May Day protestors come out in support of illegal workers

Judging by the protests that took place across the nation yesterday, May Day has lost its meaning as an occasion to protest for labor and worker rights. This year, the rallies were in support of those who cannot legally hold jobs in the U.S. and the politicians who pander to them.

It was no surprise that Gov. Kate Brown, the only governor refusing to approve National Guard deployment to the border, chose to celebrate the day by appearing at a rally designed to defend Oregon’s sanctuary state law and fend off any attempts to restore the rule of law to the state.

“If that initiative petition makes it to the ballot, and if a majority of Oregon voters say ‘yes, we want to repeal,’ it would be taking us back to an Oregon where racial profiling is even more rampant today,” said Andrea Williams, the head of the pro-amnesty group, Causa Oregon.

For her part, Brown used the opportunity to further cement the state’s lawlessness by signing Senate Bill 1563, which allows illegals access to in-state tuition, and House Bill 4111, which gives DACA participants the right to renew their driver’s licenses.

“In our Oregon, we will continue working to create an inclusive state and thriving communities, where everyone has the opportunity to provide a better life for their families,” said Brown before signing the legislation into law.

In New York City, the protests organized by several groups, including the Democratic Socialists of America and the communist-sympathizing Workers World Party, took on a more political tone with anti-Trump slogans and a heavy focus on the administration’s immigration policies.

Shirley Cap, a 25-year old from the Bronx, told amNY she was there because “I have the luxury of being here and if I get into trouble, I won’t be deported.”

What Cap and the thousands across the country fail to recognize is that foreign and illegal workers are one of greatest threats to the American worker. Low-skilled illegal immigration has and continues to drag down wages in the labor force. Meanwhile in more highly skilled positions, institutions and employers are increasingly looking overseas to fill shortages.

As Ira Mehlman noted in a recent article, in order to fix so-called shortages in nursing, “American health care institutions have been turning to foreign nurses. About 15 percent of nurses currently work in the U.S. are foreign born, and the health care industry is constantly clamoring for more.”

In another highly-valued profession, teaching, the same practice is occurring. The New York Times reported on how recruiting firms are looking to the Philippines to fill open teaching positions.

In fact, State Department figures show more than 2,800 foreign teachers were brought to the U.S. on J-1 visas – up from about 1,200 in 2010.

Those certainly are not numbers to celebrate on May Day – or any day.

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    I am almost certain that these protests are being funded by George Soros, who has a habit of subverting American interests. I would have to look into it, though.

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    This so-called “Nursing shortage”is an illusion, and has been a complaint of the medical industry for at least 15 years now. I remember first hearing about it in 2003, when I was looking into becoming a nurse. But I have an aunt who is a nurse and she told me that the hospitals pay the nursing schools to say that there is a nursing shortage, so that people will spend $60,000+ going to nursing school, thinking that they can get a job. The nursing schools will also post fake job aids for nurses, and post the fake job ads with a high salary. If you want to learn more about this, check out nursing forums online, there are nurses who talk about applying to these ads and never hear any response, because the ads are fake!!
    The reason for this deception should be obvious, the hospitals want a glut in nurses so that they can pay lower wages to nurses. Also, nurses are stretched too thin, as hospitals have cut their nursing staff since 2001, and again since 2008. There is not a shortage of qualified nurses AT ALL. there is just a financial incentive for the hospitals to want to hire foreigners on work visas, so they can underpay and over work the foreigners. I personally know one Philipinno woman who is a nurse and was hired as a nurse at the age of 45, which is almost unheard of for an American nurse. Nearly all American nurses are hired at young ages and then overworked until they burn out. There is age discrimination in the nursing field, they would rather hire a young nurse and pay them $50,000 a year, than to hire an older nurse, with more experience, and pay them $80,000 a year or more. In most hospitals across the country they are constantly looking at how to cut costs and that is one of them. In fact, many won’t even hire an RN at all, they will hire a Nurse’s Aid and have that person doing most of the work, with a single RN as the supervisor.
    There is NO SHORTAGE OF NURSES IN THE USA!!! There are just greedy hospitals, and greedy nursing schools!!

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    May day is NOT the only thing that has lost it’s meaning… the politicians have ABSOLUTELY destroyed the meaning and value of being a citizen of our country… they hand more and more of OUR rights and benefits to ILLEGAL ALIENS when they enter our country and the citizens are kicked in the teeth …
    if people don’t stand up and start fighting back and taking our country out of the hands of these corrupt politicians, we WILL lose our country.. they are handing it more and more to the ILLEGAL ALIENS.. they hold these illegal aliens above the laws and above the citizens… as long as we continue to give these illegal aliens free handouts.. they are going to continue to flood this country for a piece of the pie…
    I have No problem with people coming here to live and work and make a better life.. BUT DO IT LEGALLY AND NOT ON THE BACKS OF THE CITIZENS

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    So, what are we to do, those of us against all this turning our nation over to foreigners?? I am a long-retired teacher in our public schools. I consider it insane to allow foreign non-citizens to teach our children, serve in our military, be the doctors and nurses treating we and our loved ones. Our country has hone completely insane and the left will be the death of our America. They are despicable in their efforts to destroy this country. I could only hope they, themselves, would live long enough to truly suffer the consequences of their actions today, but, unfortunately, that is the fate of their children’s children’s children.