Financial Aid for Illegal Aliens was a Bad Idea at the Start – and Now It’s Even More Costly

In April, Arizona’s Supreme Court ruled in a unanimous decision that state law prohibited granting lower in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students enrolled under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program.

The victory of the rule of law, however, was met with righteous indignation and politicized outrage by radicalized activists who painted the ruling as an affront to human rights.

Belen Sisa, a student and advocacy director of Undocumented Students for Education Equity, sought the head of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovichs, who argued the case in court.

“It’s pretty ridiculous that we continue to have to defend our human right to education,” Sisa fumed, adding it would their “personal mission that Brnovich is never the Attorney General of the state of Arizona ever again.”

Others could not see the justices’ wisdom because they were blinded by their own self-interest.

“With these price increases it makes higher education completely unaffordable for young immigrants who want to go to school,” Karina Ruiz, president of the Arizona Dream Act Coalition Ruiz, told NPR.

While Arizona’s ship was righted, since 2001 18 states (and the District of Columbia) have passed legislation providing special benefits, such as in-state tuition rates, to illegal alien students.

Democrats in the New Jersey legislature – with the exception of State Assemblyman Joe Danielson who broke ranks to vote against it – pushed the envelope even further last month when they approved spending millions on additional financial assistance for illegal aliens.

Gov. Phil Murphy, who bear-hugged the amnesty agenda as a candidate, is expected sign the bill, but when he does it will be even more costly.

The Legislature determined it would cost $4.5 million to dole out more than $7,000 to each of the 600 illegal aliens who met eligibility requirements. Unfortunately for taxpayers, the legislative analysis was based on 2014 figures and the number of illegals eligible today has increased and so has the price tag – to the tune of a half a million dollars.

Supporters lay out the false case that the amount is insignificant considering more than $425 million is annually allotted for student financial aid.

The cost actually is much higher, particularly to the low-income students who are legal residents. Giving a tax break to illegal aliens not only serves as an incentive for more to come to New Jersey, it gives a bad break to legal residents by pushing up tuition rates or denying needed assistance to legal residents who are looking for  their shot at a better future.

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    Votes have consequences. We ALL pay on the illegal alien issue. Why build a wall when we let’m all in anyway ?

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    It cost 40,000 rand (Rsa) per semester to send my children to college in the USA? No one offered to pay for them to have a better future. No American taxpayer had to rob thir own children to pay for mine. Illegal students should not steal American Citizens college money.

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    We shouldn’t be helping with financial aid for illegal aliens to continue their education, when we don’t even help our own citizens with financial aid to continue their education. The right to education is for everyone, but it does not mean the right to a higher education that has to be paid for by other people.
    My son is a citizen, he’s 18 graduating this year with a 4.27 GPA and is still having a hard time finding financial aid for college, so tell me how that’s fair.

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    R. Fredericks on

    RMF May 6
    U.S. Code Title 8,, Section 1324 specifically states that it is illegal to give aid to illegal aliens. So, can someone explain why this law is being ignored ? This applies to ‘sanctuary cities’ also.

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    Illegal immigration is against the law, it is a crime for an employee/employer to falsify an I-9 to work here so why should illegal immigrants be given rewards to stay here? Our Citizens needs to let their elected officials know that they are against illegal immigration and also need to stop sending the same individuals to represent us when they do not do the will of the people!

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    education is not a human right, especially when it’s education paid for by the country you illegally entered. they are nothing but thieves. who would hire any of these people? they publicly demand that a foreign nation pays for their education, and then when they are done, they think that entitled attitude will just fade away? they are entitled thieves and robbers. they are robbing this country at gunpoint, but the gun they are using is the word “racism”.
    being educated to steal jobs away from Americans is not a human right. Americans have human rights within their OWN country that their forefathers built for them. America was not built so that foreign born thieves and robbers could plunder her.

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    Insane to give ILLEGAL people here a break – they are law breakers – Should be charging them more

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    Whether illegal immigrants deserve to be able to further their education in a country where they do not belong, they should certainly be charged as as an out-of-state ‘citizen’ with regards to the tuition costs.

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    Gnerd Phynque on

    I agree that illegals have a human right to education but not a human right to education at my expense.

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      Sandra Lee Smith on

      They have that “human right” to education in THEIR homelands, not here and not on our dimes. They should never have been allowed to remain in the US at all. NO OTHER nation on this Earth would have allowed that, and this is their “gratitude”???

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    we should NOT be spending ONE DIME on illegal aliens.. they have NO right to be in the country and to favor them ABOVE our citizens and those who are legally here is OUTRAGEOUS!!! The more these people cater to illegal aliens, the more they are going to invade this country wanting their special treatment… it is INSANE!!!
    our politicians have ABSOLUTELY destroyed the value and meaning of being a citizen to this country.. they have STOLEN our country from us and handed it free of charge to ILLEGAL ALIENS… WHY bother working hard, obeying the laws when they hand these illegal aliens more and more of OUR rights and benefits when they come here illegally…
    ALL FREE BENEFITS TO ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS MUST END!!! it encourages more and more illegal aliens to come here… END IT NOW!!!

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    Richard Schultz on


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    These States that give everything they can to illegals will go Bankruptcy like the State of CA. Then ALL people will suffer and the people with money and the working taxpayers will leave as the companies go under, No jobs, etc. It’s just a matter of time they will go down the Drain and be like the Socialist and Communist Countries. My hope is the people WAKE UP and/or their State secedes from the US.

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    Dr Y P Sharma on

    United States is the victim of its own policies. There is nothing wrong in providing humanitarian aids to countries and the people but to start helping out with financial aid to “illegal Aliens” within the country is out of the ordinry. The authorities do every thing to send hem or deport them back to their countries. It is ok to grant visitor’s visas for a certain period to visit the United States citiies, know cultures but the authorities must ensure their departures from the country. Also, all those who try to defend or represent the illegal aiens by way of actinng their attorneys, the Govt should punish them too for favoring illegal aiens. Stiffer sentences and stricter enforceent of the law should help reduction /elimination of illegal aliens in the country.

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      My grandchildren didn’t get any college help despite great grades and divorced parents. They have dreams too.