Universal Suffrage on Steroids

Even a city as notorious for corruption and electoral shenanigans as Chicago can find new ways to play dirty games.   The Windy City’s newest twist – issuing municipal ID cards to illegal aliens so they can vote.

Chicago’s ID card program, called “CityKey,” was rolled out by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and City Clerk Anna Valencia at a joint press conference back in December, although the cards themselves will not be available until spring.  And, there has been no attempt to hide the fact that the card’s primary purpose is to serve as an ID for illegal aliens.

It was Illinois State Board of Elections spokesman Matt Dietrich who suddenly put a national media spotlight on CityKey by mentioning that it could probably be accepted as a voter ID, at least in Chicago.  But he immediately brushed aside the possibility of illegal aliens voting saying, “When you go to register to vote, you do check a box that attests to your citizenship.” “You are signing a legal document that says, ‘Yes, I am a citizen.’ But no one who registers to vote is required to bring in, for example, a birth certificate or other proof of citizenship. That’s something that you check the box, and you attest to it.”

That should be enough, right?  In sanctuary-city Chicago, in sanctuary Cook County, in sanctuary-state Illinois, surely a blank box on a government form should be more than enough to stop illegal aliens from using CityKey to vote.   What’s worse,  if  you’re lucky enough to hail from one of the states that happily provides a driver’s license to illegal aliens, like California, Maryland or Illinois, the administrative rules for the program say you have all you need to receive your brand new Chicago CityKey!  The only hurdle left is proving residency in Chicago, which can be done by simply providing a lease or utility bill. And voila, like that you have an official government ID that not only serves as legal proof of identity but also allows you to vote, at least in Chicago.

For a state that’s losing population, like Illinois, this is certainly one way to turn around the population decline: become a beacon for illegal immigration to help replace those citizens who can’t leave the state fast enough.

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    Charles Rezner on

    This patently unfair to the legal voters outside the city in state elections. The sane people of the state who are smart enough to live in the suburbs and rural areas are trampled on by the voting dead and alien votes from Chicago in state wide elections.