Anti-Sanctuary City Trickle Becoming a Flood?

News Flash:  Common sense and patriotism are not dead in the state of California.

First, the city of Los Alamitos voted to denounce California’s sanctuary law when it voted in mid-March to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers and hand criminal aliens apprehended by the city over for removal.  Citing his pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States as well as protect the welfare of the citizens of his small Orange County, California, community, Los Alamitos Mayor Troy Edgar explained  that his city is in complete disbelief over what has transpired in Sacramento over their passage of the statewide sanctuary law.  “I think we should 100 percent be coordinating and helping out federal agents,” he said.

Second, Dave Herrington, the mayor of Aliso Viejo, joined the chorus in publicly challenging the heresy coming out of Sacramento, which Herrington calls “unconstitutional.”  “Sanctuary laws make us less safe,” said Herrington, a former Orange County Sheriff.

In another show of support against dangerous sanctuary policies, Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens recently made the release dates of jail inmates – including illegal aliens – publicly available online.  The Sheriff’s Department, which was forced to release 172 inmates back into the county in the last three months because of the state’s shortsighted sanctuary policies, is now taking steps to become part of the solution.   Don Barnes, Orange County undersheriff, told the Los Angeles Times that ICE is now out looking for the released illegal aliens, and “it would be easier for everyone involved and safer for the community and law enforcement if they were relinquished to the custody of ICE rather than returned to the community.”

The open border lobby in Sacramento and their friends in the mainstream media began wondering what in the world could be happening in Orange County – once a stronghold of Republican politics – but most recently a county that voted to elect Hillary Clinton.  And perhaps more importantly, will this anti-sanctuary contagion spread?

The answer was a resounding yes, and it came just days later when the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted to denounce the state’s sanctuary laws.   The county’s board of supervisors voted unanimously (3-0) to join the U.S. Department of Justice’s lawsuit against the state of California.  “This legislation prevents law enforcement from removing criminals from our community and is a threat to public safety,” Supervisor Shawn Nelson said prior to the vote.

Of course, there are now roughly 500 sanctuary jurisdictions throughout the country, so hopefully this battle will not have to be won community by community.  But clearly – and even in one of the bluest states – there are public officials who take their oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution seriously and have bravely demonstrated that they prioritize public safety over making political statements on immigration.

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Dave rejoined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 2016 and brings more than thirty years of proactive communications experience working with non-profits, trade associations and the private sector. Dave has written and placed op-eds in more than 100 publications for national and state leaders in fields ranging from immigration to agriculture policy, food and energy. Ray has served as a chief spokesman for several national organizations and has extensive radio and television experience as well.


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    We as Americans need to take California back the elligals are way to comfortable let trump drain the swamp so we can live again. Thank you Donald trump

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    You can watch illegal advocates doing interviews and they simply say that there is no such thing as sanctuary cities. This is their typical trick of drawing attention away from the issue. Like they say “no human is illegal” or there is no such thing as “anchor babies”. it’s all some propaganda double talk to deny the undeniable. When a city says they will not cooperate with federal authorities, they are shielding illegals, including many criminals, from deportation. San Francisco dropped charges against the five time deported killer of Kate Steinle, and set him loose on the streets, which ended in her death.

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    How can they be so this way about sanctuary yet so that way about the upcoming Census? where they do not want there to be a question regarding citizenship status? The more aliens on the census the more money and voting power.

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    Thank you cities and its people coming forward defend our California state. I hope we can join together, clean up the mess we are in, created by dirty politicians, illegal budgets and illegal human traffic South border needs to be secure. Illegal human traffic crossing open land from Tecate is on going for many years. End the traffic, end families with children, stop future DACA. End drugs and criminals. These people are aggressive, demanding we owe them. It is invasion, smugglers with large groups trespass over our properties, sneak, hide, take over. We have suffered, our schools, economy and value of life. Our legal children have been pushed aside. We have been robbed. Follow our immigration laws, become legal, join us. Stop waving the Mexcian flag, stopped telling us Trump is not your President. Stop breaking our laws. Go home.

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    Sandra Churchill on

    US law-abiding voters applaud U if following US LAWS TO A DEGREE- We know Wa & all Dems-L do not follow/or protect ALL US laws & borders -So clear its up to bordering States & American voters to protect USA from enemies. I’m sure it will come down to U are w/other Americans or U are not. Very simple & not confusing at all-Every person MUST follow US laws 100%- for this country to work. (Incl all lawbreakers who claim are LawMakers+ elites-No more dbl Std games/excuses

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    good Californians, take back your cities and say I am not going to break federal laws