It Pays to be Illegal in California

It certainly is a good time to be an illegal alien in California. Democratic State Sen. Ricardo Lara last week pitched a bill to permit illegal immigrants to serve on all state and local boards and commissions. This week, lawmakers unveiled a $1 billion health care plan that would include spending $250 million to extend health care coverage to all illegal alien adults.

“Currently, undocumented adults are explicitly and unjustly locked out of healthcare due to their immigration status. In a matter of weeks, California legislators will have a decisive opportunity to reverse that cruel and counterproductive fact,” Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula said in Monday’s Sacramento Bee.

His legislation, Assembly Bill 2965, would give as many as 114,000 uninsured illegal aliens access to Medi-Cal programs. A companion bill has been sponsored by State Sen. Richard Lara.

But that could just be a drop in the bucket. The Democrats’ plan covers more than 100,000 illegal aliens with annual incomes bless than $25,000, however an estimated 1.3 million might be eligible based on their earnings.

In addition, it is estimated that 20 percent of those living in California illegally are uninsured – the $250 million covers just 11 percent.

So, will politicians soon be asking California taxpayers once again to dip into their pockets to pay for the remaining 9 percent?

Before they ask for more, Democrats have to win the approval of Gov. Jerry Brown, who cautioned against spending away the state’s surplus when he introduced his $190 billion budget proposal in January.

Given Brown’s openness to expanding Medi-Cal expansions in recent years, not to mention his proclivity for blindly supporting any measure benefitting lawbreaking immigrants, the latest fiscal irresponsibility may win approval.

And if he takes a pass, the two Democrats most likely to succeed Brown – Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa – favor excessive social spending and are actively courting illegal immigrant support.

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    It’s only STUPID and going bankrupt for that REASON. Where will America or any other country get money for millions of people not paying for all they need? Need to help America as you were voted in to do. Or get out of office being so unwise and stupid.

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    DACA is a Good Example of Anarchy Bankruptcy

    Lawlessness created it and now DACA has no budget… open border party politician answers the next question…..who pays the $26B in DACA cost with no 2018 budget? The tooth fairy?

    We may hate DACA anyway but the open border party was just using it as a phony wedge issue anyway…they have no ethics?

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      Maybe you could get Democratic Senator Robert Byrd’s of West Virginia. When he died in office in 2010 he was president pro tempore of the Senate. Under the constitution that made him third in line for the presidency. This is in spite of the fact that in the early 1940s he was a recruiter for the KKK, something he did not renounce until he ran for the House in 1952.

      Then there is Keith Ellison, the present deputy chairman of the DNC, who was a decade long disciple of Louis Farrakhan, one of the biggest racists and anti-Semites in modern American history. Like Byrd, Ellison only “saw the light” when he decided to run for office.

      Or then there’s Obama, who sat in the pews of a church for 20 years and claimed to have never heard the ant-white anti-American rhetoric of Rev. Wright, even though he quoted him in his book. Trump is getting slammed for cancelling Obama’s Iran treaty, but as usual, everything Obama signed was bad for this country and good for the other, dropping sanctions and allowing Iran to fund conflict all over the Middle East.

      Then there’s Obama’s Paris Climate agreement, which the press had a cow over when Trump scrapped it. But it was worse than doing nothing, allowing China, now by far the world’s largest polluter, to actually increase their pollution. Naturally we had to reduce ours.

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    Andrea Radcliffe on

    Where is all this money coming from? the workers of California that pay taxes I am so tired of paying for everyone else and not the legal citizens of California. These politicians have no idea of how hard it is to live in California anymore and that is why so many companies and families are leaving our state, no wonder we are bankrupt between this stupid bullet train to nowhere to supporting illegal immigrants, why don’t they become citizens and pay their fair share?????

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      Stealth Mandatory Expensive/Ugly Solar Cells on Your Home’s Roof at Your Expense

      So California can steal your gas powered car from you by increasing the electric charge grid capacity to accept the ecological nightmare: Lithium Battery manufacturing and electric car charging. Californians are red faced angry and should be.

      Europe and Asia hate American Safety Engineers…we’re irritants to the NWO.

      One dog equals three Hummers’ Carbon Footprint Mother Earth magazine alleges. Its not the cars folks, its overpopulation.

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    Troy Spence on

    Good morning. After reading this article, I wonder is there any true American citizen of California, can vote these sellouts out of office. And to top it off, I thought California was financially broke? How can California afford to pay illegal aliens, let alone pay for services for the State? Just ignorant on the part of the so called public officials!

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    Donna Bischoff on

    How is this going to work when all the people left in California are all collecting all the free benefits AND no one is paying any taxes ?

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    This real people with real heart they know how this people work hard for this country and most of them have a right to tax refund but due to lack of social can’t claim any…so this would be like a little piece of the whole cake to who deserve it (congratulation to our political people and God will bless you)

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      Joseph, I work hard too! But guess what? I am working to pay for my healthcare coverage that is incredibly expensive, so much so, that almost one third of my take-home pay goes to pay for my healthcare insurance. I don’t qualify for Obamacare and the coverage offered at my age, is ridiculously inadequate. Why should you, or any illegal invaders, think that you’re entitled to free health care, when I struggle, as an American citizen, to pay not only for myself, but apparently for you too? And you wonder why you’re not welcome in the USA? It’s because of what you people demand just because you decided to waltz across the border. You don’t work hard for “this country”, you work hard for the country that you left. Oh, and just so you know…..I don’t qualify for a tax refund either. You deserve nothing.

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    I’m pissed that these kind of public civil servants are working for the enemy of American taxpayers citizens so these scumbag politicians can live off of us and make our lives harder financially so they can keep their cushy jobs. Down with them as I struggle to survive physically and financially. Dam them all to hell the people who cut in line and the scumbags who let. I hate politicians all to hell