Stop the Illegal Alien Caravan Now: Here’s How

The biggest problem facing our nation when the illegal alien caravan arrives at our southern border can’t be blamed on anyone other than ourselves.  That’s right, us.  At least that’s what administration officials seemed to tell everyone yesterday during a media briefing  about the 1,500 illegal aliens – mostly from Honduras – who have destroyed their travel documents and are marching through Mexico with the intent of crashing our southern border.

As the administration explained yesterday, there are some fixes to asylum laws and some loopholes that need to be closed, but that requires congressional action on immigration.  Unfortunately, the open-borders champions in leadership positions of the Democratic party seem quite happy with the status quo.  But are we really that helpless from stopping this caravan from demanding entry to our country?

We’ve been in a very similar situation in the past, and we were able to turn a torrent into a trickle almost overnight.

In the early 1990s, we had a similar wave of Central Americans (yes, Central America had big economic problems even back then) who were fleeing poor job prospects at home for better jobs here.  This huge influx continued unabated until the federal government announced that it was putting up tents and placing immigration judges and asylum adjudicators on the border to quickly move through the mostly fraudulent asylum cases.  The concentration of judicial resources, accompanied by a small tent city to house the daily arrivals, meant that cases could be heard and decisions rendered in days.

Those few who had valid asylum claims were admitted for a full hearing at a later date, and the rest were sent home, immediately.  This immediately turned a torrent into a trickle, and eventually the whole Central American asylum scam ground to a halt.

Given the biggest problem facing the government under law is the maximum amount of time they are allowed to hold an individual before release, this would solve that problem immediately, while deterring asylum abuse.

Why can’t we try something like this again?

Until we can finally get a permanent fix in Congress, might this stop-gap approach work?

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    Great article but I’d sooner just gun them all down. Bullets are plentiful and cheap and dead bodies don’t come back and try again !!!

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    steven jacobs on



    your problem will disappear

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      Patricia Romer on

      If they can’t get jobs or free hand outs they wouldn’t be pushing their way into our country. We need our laws changed. CUT THE JOB SUPPLY AND MONEY. THE COMPANIES THAT OUR PUTTING OUR COUNTRY AT RISK SHOULD BE THROWN IN JAIL. Our government needs to enforce our laws.

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    Our President is correct, this is an invasion of our sovereign country. He is incorrect in asking governors for permission to defend the United States against an army that wants to invade. Let the US Army do what they do so well, protect and serve. The President’s sole purpose is to defend the country. He should simply mandate that is an invasion does happen, it will be met with force. Make sure to kill the invaders so we don’t have to take care of the wounded.

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    Ronald Gendron on

    The U.S. needs to build multiple detention centers directly on the Mexican border, with the newly built ‘border wall’ directly behind them! This way, any prospective ‘illegal entrant’ will realize that they will never be able to set foot on American soil & will simply be incarcerated there, until their case is adjudicated!
    When word gets out that easy entry is no longer possible, I’m sure that the alien caravans will slow or stop!

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    Rodger Shull on

    Maybe a greeting party of armed US CITIZENS , to meet them at the border, I wonder how they would like that ??? About as much as we do with them trying to force their way into our/my country. The other immigrants never crossed the border to get here, they came the hard way across and ocean, an came thru the front door, leaned how to speck english an assimilate to the AMERICAN WAY of LIFE , not sneak in, an then stay sneaky, an rip off the USA TAX PAYERS with your schemes, to get the ALL IMPORTANT USA DOLLAR. Come in the RIGHT WAY , or don,t come in at all.

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    This invasion is being financed by Soros and probably planned by communist Muslim Obama in his new home headquarters! I agree that they these people Need to be put on buses with guards and sent home. Among them probably rapists, MS-13 gang members and lots of questionable people. They probably can’t speak English or read or write in their own language. We don’t need anymore people sucking on our welfare cow. Communists democrats want these people on our welfare roles so they can control them and later vote illegally for them. Enough is enough send them back to Mexico and let them deal with them as they allowed them thru their country. ADIOS AMIGOS! P.S. Arm our military to shoot. This invasion probably was schooled on how to invade our country – this war on America!

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    ALL illegal aliens should be IMMEDIATELY sent back where they came from the minute they cross the border and are caught and told that they need to enter LEGALLY or do NOT come back… We should NOT be spending ONE dime on an illegal alien!!! We spend WELL OVER $100 Billion of our tax dollars on these illegal aliens.. Money we can use for our infrastructure, our vets, etc… Stop all this and we’d have MORE than enough money to build the wall… we must secure our country or we will NOT have a country…
    these illegal aliens interfere in our government and elections MUCH MORE than the Russians yet NO ONE says a word about it…

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      Not before they put in 1 hard year building a stone wall, then let them try to come back, work them 2 hard years and as planned, mexico will be paying for the wall.

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    Mexico is conspiring with the ILLEGALS to invade the U.S. They aren’t our friends! But, with things as they are now, The National Guard isn’t going to do much because they are unarmed (like the democrats want American citizens) and will doing mostly office work just like before. Anybody remember that!
    We need the wall and real FORCE to defend OUR COUNTRY!

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    Once they try to force themselves in bomb all of them they know it’s illigal to cross the border without permission to enter the hell with the leftist Democrat and dumbo Republican who don’t care about the safety of the citizen of these country ???

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    Closed San Diego border. Can be closed by our border agents. Last year there were riots Mexican people were upset with their government increased their gas 20%. They were crossing into US, loaded gas cans back in Mexico. Riots were in front of the entrance way.

    Secure south near Tecate, open land, known pathway for illegal human traffic heading to San Diego. Stop the flow. Protect our ranches, protect American and give man power to agents. Stop invasion.

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    The American on

    This is a tough one n the reason no good to fight with anyone to reach a common ground. Maybe had Trump not insulted and blamed Mexico, they would be more willing to help…….

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      ******** ! This was going on waaay before Trump and the goddamn Mex. government didn’t do anything to help. Even going to the extreme of showing how to get into our Country during the obama reign ! Fukin liberals always blaming our POTUS for speaking the truth that you don’t want to hear !

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      NO! STOP THEM ALL THIS TIME AROUND. They are trying to take over America… STOP THEM NOW…. Put our Military there now…. This is a liberal and a Mexican President agenda against our wonderful President Trump………..
      Stop these drug sellers, rapists, murderers from coming into America.

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      Mexico has never had any respect for our laws and our country.. President Trump did NOT cause this problem… HE SPOKE THE TRUTH…. Mexico has CONSTANTLY stuck their noses into our government
      the democrats complained about Russia interfering in our elections and the Mexicans interfere much more than Russia… They don’t want illegal immigration stopped because the illegals send BILLIONS of dollars back to Mexico…
      Mexicans are the ones at fault here with their disrespect of our country, our laws and our citizens…

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      Mexico is a sack of shi+ country with a corrupt political system and a president that picks and chooses facts to suit his own agenda. Much like our last president who encouraged this crap for eight years. It is an invasion by those who would enter our Sovereign Nation in order to further deplete our economy.

      DON’T LET THEM IN. And punish Mexico for allowing this to happen. They have very strict immigration laws in Mexico and this caravan should not have gotten past their southern boarder.

      The El Presidente is owned by the drug cartels and is a huge LIAR.

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    Jorge Ramos was on Fox saying that sending the military to the border is, wait for it, see if you can guess, “a waste of time”. Just like a wall is a waste of time, blah blah blah. It’s the same lame garbage that all the people like him spew. They don’t WANT a wall because they know it will stop illegals. Naturally he acknowledges that “we have a right to enforce our border”, but he opposes everything that would actually do that.

    His solution? He insists we need more legal immigration. So apparently we have no choice in the matter. More immigrants, either legally or illegally, whether we want or need them or not. Ramos and his ilk are just in a dither because we finally have a president who refuses to let this country be told we have to accept any immigrant who wants to come here, or that we have to continue to accept bad trade deals.

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    To me this caravan is a potential threat! The United States government should take this as a threat. This could be a dry run, for a potential dangerous outcome. President Trump should call on the National Guard unit’s. Border patrol agent’s need backup. And top it off, this proves Mexico could care less about about our sovereignty!

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      AGREE. Something needs to be done . The National Guard or Army to stop this as getting out of hand. Not just words. Let them know there are LAWS about illegal and let them know what it means-not legal. Deport all here that are here illegally.

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    Trump earlier announced that the caravan is going to stand down. If that turns out not to be true I hope he has the cohones to put the National Guard on the border, or if he can’t do that, the military. But knowing Trump I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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    Matt from Texas on

    Work with Mexico to put the camp on the Mexican side of the border. Then when the inevitable happens and some leftist judge tries to interfere, tell him/her to stuff it! If the camp isn’t in the USA, then US courts have no jurisdiction. If we don’t deal firmly with this caravan of economic migrants and send them all home, we will see a lot more of this nonsense in the future.