Tipping Point? Resistance Growing to California’s Dangerous Sanctuary Policies

Local resistance to the law making California a “sanctuary state” continues to grow as the community of Los Alamitos prepares to vote on the issue Monday night for the second time to make the city exempt from SB54.  Last month Los Alamitos started a rebellion against California’s “sanctuary law,” voting to oppose it, which then triggered 12 other communities to buck the state on the issue as well.

Another – and even bigger – shoe may drop on Tuesday, as the San Diego County Board of Supervisors – California’s second largest county, representing 3.2 million residents – decides whether or not it will join other California counties in backing the state’s dangerous sanctuary laws.

The growing opposition to SB 54 and other extreme sanctuary policies comes on the heels of the Trump Administration’s lawsuit against the state, which could potentially “claw back” targeted law enforcement funds from states and local jurisdictions that violate federal sanctuary laws.  “When the attorney general of the United States decides to take a firm position against it, I think that gave a signal to a lot of us that, ‘Hey, California is on the wrong side of this thing,'” said Fred Whitaker, chairman of the Republican Party in Orange County.

Several California municipalities have already thumbed their noses at the state government, which many feel has been taken over by illegal alien interest groups.  The Escondido City Council voted earlier this month to join a federal lawsuit against California over its “sanctuary law.”  And just last week, the Orange County cities of Orange, Westminster, and Newport Beach voted to add their voices to the growing chorus of those opposing California’s sanctuary state status.

Illegal immigrant rights groups backed the state’s bill, enacted earlier this year, to become a sanctuary state, arguing that the law would make illegal immigrants more willing to share information and cooperate with local police.  That argument, however, has never been proven empirically, and flies in the face of a study published recently by FAIR that revealed that sanctuary policies don’t actually promote cooperation with local police, they simply make communities less safe.

The study analyzed available data nationwide and found that there is “no discernable difference in the way immigrants report crimes or provide information in jurisdictions that maintain sanctuary policies and those that do not. In fact, under some of the most radical sanctuary policies that protect illegal alien gang members, it is fear of retribution by gangs, not fear of the police that inhibits cooperation.”


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    On CBS Sunday Morning there was a report about something that anyone not living under a rock has heard about or has noticed themselves. It was the already occurring fact that many jobs will be automated in the future, up to a third in the next 15 years. Self checkout counters at grocery stores and hardware stores, and self order kiosks at fast food restaurants are now common. Even a lot of higher paying jobs are not immune. And the jobs that frequently replace the lost jobs do not have the same pay and benefits.

    So then there was a discussion of guaranteeing everyone a minimum income, if they don’t make enough to support themselves. Of course, there was never even a hint of what is the easiest and most obvious solution.

    Which is, returning to the immigration levels of the middle part of the last century, about 300,000 per year, which would force employers to compete for workers and raise wages. Countless reports and predictions of job losses don’t seem to factor in. But our media is owned by the same mega corporations that want to keep immigration sky high so they can pay starvation wages.

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    Diana Talmadge on

    Obviously Gov. Brown will do nothing to save the beautiful state of California…

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      Don’t worry Diana, that horses *** is done in November and I’ve got a special bottle of Champagne in my refrigerator to pop the second this thieving no good bastard is out. Now we’ve got to worry about the fools who’ll vote for jerry ‘the clown’ brown’s flunkee, governor wannabee and former mayor and mr. ‘sanctuary city’ of San Francisco, gavn newsome. If he or antonio vilaragiosa get brown’s job, you can be assured the destruction will continue under these thievibng liberal ‘socialists’. Their agenda has virtually destroyed the once prosperous, clean, liveable and great state of Californa and turned it into a third world CRAPHOLE. For anyone who doesn’t believe the destruction ‘socia;lism’ brings forth let ’em come to California, and preferably San Francisco, once the crown jewesl of California and now a bum and crime ridden CRAPHOLE. The destruction is before your eyes: crappy and failing infrastrucure, bums’, boat peopel’, homeless encampments everywhere, streets that reek with piss and **** crime going through the roof, unaffordable housing and costs of living, a crappy local economy and general malaise all courtesy of the ‘dumbocrap’ liberal ‘socialists’ running this once jewel of a city into the ground with their liberal aka ‘socialist’ agenda. In the Bay Area they’ve pretty much succeeded, sad to say!