Democratic National Committee’s Irresponsible Rhetoric on Immigration Enforcement

“Trump’s Mass Deportation Force Works Tirelessly to Tear Families Apart,” screams the headline of an April 24 press release issued by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The press release was issued in response to recent enforcement actions carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Enforcing some 400 immigration statutes and placing people who violate them in removal proceedings is ICE’s job, kind of like the IRS’s job is to locate and prosecute people who commit tax fraud. A frequent result of both agencies’ actions (and countless other law enforcement departments) is that the offenders are separated from their families. “Tearing apart families” is not the goal of ICE any more than it is the objective of the IRS; it is a consequence of legitimate law enforcement. Moreover, the onus for these consequences rests with the people who break laws, not the folks who enforce them.

The hyperbole of the DNC does not end with their assertion that immigration enforcement is the lone area in which those who enforce the laws are responsible for the hardships suffered by the law-breakers’ families. No, in addition to “tearing apart families,” ICE is “detaining immigrants without justification, leaving U.S.-born children without their parents, and stoking fear in immigrant communities,” charges the DNC.

Such characterizations of sworn peace officers, by the leadership of one of our two major political parties, steps right up to the line of sedition. Accusing law enforcement officers of heinous and deliberate behavior and acting outside the law (“detaining immigrants without justification”) is not mere political rhetoric. It can potentially endanger the lives and safety of the men and women who serve in ICE.

Among the DNC’s list of grievances against ICE doing its job is that some of the people it arrested in recent enforcement actions had no criminal records. Citing enforcement actions in the New York City area, the DNC noted that of the 225 people ICE arrested, “45…had no outstanding criminal issues.” Which, of course, means that 180 did. Clearly when 80 percent of the people who were arrested did have “criminal issues,” asserting that ICE is working “tirelessly to tear families apart,” or is deliberately “stoking fear in immigrant communities” is a lie. And nowhere in the 400 statutes that ICE enforces does it say that immigration law violators have to have committed other offenses in order to be subject to removal.

But even the DNC’s implied assertion that if ICE had only acted against deportable aliens with “criminal issues” it would have been acceptable to them is also false. The leadership of the Democratic Party is unanimous in its support for sanctuary policies that shield criminal aliens from removal and is committed to the defense of those policies.

The DNC has a right to advocate for any immigration policies it wants and to run candidates for office who support those policies. But the leadership of a major political party has a responsibility to refrain from incendiary rhetoric that imperils federal law enforcement officers who are working hard to protect the American public.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Illegal Aliens seem to be the Replacement Population that will ensure the Power of the Democrat Party, forever in Our Country.
    The Illegals know what is expected of them & they are willing accomplices in this National Crime.
    Pray that President Trump finds a way to Halt the Invasion of these Criminals, or else America will no longer be a Sovereign Country.

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    I would think that it would be best to reply that Trump is working tirelessly to see that America’s borders are being secured and all those present illegally are subject to immediate detention and removal as per law.

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    Every time a convicted criminal is sent to jail, a family is separated from a son, a brother, or a father. One solution to this problem is for criminals to stop breaking the law. The other is for us to stop sending criminals to prison. Since it appears that the DNC favors the latter solution, why do they restrict their solicitude to only one class of criminals? The answer is obvious: they see these immigration scofflaws as future constituents.

    This is DNC approach is hypocrisy of the most self-serving kind.

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    Our country once fought a horrific war because Democrats wanted to keep slavery. Today they seem to want another subservient population to be oppressed and owing something to them. Is it me or is history repeating itself? These invaders do not assimilate and hold onto their cultural history which is OK, my great great grandparents always had a Danish flag inside their home but to them it was important to be a US citizen not a Danish American, just be an American. Today that is not happening. We will have to fight again, I figure that’s the reason the democrat/socialist communists want to take away everyone’s guns.

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    Everything you saying is correct. It was actually when she was in the Senate that she and the majority of other Democratic Senators voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which mandated 700 miles of double layer fence along the border. The Democrats took control of Congress after the 2006 elections and dropped the money for it in the next budget. Her husband’s administration built a long section of the same kind of fence in California and it reduced crossings there to almost nothing. So much for “fences don’t work”.

    That behind doors speech was one of the WikiLeaks revelations and she said exactly that, to a group of South American bankers, that she was in favor of open borders. They will all insist they do not support open borders, and that we have the right to enforce immigration law, but their actions say the opposite. The old saying is if waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. They re the open borders ducks.

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    The Big Problem With the Democrat Immigration Agenda

    It ignores the negative impact general population growth has on the environment and jobs. They think there’s unlimited potable water to rinse population growth sewage into our coastal wetlands.

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      Patricia Watkins on

      Democratic leaders now days don’t give a crap about any of that. They want to be in power and will do just about anything to get there. The DNC ran a basically corrupt campaign to try to get Hillary elected. They want future voters one way or the other. If they had their way, I bet they would give illegals the right to vote. Especially in California where Gov. Brown considers illegals equal to legal citizens. The Democratic agenda is a free for all in America. Just give it away to anyone who can sneak over the border. I wonder how America will be for our grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc.

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    Edward Brunyansky on

    I have tried to help some people whose visa expired and some others and in the I got laughed at and called a racist. My grandparents were immigrants from Russia and Hungary and they followed our country rules proudly. But there are these kind of who cut in line and cheat and laugh at people who follow the rules. To these others I say go back and grow up responsibllity. Supposed I told my teachers that I am not going to do my homework or test but want all A”s on my report card because otherwise their racist. Same difference. And the politicians don’t care because all these scumbag want is job security and screw the real American citizens.

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      Patricia Watkins on

      I tend to agree with you. They have that mentality of jumping to the front of the line with not a care for those who took the time & money to do it legally. They have no respect for America’s sovereign borders and no respect for American citizens. That kind of illegal mentality sometimes continues on into other illegal activities. Anything to get them their slice of the American pie. I once interviewed an illegal Mexican migrant who told me that he came to America for that slice of pie even though he has a well-to-do family in Mexico. He bought a stolen social security number in California (where he said it is big business & easy to get), then he got a driver’s license, good jobs, credit cards, and an apartment. He got a DUI, lost a good job with a well-known packaging company, forged his driver’s abstract and got another job at a car rental place. His daughter got a free education. His wife divorced him & lives elsewhere in the U.S. He traveled back & forth over the Mexican border whenever he wanted and never got caught all because he appeared to be legal using fraudulent ID. One crime after another. And he was real proud that he got one over on America.

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        Deport this thieving no good bastard. Do the USA a favor and report this guy. As a resident of California now a ‘sanctuary state’ care of the head thieving SOB jerry ‘the clown’ brown’ I’m frankly sick andtired of my taxes paying for all theis BS. One good thing: the ‘clowns’ term will be over this November, thenks be to God. Now we’ve got to worry that ‘pretty boy’ mr. ‘sanctuary city’ of San Franciaco gavin newsome ets brown’s job. Along with gavin newsom, we need to make sure antonio villagriosa . We need to make sure these no good thieving liberal sankes is defeated big time because if God forbid, the complete desyruction of california will ensue. I think I can speak from experience on the destruction the liberals can do as a long term residenr of ‘sanctuary city’ san Francisco, a legislation foisted on the residents here by then mayor gavin newsome. For those who don’t believe the damage the ‘dumbocraps’ aka liberals can do over the years, come to California, and san Francisco in particular and see the destruction for yourself: crappy and failing infrastrucure, bums, homeless encampments everywhere, crime, streets that reek with the stench of urine and feces, crime going through the roof, unaffordable housing prices and costs of living, a crappy local economy ad general mailaise. Yes folks this is the legacy of years of the ‘dumbocraps’ aka liberals and frankly I’m sick and tired of what’s been done and continues to be done to this once clean, beautiful, liveable and affordable city that was once the jewel of California and now has been called the calcutta of the west coast, sad to say!

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      Agree with you…. Our politicians ENCOURAGE these illegal aliens to come here by all the free handouts they give them when they come… they are handing these illegal aliens more and more of OUR rights and benefits.. they have absolutely destroyed the meaning of being a citizen to our country… WHY bother working hard and obeying the laws when they are handed it all free just be entering illegally… We should NOT be spending ONE DIME on illegal aliens.. WHY are WE paying for their medical care while they get paid under the table and sending their money to Mexico…
      I’m fed up with our government holding illegal aliens above the laws and above the citizens.. It needs to end … we spend WELL OVER $100 Billion of our tax dollars EVERY year supporting illegal aliens…

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        In California the answer is realtively simple: make sure gavin newsome , mr. ‘sanctuary city’ of San Francisco is DEFEATED big time in November. This also goes for Los Angeles mayor antonio villaragiosa as well because if God forbid, either of these liberal bastards get jerry ‘the clown’ browns job, it’ll be business as usual and the complete destrucion of California will continue. As a native Californian and resident of San Francisco whose seen the destruction and BULLS**T the liberals have done to this once great state and this one time clean, beautiful, affordable and eminently liveable city that once was the jewel of California that’s turned int at third world CRAPHOLE and called the calcutta of the west coast. As for me, I’m supporting Travis Allen for governor. Thankfully many cities here are joining him as well in defying jerry the ‘clown’ browns illegal and traitorous decalration of ‘sanctuary state’. I’m telling my friends and family to do the same because with the way things are going now, thre’ll be no future for ttheir children, grandchildren and he legal California citizens.

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    The Democratic Party, including such notable members as Harry Reid [in the 1990’s] and Barbara Jordan, used to advocate enforcement of labor and immigration laws. It’s not accurate to say “This is not your father’s Democratic Party;’ the fact is that it’s not even your older brother’s party! They’ve Jumped the Shark and there’s no going back.

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      Patricia Watkins on

      Even Hillary voted for a “fence” at the Southern border back in the 90’s. But now Democrats have gone rabid. Most of their resistance is due to their hate of Trump. They don’t give a crap about the American people, they just want to thwart Trump’s agenda and champion “immigrants” whether illegal or legal. They are now the party of open borders with no vetting. A free for all. They appear to have severely corrupted starting with their zeal to get Hillary elected. Derailed Sanders, lied about giving Hillary the questions ahead of the debate, etc. Hillary who bashed Catholics during the campaign. Hillary who recently bashed female Trump voters saying that they were influenced by the men in their lives. Hillary, who at a behind doors speech, said that she dreamed of open borders. The Democrats need more illegals in order to increase their population for federal funding and future voters. They are basically playing dirty pool and playing on the emotions of rabid liberals.