Activists now demand an end to family separations, but isn’t that what they were supposed to be against that all along?

Last weekend, widely-circulated reports of thousands of “missing” illegal immigrant children riled up social justice activists, who promptly took to social media to create the #WhereAreTheChildren hashtag, a handy vehicle to spread the disinformation.

After the facts were clear, activists simply transferred their campaign to a new hash tag – #FamiliesBelongTogether. But let there be no confusion (or conflation), the new rallying cry is for an old demand – ending any detention or enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

Social justice organizations, unions and illegal immigrant rights’ advocates are using it to rally supporters for protests this weekend and “vigils” in support of detained illegal aliens.

Lawmakers jumped on the caravan too. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who is publicly embracing issues like unchecked immigration in an effort to convince the far left base of her party she is worthy of representing the nation’s largest sanctuary state, made her presence known.

“It’s hard to conceive of a policy more horrific than separating children from their parents,” proclaimed Feinstein in a statement released Thursday announcing a soon-to-be-introduced bill to “prevent the intentional separation of immigrant families.”

“Congress has a moral obligation to take a stand here,” Feinstein tweeted.

The movement even went international with a group of activist groups filing a complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights demanding the commission require the U.S. “to immediately stop the practice of separating families and reunite the petitioners with their children.”

The groups argue the commission, which studies human rights abuses in North and South America, has the authority to “take action in cases of serious, urgent, and life-threatening human rights abuses.”

Shouldn’t the commissioners be focused on the human rights abuses occurring in the homelands from which the immigrants are allegedly fleeing?

A week of hashtag campaigning and protests has stoked the fire of righteousness among the loudest voices. But, as a real open border activist notes, they have failed to consider the logical consequences of their own demands.

“End family separation, the hashtag, is really odd to me because, without family separation, one of the defaults would be family detention and that’s been the hashtag since 2015,” Andrew Free, an immigrant rights lawyer, told The Daily Beast.

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    When an American citizen with children commits a crime and is put in jail or prison nobody talks about how this can’t be done because we will be “separating families”. But citizens of foreign countries who have broken our laws to come here are to be allowed to break our laws with impunity because if we enforce our laws when dealing with citizens of foreign countries in our country illegally we will be “separating families”.

    Citizens of foreign countries in the US illegally to the front of the line, Americans and veterans to the back of the line.

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      And another thing, how many billions of people on the planet live under regimes that abuse human rights? China alone has over 1.3 billion people and an absolutely brutal totalitarian regime. Does this mean anyone from China who sets foot in our country who claims “asylum!” gets to stay?

      The idea that we have to take in every one of the however many billions of people on the planet who could qualify for “asylum” is insane.

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    What Angers Californians against California?

    Taking the gas cars away from them and forcing Lithium [highly toxic manufacturing processes] Batteries in large toxic burial sites [like nuclear waste] and solar cells [at our cost] on our homes’ roofs.
    A climate change theory that is debatable vs. planned overpopulation destroying the environment [a for sure], etc, etc…..

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    California governor Jerry Brown just signed a bill limiting households to 55 gallons of water per person per day by 2022. In other words permanent drought restrictions. Of course, two faced Jerry will continue to welcome any and all immigrants, legal and illegal, without limit. That state will be down to it’s last drop of water and the liberal establishment will be holding a welcome sign at the southern border. Talk about Russian collusion. The left works actively to turn over control of our immigration policies to Mexico.

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    Activists now demand an end to family separations, but isn’t that what they were supposed to be against that all along?
    By: JENNIFER G. HICKEY June 1, 2018

    Ending family separation is just fine with me. They can send ALL immigrants, family and ALL. After all, it is their families also that are violating immigration laws. Even if they came here legally, they are encouraging their family members to cross the border without the required documents. SO SHIP THEM ALL OUT.

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    Invading us…this country is being made by ovations so we need new laws in favor of our continent without favoritism to Europe or Asia