In San Francisco, Reforming the City’s Sanctuary Laws is a Crime Against Radical Liberalism

In most cities in America, felonies are considered to be the most serious type of offense. But under the radically-leftist political laws governing San Francisco, it is even more serious to break from unquestioned support for the city’s sanctuary laws.

Just ask mayoral candidate Angela Alioto, a longtime civil rights attorney who is trying to get a measure on the November ballot that would reform the sanctuary law she wrote as a member of the County Board of Supervisors so that felons would no longer be protected.

“I not only support sanctuary cities, I wrote the law,” the longtime civil rights attorney told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

“I am writing this ordinance so that dangerous and serious felons are simply not going to have the protection of the sanctuary law,” she added.

The reaction to Alioto’s proposal has been uncompromising and unhinged.

Mayoral candidate Jane Kim argued that continuing to afford felons sanctuary protection would make San Francisco safer.

“The basic principle of sanctuary policies is public safety. We want every San Franciscan, regardless of status, to work together to make our City safer. This proposed initiative would undermine our Sanctuary City status + goes against who we are as city,” she tweeted.

Mark Leno, who had previously praised his fellow Democrat, but quickly backed off his support for her common-sense reform. Leno suggested she was “courting votes from right-wing Trump supporters” and that he could not “support any candidate who advances the Trumpian myth that our immigrants are ‘murderers, rapists and child molesters.”

Left-wing groups and amnesty activists have come out to protest her campaign events and accused her of being a racist. San Francisco politicians have appeared at press conferences and former supporters insist Alioto is appealing to the right-wing.

“I say this as someone who until recently really liked & respected #AngelaAlioto @AngelaforMayor, but this is one of the most divisive things I’ve seen by an SF politician. It’s so Trumpian. It will play well on Fox News but goes against our SF values,” chirped former Mission District Supervisor Dave Campos.

While the politicians suggest Alioto is at odds with San Francisco values, the polls show that it is they who are at odds with San Franciscans.

A recent KPIX 5/Survey USA poll found 61 percent of respondents believe local law enforcement should be cooperating and offering assistance to federal agents in cases involving criminal aliens.

For the measure to get on the November ballot, Alioto must collect more than 9,000 signatures by July 9. Until then, she will remain on the far left’s Most Wanted List.

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    janetta prussia on

    Why do you call them the left? Theyre much more than that. They are communists.

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      Patricia Watkins on

      I would say they are more like rabid socialists who want America to be a no boundary free for all. They refuse to support federal immigration laws or respect our sovereign borders, and they do not care that illegal alien felons are roaming America. They don’t just stay in California. California sanctuary city leaders are jeopardizing the rest of America with their free for all policies.

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      God please educate the voters here in California and in San Francisco. about the liberals and their ‘socialist’ agenda and policies that’ve driven the once great, clean, affordable, relatively, liveable and first class city and once the crown jewel of California into becoming one huge CRAPHOLE and the calcutta of the west coast! Oh God, please educate the people before it’s too late. Unfortunately the liberal agenda has done its damndest to destroy California with their ‘socialism’ and outright ‘communism’ and in some places they’ve succeeded, sad to say!