House Members Aim to Resurrect DACA – at Least as a Campaign Issue

Weeks after the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) expiration date passed, a group of legislators hopes to “send a message” to Speaker Paul Ryan – a majority of the House supports a “full” debate on immigration.

“It is time to have a full debate for the American public and have the entire country decide what border security should look like, what a permanent fix for Dreamers should look like,” declared Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) at a press conference near the steps of the Capitol building.

The stated purpose of the bipartisan event was to show Ryan that 240 House members, including 50 Republicans, support a rarely-used procedural measure to bring to the floor without the approval of a committee or the leadership four competing immigration bills.

Under the “Queen of the Hill” rule, the bill which got the most votes – and cleared the 218-threshold for passage – would move to the Senate.

A brilliant last-ditch attempt at a solution to what DACA supporters say is an urgent crisis?

Not really. First, it is not new since Denham pitched the same idea in March.

Second, there is no real-world scenario in which any of the measures would succeed in the House andthen reach the Senate.

Among the four bills under consideration is a bill introduced by House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) that has the support of President Trump, but would likely garner no Democrat votes. Conversely, there is little chance Democrats could pull enough Republicans over to vote for the uber-amnesty DREAM Act.

The other two options would be a bill of Speaker Ryan’s choosing and the Hurd-Aguilar bill that ignores the border wall and is weak on legal immigration enforcement.

Lastly, if they truly saw an “urgent” need to find a permanent fix for those nearly 1.8 million individuals who are eligible for DACA, why not commit to using a discharge petition and force a vote even if the leadership refuses to put it on the floor?

Maybe Denham, who is in a tough fight in a district that is 45 percent Latino, and his Republican colleague Will Hurd, whose district in Texas is 72 percent Latino, believe there is benefit to their reelection prospects to paying lip service to open border special interest groups.

If that is the case, can you really believe anything they say?

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    It is time to vote out all politicians that support illegal immigration. They all most be voted out!!! The liberals who support illegal immigration all need to get voted out!!! Vote GOP in November time to take our country back from those that pander to illegals at the cost to the American people and taxpayer.

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    What part of ILLEGAL do our elected officials not understand ? There appears to be various levels of illegal with little to nothing done about any of them. If the DACA and other assorted illegal aliens from every nation on the planet are allowed to remain in the US our politicians just handed over the keys to America ! We will have lost our nation by invasion without a fight.

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    J. R. Alexander on

    As long as some Americans and the majority of our elected representatives do not understand the meaning of the word “Illegal”, these types of conversations will continue. Perhaps we should send each elected official a copy of the dictionary for a reference with the page containing the word “illegal” bookmarked.

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    I was a beautiful woman with a bright future, you murdered me. I was an innocent child. You raped me. I was a Senior citizen you mugged and robbed me, I was a young 8th grade boy you beat me, tied me to a tree, poured gas on me and set me on fire. I was a father of 3 young children you stabbed me to death at a gas station where I went to buy milk.

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    If they keep DACA hope alive, maybe they won’t vote Democrat in those states that are allowing them voter rights. I think this is a “Duh” moment. Afterwards keep the ones who are contributing and kick out the ones who are not. This will be the end result (goal?) anyway. Werx fur meh.

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      “Maybe they won’t vote Democrat”? That’s always the nonsense that’s put forth that if only Republicans will support amnesty then Latinos will reward them with their votes. Wrong. Amnestied DACA individuals are going to vote for the party that wants to give a mass amnesty to all their relatives. That would be the Democrats. Latinos also always vote for the big government programs that the Democrats promise, because so many Latinos are on some kind of government welfare program.

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    Chris garcia on

    They take all our jobs. Born American’s come first. They need to mandate to get a job u must provide American birth certificate if u don’t have one u can’t get a job at all.