Police Forced to use “Bolt Cutters” to Arrest DACA Protesters at U.S. Capitol

The United States Capitol Police had to use bolt cutters to unchain illegal alien activists protesting at the Capitol building during a staged sit-in.   That protest was just one of several staged by illegal aliens across the D.C.-area, demanding that Congress pass legislation to grant an amnesty, on the day the Trump administration was set to end the DACA program.

DACA protesters also swarmed Democratic National Committee (DNC) Headquarters calling Democrats “fake allies,” and chanting “If you won’t let us dream! We won’t let you sleep!”

Other protesters on Capitol Hill dressed up in white wigs, canes and walkers in a feeble attempt to dramatize the “17-year-long wait for Congress to pass the DREAM Act.”  They ultimately defied several warnings by Capitol Police to disperse and were arrested.


March 5 was the current administration’s deadline for Congress to come up with a legislative solution after President Trump decided to end President Obama’s illegal DACA program.  The cutoff date also gave any DACA recipients who wished to leave the U.S. time to depart without being forcibly deported. However, the Trump timetable was ultimately rendered moot after two separate district courts ordered the Trump administration to keep accepting DACA renewal applications.  The White House is appealing those decisions.


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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Arrest everyone of them and use the convictions to deport and deny citizenship for life.

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    Maybe we need to have a National Demonstration day for everyone who got a traffic ticket, and the ones who got caught cheating on their income taxes, or stealing apples off the fruit stand, or throwing trash out the window, breaking into homes, using illegal drugs, failing to register for the draft ( wonder how many of these DACA are of age and never registered – bet the number is close to ZERO) or violation of the thousands of federal, state and local laws.
    WHY do these people feel they have a right to anything? They openly ignore our laws everyday they remain in this country. They know they are in violation of federal laws and yet they want to blame us for the problems they have created themselves!
    As Americans we know there are federal, state and local laws we are expected to comply with and we accept the fact if we are caught violating our laws we can expect to face the consequences; should it be any differ for these DACA people, or any illegal immigrant?

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    It is insane that lawbreakers come to Washington to protest. When you are not a citizen, you not only don’t have the right to do that but you should be arrested for your crime. These people have incredible nerve to think you just show up here, and now the taxpayers “owe” you a life! And, while being illegal!!
    Tired of our nation being manipulated by leeches.

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      The pattern was set as Obama catered to and favored the illegals over the American people.
      Obama stated there were a known four million illegals working in the United States; he was aware of it and he did nothing about it. Nothing while 32 million American men and women were out of work and in serious need of jobs!
      Obama turned his back on the American workers, not just the white workers but workers legally entitled to jobs regardless of color or origin! Obama continued supporting and pushing an agenda seeking amnesty and right to work for the illegals; without enforcing the federal laws or considering the significant problems his catering to the illegals and pandering to their demands was causing!

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    So… how many of those arrested, legally so, were taken into custody by ICE? They violated our laws by entering illegally, they violate our laws by remaining, and they further violated law by having to be arrested to remove them from where they were illegally present.
    Not ONE of them should be allowed to go free and ICE should detain them until removal. Better still, they should all be put on a military flight, flown into the country of their birth, deplaned, and left on the tarmac. They arrived in stealth, remove them the same way.
    As for granting amnesty to DACA , not ONE of them should be granted it. For cause. THEIR breaking our laws. If Trump caves on this he will NOT be reelected, since there would be no point in any Republican or Conservative to go to the polls and vote for a RINO. Stay home and let a real Democrat take office.

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    Willism Webb on

    The illegals, including DACA recipients, have been waiting and waiting for the US to forgive their illegal entry. Now it is becoming clear that they will not be forgiven. If they want to continue to live without US citizenship they will also continue to be illegals subject to deportation. Birthright citizenship is not a right. It is only a misinterpretation of the Constitution, which can be corrected. The children of illegal aliens will continue to retain their parents citizenship, not work toward forgiving their original illegal entry. They are creating another generation of illegal aliens who are waiting and waiting for forgiveness that will never come. Illegal aliens will continue to be rounded up and deported. Your anger and frustration should be directed at the original illegal entry, not at Americans who are trying to maintain the sovereignty of our country. The Democratic party has screwed you all royally.

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      John S Stagg on

      There are over 150,000 Americans who want you out of our country now. We voted for Trump to do just that. You are not Americans and never will be. The liberal scum traitor dems may give you a reprieve and Trump might stab us in the back and let you stay awhile but you will never be excepted as Americans so get out! How would you like it if the American people walked into mexico and took over your country and killed all the drug cartels. This would be very easy and I would like to do just that, but unlike you foreign invaders we Americans respect the sovereignty of other countries. If we protested our government in the shameful way you do by harassing government officials outside their work place we would be in the millions. We protest at the voting booth, a place you have no right to because you are illegal aliens. P.S. If you get rid of the muslims will let you stay.

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    I AM SO SICK OF OUR POLITICIANS CATERING TO THESE ILLEGAL ALIENS.. THE ONES WHO HAVE REACHED LEGAL AGE, ARE JUST AS GUILTY OF BREAKING OUR LAWS AS THEIR ILLEGAL ALIEN PARENTS.. WHY have they done NOTHING to apply for legal status when they reached legal age.. they want it all just handed to them FREE on OUR backs… I’m sick of this country’s politicians holding illegal aliens above our laws and above the citizens..

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    When do these people work? I couldn’t get time off from my job to go to Washington DC and protest. And it’s a lie that illegals are afraid to be deported. These people are always marching in our streets burning our flag. They are on tv everyday protesting and have NO fear. The so called “dreamers” are a nightmare to America. They are professional trouble makers that will bring nothing but misery to the citizens of the United States.

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      I agree… I’m so sick of these illegal aliens demanding we give them more and more of OUR rights and benefits… they ALL need to be deported…
      and these so-called Dreamers/DACA who have reached legal age and are STILL living here illegally are now breaking our laws SAME as their illegal aliens parents…
      they want us to just hand it all to them FREE… i’m sick of it all..
      the politicians have absolutely destroyed the meaning and value of our citizenship

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    Load hem up and send them out! Since when do we have to allow ILLEGALS to disrupt our country? Take names and flag them for NO entry!

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    Personal it would of been perfrect time to shoot every illegal leach in the head , and if goverment wants to use tax payer funds to support ot defend these leaches we all AMERICA SAY WE ARE NOT PAYIN TAX MONEY FOR THESE ILLEGAL SCUMBAGS THAT KILL AMERICAN. THE LAND OF OPPORTUNTY TO LEAVCH OF TAX PAYERS TO THESE ANIMALS THAT NEVER WPRKWORKED 1 day in this COUNTRY

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    The government just needs to let them stay. They have been here since they were young children. This is all they know. Their parents came here to live the American Dream in what was once the land of the FREE. And now they r expected to get up and leave a dream to move into a nightmare. Who r we to expect that of them. We dont know their life hiatory nor their past. And for u to judge them and call them murderers, rapists,theives, and drug dealers. Is totally wrong. I see many of that on tv by all the legal ppl here in the USA. Just recently that the DACA and the DREAMERS are fighting for their rights making them public seems to be the thing to do to make them look bad. And look at all the school shootings. I havent seen one Mexican or Hispanic being the man behind the gun of all these murders of innocent kids and teachers that still had a whole life ahead of them. Everyone makes mistakes and we all learn from our mistakes. Sure send back the ones that have serious acts of crimes. Like murder, rape, severe drug offenses. But why the ones that come to our country to actually live the American Dream. The ones that become teachers , lawyers, store owners, law enforcement officers, the one that are good enough to fight for our country but arent good enough to stay. I get sick and tired of hearing they dont belong here , they have no rts here, im tired of taking care of them. Well u dont take care of them. They all work pay taxes and cant do tax return. So therfore the government gets all that money. And they cant get assistance cuz they dont have legal status. So u dont give them a damn dime. And they dont expect it either. They r used to working for what they want. I am for the Dreamers and for DACA 100% I am Native American and my ancestors r the rightful owners of this land. Ur ancestors came here illegally and raped, scalped and murdered my people. And u stole our land. U didnt leave and come back legally. Instead u commited the worst crime ever Murder. And took what u wanted. And now what gives u the rt to decide who stays and who goes. And one more thing. Everyone in the USA has rts under the Constitution of The United States whether or not u r legal or illegal. So face the fact. They arent going n e where. But if u would like ur welcome to go back where u came from.

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      No, Americans do not need to let them stay. They can go home and apply like others. We owe them NOTHING.

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      we dont reward illegal actions with presents in America—–anillegal person doesn’t become legal by time—-they just become a wanted person who evaded capture for a long time—-we will not insult legal immigrants who have waited a long time and followed our immigration laws to become americans
      that is the purpose of laws—–follow American laws or pay the price for being a criminal(illegal)

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        HOW TRUE YOU ARE Only half of my parents came to America through Ellis Island legally following the law and being gracious to follow the ways of a new life. My mothers parents came from Russia.

        My fathers fore fathers came here in 1772 TO HELP CREATE A NEW NATION UNDER GOD.

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      Michelle, DACA is Unconstitutional & even Obama Admitted it & is on record for doing so AMNESTY: Any law that changes the legal status, retroactively, of a person who has broken the law. A law passed that a group of people will not be punished. An undertaking by the authorities to takes no action against specified offenses or offenders during a fixed period:
      Black’s Law Dictionary defines amnesty as: “A sovereign act of pardon and oblivion for past acts, granted by a government to all persons -or to certain persons- who have committed a crime-s-, ex post facto.”
      Amnesty is ex post facto law; A law that punishes a person or persons or forgives a crime or crimes committed by a person or persons retroactively.
      Black’s Law Dictionary defines Ex post facto law as it pertains to amnesty as: “a form of ex post facto law commonly called an amnesty law may decriminalize certain acts or alleviate possible punishments.”
      Article I, Section 9, clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution; “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed.”
      Under federal law in 8 USC, sections 1322-1328, even crossing the border without permission is a CRIME; a FELONY for subsequent violations. ANY law that changes the legal status of anyone who has committed a crime IS Amnesty, which is ex post facto law and unconstitutional. Furthermore, failure or refusal to prosecute anyone who has committed a crime is a FELONY called MISPRISION and under federal law, felons CANNOT apply for citizenship, giving an illegal aliens aid and comfort is ALSO a FELONY. Even OFFERING a “pathway to citizenship” to an illegal alien is both illegal and unconstitutional.

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      Frances Selznoff on

      Can I just ask a question ? Why didn’t they apply for legal citizenship all these years? Why?

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        people like Michelle is okay with giving our country away to those who do NOT belong here… I’ll bet she locks her doors at night…. I’ll bet she would call the police if someone broke in and made themselves at home in her house…
        that has been my question… when they reached legal age, they are NOW just as guilty of breaking our laws as their illegal alien parents…

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      You want them to stay? Let them stay with you, then. Let them live in your home, eat your food, drive your vehicles and you alone will be responsible for any and all of their food, shelter and clothing, education, and will be responsible when they commit murder, or kill someone with a vehicle, etc. … not the taxpayers that did not ask them to come. Their illegal parents are ultimately responsible for them being here … again, not the taxpayers … My kids and grandkikds have never had the opportunities they have for education, etc. so no.

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      What gives any of these ILLEGALS THE RIGHT TO EVEN BE IN OUR COUNTRY LITERATELY BREAKING THE LAWS OF THIS NATION, AND HARD WORKING TAX PAYERS SUPPORTING THEM. Some will say they work and pay taxes and I say SO they are still breaking the law by being here illegally. Then for them to demand more freebies at tax payer expense. Get real.


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      People with a warped sense of compassion are what encourages these lawbreakers to stay and dilute the quality of the American life. If they do not want to be separated from their families and friend then they can all leave. It is really a very simple and practical solution.

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      So you have NO problem just giving our country away to illegal aliens who have NO right to be here… and if you check it out.. the so called Native Americans ALSO Migrated here.. this was not their land either…. and Indians fought each other for the land… these DACA people ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS… and WHY have they done NOTHING to apply for legal status when they reached legal age…??? they are NOW just as bad as their parents… living in the country illegally!!!! THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE HERE!!!!! THEY ALL SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEPORTED MANY YEARS AGO WITH THEIR ILLEGAL ALIENS PARENTS….
      MY ancestors came here LEGALLY!!! I A NOT AN IMMIGRANT.. I WAS BORN HERE…!!!! I have NO problem with anyone coming to live and work here…BUT DO IT LEGALLY!!! AND NOT ON THE BACKS OF THE CITIZENS!!!
      you seem to think it is okay for anyone to live anywhere they want.. no matter if they come legally or not… is that how you feel about YOUR home????!!!!! Gee Whiz.. I’m tired of my house.. maybe i can come live with you and YOU pay for my medical and all….
      This country is OUR home and we have the right to expect those who want to be here, to come legally… NO NON-CITIZEN HAS THE RIGHT TO BE IN THIS COUNTRY …. PERIOD!!! Coming here is a privilege NOT a right…

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      Michele, I think you are an illegal alien yourself posturing as a native American. You do know that the Spanish conquered Mexico and most of South America. that is why Spanish is the major language spoken south of the US border, so in using your example, all south americans are invaders of the indigenous South America. Oh, by the way, you didn’t say what tribe you were from, because more than likely they killed the previous owners of that same land. Matter of fact, the native Americans were always are war with each other, and took slaves and murdered each other, way it was back hundreds of years.

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      I agree with you fully. Government should return them only and only if they violate and commit serious crimes! Fight on …

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      Sorry there is no such thing as a Native American your people and my great grandmother (Cherokee) did not spring from the soil they first immigrated here a few thousand yrs ago. They also were constantly warring with each other killing adults and children even babies, raping, taking slaves for the control of the land and resources Don’t try to set up the American Indian people as something more noble than the of those in the world they are not they are people just like the rest of us. So don’t point fingers at anyone else YOU ARE NOT! SPECIAL! Oh and I really don’t think you are indian I think you are an illegal who is pretending to be one. Why! because you speak of whites as scalping American Indians when that was something indians to the whites. Of course some whites did it but they learned it from the indians.

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      Do you eat produce or stay in motels? Then you have benefited from some of the illegals that are here. I’ve yet to see any Americans out picking crops. Or wanting to clean motel toilets. Are you going to do so? Your kids going to get off their devices and do so? I think not. We need to stop the uncontrollable stream of people coming here illegally. We need to pick and choose who we want. But we also need to admit that we still need some kind of legal program to get agricultural workers coming here to pick crops and certain other jobs so that we don’t leave crops unpicked and destroy what farmers we have left. you can’t just round them all up and destroy agriculture.

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      You claim to be native but talk about being the owners of this land? Kind of goes against your own traditional ideology. Plus you claim the constitution provides rights for illegals? Wrong again, you might want to read a little closer. Lastly, hopefully one doesn’t have to do a school shooting to be classified a deportable. Look up illegal immigrant murder to get the whole story on the threat.James bond By the way, I’m 4th generation so I didn’t rape scalp or murder anyone. Just came into the country the LEGAL way.

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      I agree…100%.The majority of American Taxpayers…are sick & tired if taking care of ILLEGALS..I don’t care WHAT they call themselves..Dreamers..Schemers. And…who are THEY…2 now march against America..the hand that has fed these ingrates OBAMA.let in???

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    Sick and Tired on

    What or who decides that a court can enforce “Fake or Illegal Statutes” put in place by a Person acting as President who decides what laws he would abide by based upon whether he likes them or not and uses his pen to create law ????

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    Jan Anderson on

    What makes them think they have any right to demand America give them citizenship? They are illegal aliens and have NO rights in America. You cause trouble blocking streets and highways, stores and office building and keep people from driving on America’s roads. You rape, steal, murder, drive drunk and sell dope.You have no rights here. Go home. Americans are sick and tired of paying for you and thousands of your families brought by chain migration. Don’t you get it yet? Democrats are using you for votes only, just as they did our Black Americans. This isn’t Trumps fault. Your parents are to blame. And then Obama put into place a statue that was unconstitutional. So now you want our President to sign this agreement even though congress refused to approve. Go home now. Go fix your country and stop tearing our country to shreds and bankruptcy,

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    No RESPECT FOR OUR LAWS. They would not do this in MEXICO, because they go straight to jail, no right’s in Mexico. So in our COUNTRY they can do what they want and get away with it. They have Rights. Lol..plus Benefits..FREE EVERYTHING EVEN LAWYERS. AND WE PAY FOR ALL THIS WITH OUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND TAXES.

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      Send them BACK…PRESIDENT TRUMP! I don’t want to pay for them w/ my tax $$! There are literally MILLIONS of better thing we Americans can do w/ our taxes..than take care of these ingrates who believe they can break the law…bite the hand that feeds them!!!

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    These ILLEGAL ALIENS need to be put back in their place. They have NO RIGHT to be demanding even a roof over their heads, let alone demanding the RIGHT to be allowed to stay in our country. They are ALL criminals whether they were brought by their parent, guardian or coyote’. True, they may not have known it was illegal to enter our country by just walking over the border when they were brought in, but at some point they learned that they were required to apply from their native country and wait for approval before entering the U. S. So from the time that they learned the law they should have realized that they are in the country ILLEGALLY. If they had any decency they would leave our country and go home and start the process to immigrate legally. But that would cost them the money that they got paid while working a job that they stole from an American citizen.

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    They should return to their countries and change their government. They have no rights in US except to leave.