    people like Rahm Emanuel and his ilk might be exiled or maybe forced to drink hemlock tee.
    Both were common punishments handed our by the democracy.
    Or by hook and crook taken control which is a modern result.
    Must read: “Lords of the Sea: The Epic Story of the Athenian Navy and the Birth of Democracy.”
    Must if you want to be educated. Many obviously aren’t interested in education.

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    Problem number one is that every time a state even tries to make people produce some secure ID such as a birth certificate, liberal groups run to their favorite liberal judge who then rules that such laws discriminate against minorities, even though there are programs that will assist people who cannot afford or are unable to locate a birth certificate. How about the right of a citizen not to have their vote negated by a noncitizen.

    Advocates proclaim that checking the box that says you are a citizen is a guarantee that illegals will not vote because it’s a felony to do so. The problem is that it’s not enforced when they are found to have voted, and they have been voting in far greater numbers than the handful that the mainstream media insists is the true number.

    These cards become a self fulfilling item in themselves. It seems to require NO proof of who they are, much less if they are citizens, but then it’s accepted as if they are when it comes to voting. Part of the answer is for the Justice Dept. to announce they will prosecute anyone who votes who is not a citizen. It’s not some accident when they do.

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    Sandra Churchill-Reis on

    Love this site, why not allow people to forward to other email address so we can get friends and family involved. Not everyone is on Twitter or Facebook but they do have email and would love to vote or push their representatives.

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    If Chicago does it, the Federal Government should refuse to certify winners of Chicago’s Congressional and Senate elections. If the elections are no good, winning candidates should be barred from taking their seats. The same should apply to California. Thank you. Have a nice day!