Soros-backed group offers app to help illegal aliens avoid deportation

What if an enterprising organization developed a smartphone app that would allow an individual to warn other drunk drivers in the area about that DUI checkpoint? There is not an app for that yet, but there is a new tool which helps illegal aliens avoid contact with Immigration and Customs Enforcements (ICE) agents.

The open borders non-profit, United We Dream is responsible for Notifica, which boasts that it as the “first app to prepare you and your family against deportation.” But behind the 40,000-member “immigrant rights” group is the National Immigration Law Center and radical left-wing billionaire George Soros.

United We Dream was launched in 2008 by NILC, which itself has received funding from Soros’s Open Society Foundations to help finance their legal advocacy for immigrants.

According to the conservative legal group, Judicial Watch, NILC also received a series of grants from the Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs between fiscal years 2008 and 2010.

According to government records obtained by Judicial Watch, NILC received at least $206,453 in grant money from the same agency whose mission they are actively obstructing.

The Notifica website claims is simply lets users “get in touch quickly with the people you trust most” before or after an engagement with ICE, but United We Dream’s website speaks to the real goal – to hinder federal agents from enforcing U.S. immigration law.

“The difference with Notifica is planning is in the hands of individuals, so if something does happen, they activate a network that is ready to support them, and we’re not dealing with the structural challenges of creating panic in immigrant communities by just deploying thousands of notifications that say, ‘Hey, ICE is outside,’” Adrian Reyna, an illegal immigrant who serves as United We Dream’s director of membership and technology strategies, told the Daily Dot.

The group’s website, however, provides a more transparent recitation of their goals. It is to empower “local communities to defend their rights, stop unjust deportations, and combat the ongoing collaboration between local police and immigration authorities.”

“We will no longer allow our communities to be daily targets of a racist and for-profit detention and deportation machine,” the United We Dream website continues.

By alerting other illegal aliens to your last known location, the app is a tool to obstruct ICE from carrying out their mandated duty to enforce the law. Strip away the mask of technology and this app is essentially a phone version of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf – ready to tip off anyone in the area to the presence of ICE.

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    Troy Spence on

    Good morning. First of all, these people are not immigrants. They’re illegal aliens! Foreign invaders! These people have no rights in America. You want to come and live here in America. Do it the right way! Then you are called an immigrant! Until then, you are a criminal aliens. This broken system needs to be change. We have too many here as it is. And with this problem, we are dealing with high crime rates. Cartels are storing up shop with their drugs across our Nation. Identity thief, human trafficking, and gangs as well. The media will only show you the sad side of the story of people coming here for a better life. The media won’t show you the real threat that’s happening right now, due to the over flow of illegals that are causing in our neighborhoods!

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    Soros is spending tons of money in Europe to support open borders politicians. It doesn’t seem to actually matter what the majority want, since they’re stupid if they disagree. He needs to put his billions in programs in third world countries where his money would do some actual good.

    Naturally Soros opposed Brexit. Before the British public voted, Obama said that country would be “last in line” for manufacturing deals if it passed. But it did, and the result is that their manufacturing output has had big gains since. The obvious answer is that companies want to be free of being hobbled by the European Union nanny state in Brussels. It was amusing a few months ago when Michelle Obama said her husband “could use a few friends”. Maybe, but when you’re a narcissist no one wants to listen to you talk down to them like you don’t know anything.

    Speaking of Hillary, she was in London a couple months ago and condemning the pro-Brexit voters as provincial hillbillies, a variation of her “deplorables” comment to American voters. Quite simply the dumbest mistake ever by a presidential candidate. And she wonders why she lost. Russia didn’t put a microphone in front of her and make her say that. The media has had little to say about Trump’s tweet about a “war zone” in London because of knife attacks there. But it’s undeniable because it’s happening.