Even a Sea of Hope Can Have a Glimpse of Despair

The election of 2016 showed that American voters were ready for a different kind of “hope,” when it comes to immigration policy. After eight years of unremitting assault on the integrity of our nation’s immigration laws, the sea of hope known as Middle America overwhelmingly voted for immigration reform that serves and protects our national interests. In the heart of that sea lies Mississippi, a state that most people wouldn’t connect with sanctuary policies. But, even a sea of hope can have a glimpse of despair.

Jackson is the capital of the Magnolia State, and according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, it is the only sanctuary city in the state. America may view Mississippi as one of the most conservative states in the country, but the state’s capital is a bastion of radicalism. And the social justice warriors running Jackson don’t want local law enforcement cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

Thankfully, Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi signed a bill into law that banned sanctuary policies in the state last year. That still hasn’t stopped Jackson from blatantly defying the law.

The Department of Justice even targeted Jackson in November of last year, but Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba refused to back down. Mayor Lumumba even said that asking for the immigration status of people was “racial profiling” and unconstitutional. What is truly unconstitutional is willingly defying the law, which is exactly what Jackson is doing.

Perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising. When Mayor Lumumba was running for office, he was endorsed by the organization Our Revolution. Our Revolution wants to pave a way for citizenship for all illegal aliens in the country, to expand the illegal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and to dismantle deportation programs.

Currently, Mississippi taxpayers pay less per illegal alien than any other state in the country, but apparently Mayor Lumumba would like to change that.  He’s made Jackson much more attractive to illegal aliens and in so doing has invited all the problems that come with that population. In particular, increased criminal justice and social services costs.

Mississippi is a beautiful state, populated by common-sense folk who know how to pass common-sense laws.  One wonders why Jackson is so eager to drink the sanctuary Kool-Aid.

Mississippians don’t want sanctuary cities, and it’s time for Gov. Bryant to do what is right for his state. It is time to lay down the hammer on Jackson, Mississippi.

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Casey joined FAIR in 2018. He assists the research team with projects and writes for FAIR’S website. He previously spent a year working in journalism in Washington, D.C. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Journalism in 2017.


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    I believe our federal government should crack down hard on this insane sanctuary issue and each state should be held primarily responsibile for sanctuary areas within its borders. States hold power over their communities, even more so than the federal government holds power over its states. It would be so simple for any state to put a stop to any local communities doing this and, so breaking our laws, and all for what, not to improve anything for their citizens, but for foreign illegal aliens who should not even be in our country.

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    VivaLaMigra on

    OK, Texas also has an anti-sanctuary city statute on its books. What good has it done? Mayors, city councils, and even sworn law enforcement officials have given that law the Middle Finger, and the state’s governor and AG have done exactly – squat. Sadly, I predict the same inaction in Mississippi. All talk and little or no action, just like Trump and US Attorney General Jeff “Keebler Elf” Sessions.

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      Christine Timmon on

      I s C h o K w e A n t a r L u m u m b a a
      C i t i z e n o f t h e Constitutional United
      S t a t e s, o r i s h e a F a K e U n i t e d
      N a t i o n s / D e m o c r at P h o n y
      Co m p r e n s i v e C i t i z e n!?

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      These liberal politicians need to be voted out of office and quit voting these Democrats in! Even if they say they are for common sense policies…as soon as they are voted in, they will fall in step with their liberal party….STOP voting for them!