Blasting Trump, Gang Report Covers for MS-13

Flipping the MS-13-gangsters-as-animals script, a new study blames President Donald Trump’s immigration policies for everything from “community tensions” to “exploiting public fear.”

In a 59-page report long on rhetoric but short on evidence, the New York Immigrant Coalition and CUNY’s Immigrant and Non-Citizen Rights Clinic allow that “MS-13 is undoubtedly violent,” yet assure that “the gang is not, by far, responsible for the majority of crimes committed” in New York.

The majority of crimes? That’s a pretty high bar, which leaves a lot of clearance below.

The authors take particular umbrage at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s “Operation Matador,” which “targets violent gang members and their associates” (as if that were a bad thing).

“The most troubling aspect of Matador is that it leads to increased local law enforcement collaboration with ICE,” the study notes. Horrors!

Without evidence, “Swept Up in the Sweep” declares, “By broadly casting immigrant Latinx [the gender-neutral term for Latino and Latina]youth as gang members to be targeted for incarceration and deportation, even the outward pretense of basic rights and due process is pushed to the side.” 

Support for these sweeping assertions come from an “interactions survey” of immigration lawyers, advocates, and community leaders. “The accounts shared of impacted individuals are filtered through perspectives of self-selected service providers,” the report explains, while neglecting to enumerate – or even mention — MS-13 crimes.

Confirmation bias, anyone?

Loaded up with anecdotes, the study’s authors downplay or dismiss actual criminal evidence gathered by the Department of Homeland Security, which includes matches in national, state and local gang databases; police reports; arrest records; school records; ICE interviews; Homeland Security Investigations reports; and detention records.

All of which leads to the report’s inevitable and illogical recommendation: Eliminate gang databases altogether.

Amid its dubious claims and misguided assumptions, the report does contain one grain of truth. To wit: DHS does not need to make any showing of gang affiliation to initiate removal proceedings.

“Being undocumented alone is a sufficient basis,” the authors acknowledge.

Wherever MS-13 members fall on the zoological ladder, reasonable humans can stand on that point of immigration law.

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    People need to stop focussing all their attention on bashing every word the President speaks. My God, how do you expect the Man to concentrate. You may not agree with the way or manor in which he discribes things. Not all people are smooth talkers. Pay attention to the actual issue instead of the way it is presented. You are makeing yourselves guilty of createing a distraction. I don’t totally agree with all of his methods , but the Man is trying to save this country! Either help him or get out of his way.

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    A Democratic form of government in the best of times is only slightly better than the alternative and requires an educated population which we surely don’t have — as Pat Buchanan said in a recent book: “What we now have is a flop-house for unskilled, uneducated, 3rd World immigrants who want to turn the U.S, in a place like what they came from. And, as Albert Einstein said : “There are only two things that i am sure of and that is human stupidity and the Universe, and I’m not so sure of the Universe.

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      Absolutely, and I can say that from the experience of living in a Sanctuary City that has been completely distroyed. You hit the nail right on the head when you mentioned turning the U.S. into a place like they came from. That is exactly what I am witnessing right now. I live in an Ag City where migrant workers used to come in seasonally to harvest crops. But lately they haven’t left when the season is over . Now my neighborhood is overcrowded with people that feel the need to celebrate loudly each and every imaginable holiday, weekend, birthday, kick dirt day, etc They raise chickens, train fighting dogs, park on their lawns, toss litter everywhere, fly the flag of Mexico, race up and down the streets, ignore City codes, traffic laws, Abuse their pets , steel other pets, apply for every imaginable gov. benifit, and when they go shopping the whole family goes. Grandma, all the kids, so that it is impossible to access the isles of the store due to overcrowding. They allow their children to run free in the stores romping and playing with everything there. Always loud. The parks are ruined, beaches ruined, crime and homelessness. (But not Mexican homeless. It’s the Americans that now cannot find affordable homes available) Forget about getting an appointment to see the Doctor or having your car serviced. You may have to wait months. My Husband was late for a Dr. appointment in May. The next available appt. is in October.

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    I’m so sick of our politicians handing more and more of OUR rights to ANY illegal alien… they have NO right to be in the country.. they should be turned around and IMMEDIATELY deported, the minute they step foot in the country and are caught… STOP CATERING TO THEM…
    THE MS-13 are worse than a vicious animal… they need to be removed from the country..

    ANYONE is welcome to come and live and work here.. BUT DO IT LEGALLY!!!
    I’m sick of our government catering to any illegal aliens… spending OUR tax dollars on them and having them more and more of OUR rights and benefits just for entering our country illegally… our government has absolutely destroyed the value and meaning of being a citizen of our country… WHY bother working hard to obey the laws and come legally and earn their citizenship when we just hand them more and more of our rights and benefits when they break the law and come illegally…


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      For years I have had serious doubts that our elected/appointed representatives in the three Branches of government have had access to or could read a dictionary. When I went to school back in the 1940’s, the word “ILLEGAL” meant that it was “ILLEGAL” to do something = double park your car, run a traffic light, steal and even murder was ILLEGAL. But these career politicians – and Judges – appear to have no idea what that word means by their deeds and actions.

      Perhaps I’m wrong; but wouldn’t “ILLEGAL ALIENS” fall under that same meaning? Maybe they don’t comprehend the meaning of the word: “Deportation” and don’t connect “Illegal Aliens” with it. I am fed up past here!!

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      I would disagree with “anybody is welcome”. I am sick of every other country sending their violent criminals over here! NOBODY should be admitted through our borders! Let them do all their paperwork, THOROUGH background checks, fees and IMMUNIZATIONS before they are ever allowed to come into our country via a specified entry. NOT just show up at our borders forcing their way in!

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      I agree. I have nothing against people that want to have a better way of life but don’t destroy ours in the process. If you want to come to America learn to respect America. Leave Mexico in Mexico. That’s the part I don’t understand. If you hate your country so much you are willing to leave taking an extreem risk crossing the border, finally getting a foot hold in the land of your dreams….and then you try to turn it into Mexico. The place you hated and left. It makes no sense at all.

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    Guess the fools don’t consider Shitcago, Deathroit…amongst many other major cities, that these “animals” have reeled havoc upon. Americans were already afraid of MS-13 and any other terrorist group.
    ILLEGALS GAVE NO RIGHTS TO OUR CONSTITUTION, AS THEY ARE NOT CITIZENS. WHY are these fools concerned with “due process” of illegals who, actually, have no rights to our rights?

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        Well then let New York welcome the gang members into THEIR city! They can have them, IF they’re that stupid. I suspect the citizens who are the daily vict8ms might have a different opinion!

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    Blah…blah..and more blah. What would anyone expect of these Open Borders Lunatics? God forbid we deport anyone, even the ‘worst of the worst.” Remember when Bathhouse Barry promised us he’d give THEM the boot? Never happened.

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      Sounds like you are just ready to sit back and except whatever happens or doesn’t happen.