ACLU Sues Kansas for Blocking Noncitizen Voters

A Kansas law that requires voters to prove their citizenship is on trial in federal court this week.

From 2013 to 2016, more than 35,000 registrants were blocked from the voting rolls by the state’s documentary proof-of-citizenship law.

The American Civil Liberties Union sued Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, alleging the law “undermines the fundamental right to vote” and violates the National Voter Registration Act. The NRVA says people must have an opportunity to register to vote when they apply for or renew their driver’s licenses. In the process, the law has opened the door to fraud.

Kansas’ Secure and Fair Elections (SAFE) Act went an extra step: requiring applicants to prove their legal status by presenting confirming paperwork, such as a birth certificate or passport.

It’s an entirely reasonable response. Identification requirements are routine for everything from opening a bank account to picking up theater tickets.

The don’t-ask/don’t tell “honor system” created by the NVRA has corrupted voting rolls in several states. Most recently, FAIR reported that 100,000 non-citizens were registered to vote in Pennsylvania. Similar reports have surfaced across the country.

Talk about foreign interference in U.S. elections.

Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson likened the honor system for voter registration to an unlocked jewelry case. “Would a jewelry store assume no one would ever consider stealing a necklace?” he asked. “Elections are way more important than necklaces.”

As Kobach puts it: “Just having someone sign something saying they are a United States citizen is nothing.”

FAIR: Noncitizen voting is easy

Rather than putting Kansas on trial, public-spirited officials should be scouring voter records in other states, and purging noncitizens from the rolls. In Texas – home to an estimated 3 million illegal aliens — the nonpartisan Public Interest Legal Foundation is challenging county registrars to produce cancellations of alien voters. PILF is getting stonewalled.

While the ACLU worries over privacy rights and voting rights, how about the right to fair elections? Amid the misplaced concern for “immigrant rights,” it’s important to note that illegal aliens and foreign nationals have no right to vote in federal elections.

“Americans, not foreigners, should be electing American officials,” says PILF president J. Christian Adams.

Mounting evidence is casting reasonable doubt on the integrity of U.S. voter rolls, and our elections. With the ACLU determined to lead us down the Yellow Brick Road to the type of unfettered voter fraud that would make even the Wicked Witch blush, the problem is not in Kansas.

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    Instacart, Bank of America, Lyft, and Zynga are funding (or their top execs are) the ACLU! Let’s boycott them!

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    So open voting to the whole world is what ACLU thinks is what’s best tor America? They are killing us with their radical thinking.

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    Except that is not what the ACLU is doing. They are in fact doing a good job of feeding Kobach more and more rope to let him tie his own knots. When the law stopped thousands of AMERICAN CITIZENS from voting at the “win” of blocking 11 UNPROVEN votes by non-citizens and Kobach is completely unable to prove otherwise, then supporting him is really nothing less than an act of treason against America.

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      Jim Sherwood on

      Voting in U.S. elections is not a right…Never has been a right. Voting is a privilege of citizenship.

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      You’re just making the typical talking points and unfounded accusations. There is a difference between registering and voting. There is nothing wrong with asking people for proof of citizenship when they register. We already know that over a thousand non citizens voted in Virginia over a few years. People can actually go to the polls on election day and if there is a dispute about whether they are legally able to vote, they are given a provisional ballot that is then verified and counted if a race is close. You’re looking for excuses for non citizens to vote.

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    ACLU was once a reputable defender of the constitution. Today it ought to be listed as a terrorist organization.

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    Diane Anglin on

    I have no problem with them blocking illegal voters. I do have a problem with them blocking American citizens from voting because they are too poor to afford the id cards which are not free. Neither is getting a copy of your birth certificate. if you have lost your job $35 dollArs or whatever it costs puts food on the table. And it is a lot of money for a low income senior or disabled vet. If they want to insist on ID then obtaining that ID to vote must be free to all citizens. And should be made easy to obtain for all citizen’s.

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    Excuse me but if you are not a legal citizen of the United states you cannot vote period.

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    The ACLU, is an anti American system that could care less about the rights of true citizens and Christian rights. This display of protecting illegal aliens, is another example of treason and trying to destroy our laws. These people want open borders and trying to change the landscape of America! American citizens need to wakeup and demand these traitors to step down!

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      Troy: I couldn’t have said it any better and I’m a life-long journalist, something that is hard to find these days. The ACLU is a graphic example of why I have absolutely no respect for them on almost everything they elect to infect. Laws? They don’t represent law and order. No way! If you got into these United States illegally, you are a criminal. Stop calling them illegal aliens. They are breaking the law and have no rights. Try this crap in Mexico where I lived for a few years and find out how many perks and rights you have.