California Citizens Oppose “Sanctuary” Law, Want More Deportations

California kicked off 2018 by implementing the most extreme “sanctuary” policies in America. With minimal exceptions, state and local law enforcement are being told to ignore detainer requests from federal law enforcement agencies. In a case of not-so-subtle sad irony, the law went into effect exactly one month after the killer of Kate Steinle – who would almost certainly be alive today if a federal detainer request was honored – was acquitted of murder charges.

While the state legislature values illegal aliens over the lives of law-abiding Americans, the citizens of California, along with some local governments, are fighting back. In addition to at least a dozen cities combatting the mandate, polling shows Californians are a lot more supportive of enforcing our borders than is commonly portrayed

According to a recent Survey USA poll, only 25 percent of voters believed that “state law enforcement should block ICE from detaining” a non-violent illegal alien, with 54 percent believe that law enforcement should either assist ICE or “stay out of the way” while they do their job.

The same poll shows that voters are almost unanimously against sanctuary policies when an illegal alien accused of a violent crime is arrested. In fact, only 11 percent of respondents believe that the alien should be protected from ICE, while 78 percent stated that local law enforcement should cooperate with federal agents or stay out of the process completely.

Furthermore, a new survey from the University of California at Berkeley revealed that 59 percent of Californians believe that it is “important to increase deportations of those here without documentation.”

Most Americans want the rule of law respected, even in California. So it’s egregious to see a state place its constituents in harm’s way. Thankfully, some Californians are starting to demand that the state serve the interests of American citizens once again.

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    Californians Discovered Their Freedom of Speech

    And the open borders are their whipping post…..imagine that?

    They hate high taxes from over priced real estate too: they’re fleeing high taxed Sanctuary States in 800K masses…

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    WhatsamaddaU on

    I’ve read a lot of posts from people living in California complaining as to how the massive illegal aliens entering California for the last 3 or 4 decades are impacting their neighborhoods, their cities, their beaches, their riverbeds, and their lives. California citizens claim how neighborhoods are littered with trash on home yards with 5 to 7 illegals living in a one bedroom house, how children of illegals are getting into gangs and making cities less safe, how warehouses are being built near homes to acquire cheap illegal alien labor, the very high taxes property owners are paying, how many homes have for sale signs as people are selling their homes and eager to move out of the state, and how liberal Democrat politicians cannot handle the homeless that have caused so much litter, feces, and urine along city streets, river beds, under bridges, and on beaches.
    The question I have is instead of complaining, why are California citizens not organizing committees, joining Republicans to protest the destruction of California by liberal Democrats? Why aren’t angry people protesting illegal immigration, giving speeches at town halls, being heard on radio, etc.? There comes a point when citizens have to rebel against an unjust government, not violently, but in well organized peaceful protests. Why aren’t more people joining President Trump’s lawsuit against sanctuary cities? Evil succeeds when good people do nothing and say nothing. Liberal Democrats are making California stink, trashy, overtaxed, its culture changed, has increased economic problems, crime, and poverty. Californians can’t live like this.

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    Jerry Brown is denying that sanctuary jurisdictions protect illegal criminals. It’s 1984 with these people. They think their propaganda is reality and for a lot of people it is. They deny ICE access to their jails and they refuse to tell ICE when illegals who have committed serious crimes have finished their sentences and then let them loose on the streets. The five times deported killer of Kate Steinle was brought to San Francisco because they said they were going to prosecute him on old drug charges, but they subsequently dropped all charges and let him go.

    One would like to think that California voters are really for enforcing our immigration laws, but the reason all these sanctuary policies exist is that those same voters have voted for the politicians who have been quite vocal for many years about their anti-enforcement beliefs. When have Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and the rest of the Democratic establishment in that state said anything different in recent memory?

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    It could be that just the legislators and the Governor are in favor of sanctuary policies and the voters are against them. The influence of Hollywood types far exceeds their numbers.

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      Patricia Watkins on

      From what I can see, Democratic leaders are gonna do what they want to do as long as they have the support of Democratic voters. They don’t care about any of the rest of the populace. Democratic leaders love illegals because they are cheap labor, they are future voters, and the larger the population, the more federal funds they hope to get. A key point for California is that Hispanics/Latinos are are a growing population that Brown must cater to for the reasons I wrote in this post. And the majority of illegals are Hispanic. The top three surnames are now Hispanic in CA. Brown is just promoting the current Democratic agenda. He cares nothing about America’s sovereign borders or America’s immigration laws. He wants America to be a free for all with open borders and illegals comparable to legal citizens/residents. Same in WA State, especially in cities like Seattle. I think that Democrats will do anything (including pardoning tens of thousands of felons so that they can vote) to generate more Democratic voters.