Colorado Democrats Deal ‘Purple Card’ For Illegals

Hey, California — lawmakers in Colorado are making your anti-sanctuary campaign look wimpy. They want to issue “Purple Cards” in a bid to usurp federal authority and give illegal aliens a “lite” version of legal status.

Bringing state’s rights arguments to a ridiculous level, Democratic Reps. Dan Pabon and Irene Aguilar say Colorado’s version of a green card will grant illegal aliens the rights and privileges of U.S. citizens. (Of course, they’re conveniently forgetting that state legislatures have absolutely no authority to grant or withhold any kind of immigration status. That power belongs solely to the federal government.)

Like its first-in-the-nation statewide legalization of marijuana, the Rocky Mountain State would blaze a dubious new trail with its proposed Purple Card.

Dismissing critics who call the card unconstitutional, Pabon, an attorney, says there are reasonable limits to the law. Applicants must have paid state taxes for at least two years and committed no felonies for three years. (Pabon himself might not qualify if he were an illegal alien; he was busted for drunken driving in 2016.)

Pabon & Co. may not represent the views of Coloradans at large, but the Purple Card plan is just the latest example of local and state attacks on federal immigration laws. It’s fascinating – and surreal — to see Democrats touting the Tenth Amendment with vigor not seen since the Confederacy.

Denver officials recently put up a billboard calling for “Education Not Deportation” and affixed a sign on City Hall welcoming “immigrants” (read: illegal aliens).

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If enacted, the Purple Card, like so-called sanctuary laws, will be a powerful magnet for illegal aliens while ginning up business for human traffickers. This makes Colorado less safe for the general public. Costs for law enforcement, schools and social welfare programs will rise accordingly.

“This is nothing more than politically pandering to those here illegally,” said Rep. Patrick Neville, Republican minority leader in the House.

Correct. But don’t count out the Democratic-controlled Colorado Legislature, or its corporate contributors who would welcome additional efforts to interfere with federal immigration agents attempting to go about their lawful duties. Jabbing a collective thumb in the eye of the Trump administration and misappropriating tax dollars to litigate inane cases in federal court are Blue States’ highest priorities these days.

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Bob Dane, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s Executive Director, has been with FAIR since 2006. His deep belief is that immigration is the most transformational determinant of where we are heading as a nation and that our policies must be reformed in the public interest. Over many years on thousands of radio, TV and print interviews, Bob has made the case that unless immigration is regulated and sensibly reduced, it will be difficult for America to reduce unemployment, increase wages, improve health care and education and heighten national security. Prior to joining FAIR, Bob spent twenty years in network radio, marketing and communications after an earlier career in policy and budgeting within the Reagan Administration. Bob has a degree from George Mason University in Public Administration and Management.


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    Yeah Colorado is about to be handed a real whoopassing for going against federal law it is starting in California but it will spread like wild fire to states that are trying there hardest to get illegal votes. The dem’s are being flushed down the tube for trying time and again to include illegal voters in their polling process. It is about time they find out that federal law usurps state law every time. It has been coming for a very long time and it is going to be very ugly for the democrats that have been fooling around long enough with the rights of real American citizens.

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