Radical Activists Will Defend Illegal Aliens – Even if They Beat Their Wives

As Diogenes Pinzon was leaving Kings County Criminal Court in Brooklyn last week the illegal alien from Panama was taken into custody by plain-clothed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. The arrest triggered public defenders to walk out of court and protesters to chant “ICE must go” with picket signs in hand.

What made the protests remarkable was not that they were anti-ICE, but that the amnesty advocates were marching in support of an individual who had been arrested 15 times since 2005 with the latest being charges of domestic violence and attempted robbery, according to the New York Daily News.

Within the hour, the news of Pinzon’s detention spread like wildfire sparking inflamed rhetoric from legal aid groups and politicians alike.

Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-N.Y.) tweeted that she found it “extremely concerning to hear that ICE agents targeted an undocumented immigrant just outside Brooklyn Criminal Court this morning. Such actions by ICE have no place in our City.”

Rebecca J. Kavanagh, an attorney with Legal Aid NYC, used Twitter to advise other illegals to contact their lawyers if they had appearance scheduled at the courthouse.

#ICE agents just arrested person Brooklyn Criminal Court,” she wrote. “If you are a non-citizen & have case today in any court downtown BK, contact your lawyer ASAP.”

This would not be the first occasion when the pro-amnesty radicals chose to side with domestic abusers over law enforcement.

Last November, Genaro Rojas-Hernandez was detained shortly after the 30-year-old illegal alien from Mexico appeared in court on charges of misdemeanor domestic assault.

Earlier this year, students at Austin High School walked out of their classrooms and onto the streets of Houston in defense of 19-year-old Dennis Rivera-Sarmiento, who came to the attention of local authorities when he reportedly assaulted a female student sending her to the hospital.

Blinded by their own dislike and anger, the radical Left cannot see that their opposition to jurisdictions cooperating with federal authorities is partly for ICE resorting to arresting illegal criminals in public spaces.

For example, in the sanctuary city of New York, there were 1,526 immigration detainer requests made by ICE in President Trump’s first year in office and the NYPD honored none of them.

It would appear that domestic violence is only a serious matter if the abuser is born in the U.S.

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    I’m pretty sure as long as an illegal alien promises to vote democrat…well they can rape children and the activist will protest to let them…Their is NO shame in the liberal democrat & RINO political party…period!

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    Lindsey Graham was on Face The Nation on Sunday, repeating his US Chamber Of Commerce talking points. He said that more troops on the border was not a real answer but his solution was:

    “If you don’t have comprehensive immigration reform, so it’s easier for American companies to hire, you have more labor available to American companies, you will never fix this problem.”

    And exactly HOW does that “fix this problem” of the family with 5 kids showing up at the border and claiming asylum, only to be turned loose with a court date two years down the road, which they won’t show up for.

    Again, this is the media propping up a guy like Graham as representing mainstream GOP thought, when Graham dropped out of the 2016 primaries with less than 1% support in the polls. He is nothing but a shill for the big business desire to drive wages for the working class to nothing, with a never ending supply of foreign labor on demand.

    Humorist Will Rogers said he never met a man he didn’t like. Graham, and his pals like McCaln, never met an amnesty, mass influx of immigration, or a never ending foreign war they didn’t like.

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      EMAIL GRAHAM, FAX HIM, CALL HIS OFFICE tell him you will not put up with this and will work hard to get him voted out of OUR govt its time to start fighting just like the left wing fascists do, these fake republicans like graham mccaine flake and the rest will only respond to a real threat of loosing power, dont think for a min that flake ryan and the rest of the rinos not running for reelection is anything but them knowing they wont be reelected

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    The problem stems from to many illegals that can produce enough money to buy protection from corrupt officials. Solution : arrest and deport illegals and corrupt officials.

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    Yes to whom it may concern. My question to you, why can’t we arrest these political law breakers? How’s it possible that these law enforcement, politicians or any person that protects these illegals, and get away with it? I say too the ones who continue to protect illegals. You can not choose what law you want to enforce. If a natural born citizen breaks the law, you’re ready to find them, and arrest them. Well if illegals break the law coming here, and committed other offenses. They should not be treated with special privileges!

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      Yes, what prevents charges from being brought against elected officials who aid and abet law breaking illegal aliens?