DACA Beneficiaries Can Now Obtain Professional Licenses in Indiana

As the door was closing last night on Indiana’s legislative session, another was opened to illegal aliens when the state House and Senate approved a proposal to allow Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) beneficiaries to obtain professional licenses.

Earlier this week, the legislature overwhelmingly agreed to amend Senate Bill 419, which dealt with the rights of local governments to license occupations, to include the provision allowing an estimated 9,000 DACA recipients to obtain professional licenses in Indiana.

The bill passed the Senate on a 39-8 vote and by an 85-7 margin in the House. It now awaits a signature from Gov. Eric Holcomb, who has expressed support in the past, as well as for extending illegal immigrants another benefit – access to in-state tuition.

A February decision by the state Professional Licensing Agency to begin requiring individuals to disclose their citizenship on application forms prompted the move by legislators to craft a “legislative fix” to allow illegal immigrants to get the licenses needed for professions ranging from nursing to architecture.

The impetus for the change in forms was the concern that the PLA was out of compliance with an Indiana immigration law passed in 2011, which included a provision mandating that agencies charged with administering public benefits verify applicants’ citizenship status.

The concern among those opposing the amendment is the possibility that it might establish a pathway for illegal aliens to receive other public benefits, such as welfare. Indiana has earned its place on the growing list of states signing off on permitting individuals illegally in U.S. states to compete with American citizens for much needed professional jobs.

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    Harry Edmunds on

    Looks like more than a few Republicans voted for this ********. They had better pull their heads out of their butts and start acting like conservatives.

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    I want to believe our Governor and government officials would be transparent on this matter. The senate bill clearly states an applicant must be a US citizen or a qualified alien to apply for a professional license. I would not consider an illegal alien fitting the bill as a qualified alien. Where does this fit into the scheme for Republicans to make America great by allowing illegals to stay in the US instead of deporting them? If citizens in Indiana choose to live an environment similar to a California overwhelmed with illegals we would not reside here. I would like to know who to contact as a concerned citizen of Indiana. I have not read anything in our local paper of Indianapolis so this is all news to me. I am livid at the thought of having 9,000 illegal DACA recipient being rewarded the rights of a legal immigrant or natural born citizen.

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    This is a bunch of ********. Take care of our own dam people instead of these ******* illegal aliens. What the hell is wrong with our ******* state congressman to let this **** happen. These illegals will be taking our jobs from our people from this country and don’t appreciate **** and are terrorists. Stupid *** democrats.

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    what is our country coming to? so anyone can come here and just do what they want.there will be a war started as soon as we get all the drugs out of here. that will make our citizens wake up.

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    You enter our country legally or do not come at all. If your not a citizen of the United States of America you do not have the same rights as legal citizens. If you are caught voting you will be deported and states that have folded to let illegal people have any rights they are not entitled to are in for a rude awakening when their federal grants are canceled do to the fact they have gone against federal law and that trumps state law any time.

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    atheisticallyyours88 on

    And this is in a RED STATE no less! And the RED STATE the VICE-PRESIDENT IS FROM, and WAS GOVERNOR OF! WTF?