Oakland Mayor Defiant After Tip-Off let 800 Illegals Avoid Arrest

Thomas Homan, the acting Director for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), says a warning from Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf about a surprise ICE operation resulted in hundreds of “criminals” avoiding arrest.

“She gave them warning, and there’s 800 that we were unable to locate because of that warning, so that community’s a lot less safe than it would have been,” Homan said on Fox News.

Schaaf over the weekend issued a statement on Twitter that she learned from “multiple credible sources” that ICE was about to conduct an operation targeting illegal aliens in the San Francisco area, including Oakland.

Homan likened Schaaf’s tip-off to a “gang lookout” and says the Justice Department is looking into whether or not she obstructed justice. Schaaf isn’t backing down though, saying she does “not regret sharing this information… It is Oakland’s legal right to be a sanctuary city.”

Despite the warning from Oakland’s Mayor, ICE was able to successfully arrest at least 150 illegal aliens in Northern California.  Homan says that so long as California continues to limit its cooperation with ICE in local jails his agency will have a bigger presence on the streets.

“Sanctuary jurisdictions like San Francisco and Oakland shield dangerous criminal aliens from federal law enforcement at the expense of public safety,” says Homan. “I’ll say this to the mayor and every other politician that wants to vilify the men and women of ICE:  We’re not going away.  We’re going to keep enforcing the law.”

As ICE continues to ramp up its operations in Northern California illegal alien protesters are ramping up staged displays of civil disobedience as well.  Hundreds of protesters blocked the entrance to the ICE building in San Francisco, surrounding a message chalked onto the pavement which read “Bay Area United Against ICE!  Keep Families Together.”

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    George V Rowe on

    How many others will use this “we have a legal right to break the law” as a defense?
    Typical left-wing (SLPT – Socialist-Liberal-Progressive-Tyrant ) logic?
    These are the people dedicated to the destruction of our American Constitutional Republic.
    Remember Obama said: we will “fundamentally transform America” purely and simply DESTROY.

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    Blatant obstruction of justice! Prosecute the Mayor in Federal Court in D.C. where ICE is Headquartered. Americans won’t get justice in San Francisco, but we’ll get it here.

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      That’s correct. She is actively hindering law enforcement in their duties and she needs to be prosecuted. Next time they should not tell her.