DHS Increases Immigration, Hoping Nobody Noticed

When the federal government makes an announcement about a controversial policy late on a Friday afternoon before a three-day holiday weekend, you can rest assured that they aren’t terribly proud of what they’re doing and are hoping that nobody notices.

And that’s exactly what went down last Friday with the Department of Homeland Security’s stealth announcement that it had decided that a shortage of low skilled-workers in the U.S. was so acute that it needed to authorize an immediate increase of the H-2B visa cap. As a result an additional 15,000 seasonal guest workers will be admitted during the final months of FY 2018.

There are several reasons why DHS had good reason to be ashamed of its actions:

  • This unwarranted increase will pit Americans with less than a high school diploma – arguably the most vulnerable workers in the nation – against increased foreign competition for entry-level jobs, like hotel workers, housekeepers, construction workers, landscapers, and food processors.
  • When former DHS Secretary John Kelly authorized an increase of low-skilled workers in 2017, he promised it would be a “one time increase.”
  • More than fifty percent of Americans of working age without a high school degree are not in the labor force, according to BLS data.
  • The unemployment rate for construction workers is 9.7 percent, 8.9 percent in building and grounds cleaning and maintenance, and 11.3 percent for farming, fishing, and forestry occupations – all much higher than the national unemployment rate, currently hovering around 4.1 percent, according to BLS.

The bottom line is that Secretary Nielsen had no obligation to authorize this increase, yet despite the facts, she chose to increase immigration nevertheless. Unfortunately for her, we were watching.

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    There is no time to worry about what politician did this or that. The tree of liberty must be refreshed and civil war is inevitable. Millions coming in but not leaving their culture and languages at the borders. America is balkanized and the melting pot is long cold at this point. I have to work with illegals because my boss has no respect for America and the attitude of these illegal parasites is basically “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT”. They laugh at our laws knowing some communist lawyer will back them up. Illegals don’t care about the hundreds of thousands of men and women who died for Americas borders and neither does our treasonous corrupt central bank owned non-government! Hey American patriots, you want your country back? Be willing to die for it because the ballot box is a joke and the only thing human parasites understand is a round pumped into their *** like our forefathers delivered to the British. Freedoms not cheap and neither is cheap labor because these “SEASONAL” workers just disappear into the population and feed off Americans through all the welfare programs available to them. The gravy train is out of gas and the dollar is tanking.

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    Virginia Ruby on

    I’d like to know is Sec. Nielsen listening to or taking orders from. Still hung up on Obama to backstab POTUS Trump ? That’s NOT what American’s expect of you Kirsten.
    We’ve got a big enough Invasion and Infiltration into Our America, We don’t need anymore.
    President Trump has an all time low number for unemployment, you are intentionally undermining his every effort to keep American’s working and put back to work.
    Stop this Action, NOW, TODAY, 6/1/18.

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    Gilligan 007 on

    You people do nothing but waste time going roundy-round moaning about x, y or z politicians. This is all for nought as long as we have a (((shadow government))) with genocidal intent.

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      Gilligan are you suggesting that the same unelected people that control Hollywood, banking, stock markets, the media, the Supreme Court and the Federal Reserve are also in charge of Immigration Policy in to all Western Nations, including the USA?

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    Mike Michaels on

    With unemployment bottoming out at 3.8%, low paying, labor intensive jobs are being left open, causing employers that rely on those workers to either leave jobs undone, or offer higher wages. Both of those things increase the cost of goods to the consumer.
    A controlled increase in those LEGAL immigrants won’t displace Americans, yet will help to keep consumer prices down.
    The key will be controlling those who enter for this purpose, and making sure they go back to Mexico when the season is over.

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      Larry Johnson on

      Sounds like opinion, not facts. Don’t you see that this is 15,000 jobs that Americans are guaranteed not to get. And no doubt many will, as a result, be seeking Government services (Federal and local). The only way to reduce the burden on government, and reduce homelessness, is to put the unemployed to work.

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    I just wrote to the President. My biggest concern is Islam. They are bringing Sharia Law here. CAIR is now in our public schools like San Diego, Phoenix Arizona , West Virginia. FGM is going up. We must write to our elected officials, political correctness be damned to tell them NO MORE MUSLIMS.

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      Could this be the real reason Roseanne was cancelled !! The tweet mentioned a specific group that happens to be considered by other countries a terrorist organization !! Why aren’t we ????????

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    Dr. Mike Reeder on

    Why is it that our OWN people want to demonize border control agents and let others stream in at will? I don’t get it. Bleeding heart liberals maybe but it defies common sense. Then again nearly everything liberal does defy common sense….. border control agents are absolute heroes in my book and deserve better that taunts and slurs form the left or anywhere for that matter. Mr. McRubio will NOT get re-elected on lies!

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    Robert Pavlick on

    I guess that some people just can’t stand the fact that the President is decreasing our numbers of unemployed ! They want to bring more foreigners into USA to make sure that those numbers go back up again.

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      You are so wrong, sir. FAIR is one of the very few sources of the facts concerning all expectation of immigration. Immigration, all aspects, is one of the most critical issues for America’s future and the well-being of Today’s citizens. Our nation is being totally transformed by this insane one million plus legal immigrants annually, plus the tens of thousands of foreign refugees and asylees, plus the million illegal aliens, plus the thousands of visa overstays, plus the half million anchor babies born to illegal aliens , ALL OF THESE PEOPLE EVERY YEAR ADDED TO OUR POPULATION. And millions of them poor, uneducated, and unskilled peopke from third world countries and, almost immediately, a drain on our resources. This is simply not a long-term sustainable action and the inevitable eventual result is the destruction of OUR America.

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        You are absolutely correct, Marilyn. And one thing you forgot to mention is the chain migration. Pedro comes into the country then brings his Mom and Dad, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. It’s insane!

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          I agree 100%. I’m so sick of Mr. Damn, Mrs. Damn, and the WHOLE DAMN FAMILY invading us.

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        How true. Put this in every trump train facebook and tweet.we should have a 24 hr. T.v. channel just like that.

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        Gilligan 007 on

        The (((Communists))) always boasted that they would “elect a new People”.

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    The media is all aghast as usual about the 19 year old Guatemalan woman killed at the border. As usual it’s one side of the story. The agent was trying to take an entire group into custody when they attacked him, some with objects in their hands. According to liberal thought, an agent must be mortally wounded before they can fight back. It’s like how they dismiss thrown rocks as nothing, something to be just brushed off. Never mind that a rock catching you unawares can do you major damage.

    The most revelatory statement was made by the woman’s mother. She said : “We’re poor and there are no jobs here. That’s why she travelled to the US.” So that puts the lie to what everyone knows is the false claims of violence as the reason for leaving.

    We need a wall not only to control the flow of drugs into this country but to lessen the danger to border agents when they are in a situation like this, subject to attack by a large group.

    The media has a new GOP “boy” in Marco Rubio, to replace McCain and Lindsey Graham. On the Sunday shows they have the Democrats to rip Trump and then they have a Republican to rip Trump. It’s their idea of objectivity. Rubio was saying there is nothing at all wrong with Mueller’s investigation. Maybe, but by now it seems likely that there was an “informant” aka spy in the Trump campaign long before the start date claimed. We have a right to know who ordered that and why.

    Rubio is the by definition snake in the grass politician. [With apologies to snakes, they do some good.] He ran for the Senate in 2010 and promised repeatedly he would never vote for any amnesty because it only encourages more illegal immigration. In less that 2 years he was a member of the “gang of 8” pushing a complete amnesty for all illegals and more mass legal immigration. Two faced liar, for sale to the highest bidder.