Facing a surge of asylum seekers, Canada moves to stem the tide

In the wake of Donald Trump winning the 2016 election on the promise of strong immigration enforcement, Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sought to establish his open border bona fides. And being from a younger generation, Twitter was the obvious place to go.

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada,” tweeted Trudeau.

What happened next was entirely predictable – applications for asylum to Canada skyrocketed. According to the Pew Research Center, Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board received 50,420 asylum applications in 2017 – more than double the 23,930 the number of applications made in 2016.

The surge was entirely foreseeable, yet apparently not entirely desirable. Trudeau’s government has since clamped down on applications in an effort to dissuade asylum seekers from coming to Canada.

According to Reuters, just 40 percent of claims made by those crossing the border in the first three months of 2018 were approved, which is down from 53 percent for all of 2017.

While the majority heading toward U.S. borders are from South and Central America, Nigerians and Haitians comprise the largest segment of potential immigrants to Canada. Of the 15,000 on Canada’s deportation list, 900 are Nigerians.

Recognizing the situation along its borders and at its ports of entry was intolerable, the Canadian government recently dispatched Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen to Nigeria to plead with officials in the African nation to help dissuade Nigerians from traveling to Canada via the U.S.

“They will take that opportunity onward to use that messaging from us to remind people that crossing the border irregularly is not a free ticket to Canada and that there’s consequences,” said Hussen during his African trip.

If Prime Minister Trudeau had used that messaging in the first place, they would not have a problem with asylum seekers today.

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    The American on

    Jennifer you just removed part of history we n YOU should learn from…..your mentality n example by doing so it is the same reason we r in trouble nowadays

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    The American on

    Jennifer thank you for the article whatever message you.. intended, I am now a better human being by understanding our history that goes beyond most of our limited brains,,,,,after yoyr article I serached google and found why really Merkel did that,…..also read below …that I did not know from one guy

    9/4/2015 5:36 AM CDT
    Israel was created with illegal immigrants and refugees. Using trucks taken from the British Army.

    No one deserved a safe haven more than Jews from Europe, but creating the State of Israel from Palestine has been a source of continuous pain and suffering and economic disaster for the rest of the world.

    So the world solved one humanitarian crisis and created the worst political crisis since WWII.

    IF FDR had been alive, things would have gone quite differently.

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      The American on

      So we have a real mess……….and lots of monkeys around bubbling what they do not understand….

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    Twinkle Toes Trudeau is just like Angela Merkel. Come on in they both said and then it was Oh wait I didn’t really mean it. Merkel, last time anyone checked, is the leader of Germany. But she had no problem telling the rest of Europe that they had to take their “share” of the people she told to come to her country without limit. The Polish president had the best answer, telling her that “one German invasion was enough”. The rank hypocrisy here is by the liberals who bash Trump on a daily basis, but have nothing to say when leaders like Trudeau and Merkel decide that they really weren’t going to put their money where their mouth was.

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    Oh there’s a “consequence” to irregular border crossings! Laughing so hard. Multiply by 1 MILLION the immigrants demanding welfare & Canada might begin to comprehend what American CITIZENS feel here.

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      Finally, a government and people with sense who’ve seen waat’s happening here and in Western Europe. As for m living in northersn California I’ve seen what the hoards of illegal chiese’ aliens have done to the once brautiful, clean, realtively affordable and liveable city of San Francisco. They’ve turned many beautiful neighborhoods into their versions of china, complete with squalor, filth and stench. They expect everyone to kow to to them, push and shove in line and are first in line for all the ‘freebies’, ‘give aways’, and plain old hand outs or more succinctly, public services paid for by the overburdened taxpayers and doled out by the liberals running things here who’re determined to run this place into the ground with their ‘socialist ‘ agenda and policies and usad to say in San Francisco, they’ve succeeded. These odisgusting ill mannered bastardts act that these ‘freebies’ are their entitlement despite NEVER working here and paying taxes thus they’re inelegible for ANY of these. Don’t believe me what these cretins can do, check out the once beauriful city of Vancouver, it’s now called hongkouver, truly sad. If the rest of Canada has an inkling of what’s possible, they’ll demand their government stop this IMMEDIATELY . Maybe Canada can deter them because they’ll no doubt be a burden to the taxpayers (welfare cases) and end up causing nothing but problems. This observation: living in California the ‘welfare state’ and seeing this for myself for what sems forever!

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        Your experience with the Chinese “immigrants” is precisely what I’ve seen in Sierra Vista, Arizona and Deming, New Mexico from the Mexicans who come to the US to shop. I’ve been physically pushed out of the way; had my grocery cart blocked so some teenagers can walk through the door I opened and called a cashier’s attention to a large meat roast one of “them” tried to steal. While they may not be members of the MS13 gang of “animals” they certainly have no respect for Americans; especially those of us who are in our senior years. (That’s why I never leave home without my (concealed) handgun. Not safe being out in public anymore.)

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      The American on

      Susan to be fair out of your ignorance…since it appears you leave home nor your TV……….u have to be legal to claim welfare….most ifnot all wok harder than you n stronger than you

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        Whatever name you post under it’s the same nonsense. States have the option to give welfare to illegals and many do. They also get it for their American born children in large amounts.

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    VivaLaMigra on

    Those Nic’s and Haitians who do qualify for ‘asylum’ are gonna find out it’s mighty cold up in the Great White North in January! What possible skills do they bring to Canada’s economy? Lumberjacking? The ridiculous Haitian overpopulation long ago stripped the western end of the island of Hispanola bare of vegetation – they wouldn’t know how to cut down a tree if they saw one. As for Canada cracking down on the fraud, even an idiot like Trudeau will learn his lesson if hit hard enough, often enough.

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      Question: Didn’t the Clinton’s collect a huge sum of money to assist the Haitians in rebuilding their Country? And wasn’t it those same Clinton’s who ran off with that money? Guess “feathering their nest” was more important than relieving the pain and suffering of an entire Nation.

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        Hillary’s brother Tony Rodham was on the board of a mining company in 2012 that received permits for the first gold mine in Haiti in 50 years. The Haitian public was mad because the company only had to pay a very small percentage of profits to the government. It must just be some big huge coincidence that after she lost the election, contributions to their “foundation” all but dried up. Not that the media cares. Only when it comes to Trump.