The Runaway Train

Discussion of reducing the level of immigration from its current tsunami of more than a million newcomers per year tends to devolve into concerns about sovereignty, criminality, terrorism, fiscal costs, education, etc. on one hand and “land of immigrants,” xenophobia, racism, “jobs Americans won’t do,” etc. on the other hand. These often heated exchanges obscure the fundamental underlying issue of the limits to population growth.

The proponents of large scale immigration fall generally into two camps: those with a mindset that the increased diversity produced by immigrants is a benefit to society and those who see the flow of newcomers as an economic benefit to employers and manufacturers. Both tend to ignore the negative consequences of the nation’s rapid population growth due largely to immigration.

Those in the camp advocating increased diversity are fundamentally ideologues, and logical arguments about the negative societal impacts are generally ignored or brushed aside. Those in the camp asserting the need for a growing population as a precondition for a growing economy ignore the environmental impacts of the resource depletion resulting from a growing number of consumers.

Arguably, the advocates of large scale immigration for economic reasons should be easier to convince they are pursuing a policy that will harm future generations. A compelling case can be made for a healthy economy without immigration induced population growth. A useful resource for countering the ‘bigger is better’ supporters is a book entitled “Shoveling Fuel for A Runaway Train” by Brian Czech.

An immigration-fueled growing population is like a Ponzi scheme – eventually the scheme collapses and investors lose their investment. Pursuing a sustainable economy is the responsibility of those who care about leaving a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    Leslie Blenkhorn on

    Well said Jack. The greedy don’t care that it’s a Ponzi scheme, as long as they get their bones today the hell with tomorrow. Do you really think when there are a billion people in the United States home builders won’t be lobbying for more immigration? How are you going to build all those houses with no one to put in them? Also the government and big business are building the perfect society of consumers, it wouldn’t surprise me if immigration quotas weren’t tied to countries with the most affinity for chotskies from China. When you go to other countries you just don’t see the hordes of consumers mobbing the box stores for the newest version of things they just can’t live without, but don’t really need. This run-away train of never ending population growth for supposed never ending economic growth will continue until the wheels come off, that you can take to the bank.

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    These are NOT Mexicans…
    They came THROUGH a sovereign and welcoming nation to defect to the U.S.
    The should ALL BE TURNED AROUND and sent back to Mexico City. Once they recieve DENIAL PAPERS from the Mexican government, they can come to our boarder, if they’re not already UNDER ARREST or being extradited back to their Central or South American country for crimes committed!

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      Patricia Watkins on

      Illegal migrants should be forced to apply for asylum in Mexico. Mexico should be responsible for all those illegals, including the caravan, that they allow to cross their land to our land. America should not have to take in illegal migrants that Mexico allows in. America gives Mexico hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to help secure THEIR Southern border, and yet, these illegals migrants still get through. Many of those illegals want to cry that they can’t go back home, well then, apply for asylum in Mexico. They have no inherent right to enter into America. It is a privilege that America has a sovereign right to deny. Maybe it is time for an overhaul of international laws that force illegals onto other countries.

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        Leslie Blenkhorn on

        After a while it has to be obvious to us that Washington and big business want the bodies here any way they can get them here.

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    Just look at the areas of the country that depend on the Colorado River for their water supplies and how those areas are going to have problems sustaining the current levels of population growth.

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      Patricia Watkins on

      I have been hearing about the water shortage issues facing Arizona and Nevada; and of course, the problems that California droughts cause. Then there are the polluted waterways & water sources such as in Flint, Michigan from unhealthy pollutants like lead. Population growth is inevitable, but the white race is on the decline in America due to low birth rates and aging out. Democratic leaders want warm bodies one way or another to do the jobs, pay taxes, for federal funding purposes, and future voters. Personally I don’t think that diversity is always a good thing. Especially when it is predominately from 3rd world countries who often bring that mentality with them. I am okay with bringing in legal foreign workers on Visa’s but they shouldn’t be allowed to over stay their Visa’s or pop out anchor babies. Foreigners on Visa’s should not be allowed to have kids who automatically become U.S. citizens. Illegals should not be allowed to pop out kids who automatically become U.S. citizens. But I doubt that, that will ever be changed.

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    We need tougher common sense laws that make sense for America not far left lawyers making laws to benefit illegal immigration. We do need the wall for multiple reasons and laws to stop people from claiming asylum and disappearing .those with criminal records need to be deported. It’s ok to help illegal immigrants with a welfare check and apartments but during the recession if you were an American asking for help you were turned away or told if you have drugs In your system maybe we can put you in a half way house.Americans should be a priority since they pay these politicians salaries.oh that’s right undocumented immigration group line their pockets with money