New Jersey Governor Plans to Use Taxpayer Dollars for $2.1 Million Illegal Immigrant Defense Fund

As a way to foot the bill for his record-breaking $37.4 billion budget, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy plans to raise taxes on virtually everything under the Garden State sun, including retail sales, Airbnb, Uber, and Internet transactions. Murphy took a break from hiking taxpayers’ financial burden to create a $2.1 million legal defense fund for illegal aliens.

Quaintly included under the header of “Ensuring Social Justice,” the Democratic governor directs millions to “support non-profit groups providing legal assistance to those facing detention or deportation.”

The taxpayer-supported (il)legal aid is the latest on a growing list of actions Murphy has taken since taking office in January to benefit the estimated 500,000 illegal aliens in New Jersey.

Although a 1996 federal statute prohibits illegal aliens from receiving certain professional licenses, such as permits to practice law, states may affirmatively opt out of that prohibition. By doing so, Murphy paved the way for the first illegal alien to be sworn in as a member of the state bar.

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal chose a January press conference announcing the state was joining a lawsuit challenging President Trump’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), to officially swear in Parthiv Patel, a 27-year-old DACA beneficiary.

The Murphy administration is not alone in pouring taxpayer money into the hands of illegal aliens.

Today, New Jersey Senate is scheduled to vote on S699, a measure to allow illegal aliens to apply for and receive student financial aid. A similar bill was approved by the legislature five years ago, but was vetoed by then-Gov. Chris Christie (R).

On Monday, the New Jersey Senate voted 26-10 to pass S699, a measure to allow illegal aliens to apply for and receive student financial aid. A similar bill was approved by the legislature five years ago, but was vetoed by then-Gov. Chris Christie (R). The state Assembly now has to vote on the bill.

OLS concedes the measure “may result in an indeterminate increase in State expenditures,” but contends the magnitude of the increase would be determined by “the extent to which this availability causes additional students to enroll in institutions of higher education.”

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    Gloria Wedemeyer on

    This tell s me one thing, they apparently don’t need any federal funds if they can waste funds on this.

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    This is what happens when open borders Democrats take over complete control of a state. Same as in Illinois and California. It’s raise taxes, and then raise them more, and yet there is plenty of money for illegals. But the people who keep voting for these actions don’t stay in those states, they move to lower tax red states to spend their pensions and then vote for the same stupid policies.

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      I didn’t vote for him and yes, I am leaving the state at the earliest opportunity so I don’t spend 50% of my hard earned pension on these ridiculous taxes. I’m sick of living in this socialistic state. Don’t get me wrong, I love NJ, but I can’t take it anymore. And guess what, when I leave, I’ll have to pay a tax to do that!

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    wow, glad I don’t live there….that is absolutely insane…I would be beyond pissed

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      Loismoved to AZ on

      I moved to Arizona 3 years ago. My property taxes went from $6400 to $1200 for a 1500 square foot condo in Scotsdale, AZ. The condo size in NJ was 1600 and was in Manalapan. Until people wake up and stop voting for idiot Democrats, expect to pay ridiculous taxes much of which goes for corruption and illegal aliens.

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    Fine with me. Taxes are meant for the common good, and like it or not, the common good means people. People aren’t limited to one political subgroup or another.
    Why should I begrudge helping someone in need unless I’m an objectively bad person?

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      Legal people not illegals! The more you give incentives to illegals; the more they dont want to leave! and when you are forcing citizens some of whom voted for you to pay more taxes to take care of people who have no right to be here; some may have a problem with that! NJ already pays one of the highest tax rates in the country.

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        Nobody takes care of the undocumented. They work their asses of just as u and I do. They pay taxes and more then half of them don’t file for a return. So therefore the government keeps all that. And they don’t get government assistance because u have to have proof of citizenship for that. So I don’t get how everyone thinks they pay for them to be here. I am Native American and I don’t like the way they r being profiled and harrassed. No one should ever have to be afraid to go to the store , or to school or to take their kids to school. No one should be afraid to go to work. Ppl talk about them like they aren’t human. And they r. They have just as much rt to the American Dream that we all do. It is a born rt. This used to once be called the land of the free. And now ur only free if the government allows u to be. Or if u r of the rt nationality. This land once belonged to my ancestors and the White ppl came across and betrayed them. They we’re scalped, raped, beaten, tortured and killed. And the White man made this country their home. The White man came across illegally and no one sent them back to come back the rt way. Or to be banned from here. Instead the White man stole our land and planted it’s roots. And r still here to this day. And now the White man wants to make the laws and ban other ppl from being here. These ppl. These undocumented that have been here almost all their lives and have gotten a education or bought houses,and have opened stores or have started their own successful companies. Those that have planted their roots just as the White man did. They have began to live the once so called American Dream. And now this racist man some call a President has the authority to just uproot them. And take them to a country they know nothing about. They have nothing. Somewhere they r not used to living. If half of u had to live in some of these countries u would have a different mind set. Working a day just to eat. And when I say eat it’s not a steak or meat everyday. U work for beans and potatoes and I’d ur lucky tortillas. These undocumented make up almost half of our economy. Where is this country going to be when they r gone. Because there are a hell of a alot of lazy as Americans that don’t want to work the jobs that these ppl do and will work for less then what they should. Instead Americans would rather stand in the unemployment line. Or at the DHS or on a corner panhandling. Those r the ones that shame this country. Beggers. Lazy *** ppl that r capable of working but would rather hold up a sign and beg. Letting the undocumented take care of them because the money they don’t claim on taxes we all damn well know it takes care of them. So instead of bashing them u should be thanking them. They know how to take care of their own. I worked helath care for about 30 years of my life and in that 30 years I have only taken care of about 9 Mexican elderly ppl. Why? Because Mexicans r the most loyal to their family then n e race in this world. They know how to appreciate and respect and care for their own. They don’t ask u for a damn thing. Everyone has their own opinion about all thenshit going on but I’m saying it’s all a bunch of ********. I am Common law married to a wonderful man from Mexico. He came into my life 7 yerqs ago. And in that 7 years he has helped me raise 5 of my grandkids and we have never once asked for n e government assistance. Because he refuses to. At one point when I became I’ll with cancer I was going to apply for food stamps for the kids but he told me no. A mans job is to take care of his family. And that he did. He worked 80-110 hrs a week. But he made sure we were taken care of while I was on Chemo and couldn’t work. Their father is a white man from Colorado and he has paid child support about 5 times. But my husband said he don’t care as long as he doesn’t come around thinking he has n e rts to the kids he don’t want his money. Because these kids r his kids. He has proven more times then none that he will do in e thing for my grandkids. He is undocumented and is currently being detained at a ICE facility. It is wrong. He has been in this country 16 years and has never been in trouble. Except once driving without a license. My grandkids r heart broken. They cry them selves to sleep every night. My 4 year old grandson stopped eating and was placed in hopspital for 5 days. Drs aid it was just a broken heart. I have to take my 2 year old granddaughter to his work and sit till she falls asleep. Or she will cry for he’s till she falls asleep. We r in the process of foewxlosure on our home he is buying for our family because he was the sole money maker. I have been diagnosed with MS and can’t work. My granddaughter that is 8 is on the kidney transplant list and his insurance thru work is only good for 6 months after his departure from work. It’s going on 5 months. But his company is keeping his position open so we hopefully don’t loose her health coverage. All of the problems that arise when families torn apart. How and what gives a person a rt to destroy a family and everything they have just because they r from another country trying to live the American Dream. Well I should have a rt to that Dream. But my Dream has turned into a nightmare. No thanks to the man that plays he is President. And his puppets.

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          You wouldn’t have these problems in the first place:
          1) if you didn’t have kids you can’t take care of;
          2) if you didn’t hook up with an illegal who has no right to be in this country without applying for entry like so many other people do
          3) you learned better English
          4) if you got a job and let the grand kids mother and father take care of them. Where are they?
          It’s always somebody else’s fault that you have kids you can’t take care of, and for the poor decisions you’ve made in life. Think about that for a minute. You are responsible for your decisions. You are where you are because you’ve made those decisions. Don’t blame it on other people, or the President who is doing his job!

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          Not Politically Correct on

          You knew he was illegal when you got together with him and he should have known that a consequence of entering the country illegally is possible deportation. The illegal themselves may not be able to apply for government assistance but that’s what they have anchor babies for.

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          Not Politically Correct on

          You and your significant other brought these problems on yourself. It is not the fault of our President who actually has the courage to enforce the law.

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          Sick of this crap on

          I don’t care and I’m not sorry. NO SYMPATHY for you.



          GET OUT!!!

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          Where the hell you been living? In Californai the destruction is everywhere care of the liberals who care more for the disgusting illegal chinese ‘boat people’ whove made the bay San Francisco Bay Areaa canton west, complete with filty, squalor and stench, truly disgusting.

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      Loismoved to AZ on

      Because they are illegally here! Are you saying that every US citizen in NJ has enough to eat, has decent housing, has financial aid to go to college? Also note that these ‘wonderful’ people cost us a fortune in Section 8 housing (thanks to 2 day old Fernando), food stamps, reduced utility bills, free cell phones, free medical coverage and free eduction. FAIRUS estimates that illegals cost us about $140 billion per year. This is the group that is so loyal to the US that they march for amnesty waving the Mexican flag.

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        Hey, if you want to pay for all this BS, fine, me I’ll pass thanks. The liberal ‘communists’ running things here constantly railroad new taxes though without gerring a vote to trepair ‘infrastructure’, yeah, right! Most thinkling individuals know these funds will be diverted to the general fund to pay for all the ‘freebies’ doled put like candy to these people. and the so called ‘infrastructusal’ projects never see a dime of these funds!

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      Sick of this crap on

      if you like high taxes then move to a liberal state and stay there. You think the government should take all your money and give it to other people for you? You’re a fool. you could just give your own money to other people without the government in the way.