New York City Released Hundreds of Criminal Aliens Back Onto the Streets and, Surprise, Some Committed Additional Crimes

Last Thursday, New York City filed a legal brief in support of Philadelphia’s lawsuit against the Trump administration for moving to withhold federal grants to cities that adopt sanctuary policies. Hardly able to contain himself, Mayor Bill de Blasio declared his determination to stand with Philadelphia in making “the case that local policies that protect resident immigrants make cities safer.”

A day later, de Blasio case was severely undermined when Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) released a review showing “hundreds of dangerous criminals” who were set free in accordance with New York City’s sanctuary policy committed additional offenses, and that that 10 percent were arrested on post-releases criminal charges.

Between January and mid-April, New York City Police Department (NYPD) and New York Department of Corrections (NYDOC) ignored all of the 440 detainers it received and, according to ICE, in 40 cases the criminal aliens were re-arrested by local law enforcement officers.

The group included a 20-year old Guatemalan who was arrested after his release on felony grand larceny and resisting arrest charges and a 20-year old Jamaican who had a criminal history that included arrests for fraud, robbery and homicide.

Even worse, according to The Washington Examiner, de Blasio and his administration have violated city policy in some instances.

It has been almost five years since the city council passed a law severely curbing cooperation with ICE. The city’s policy was tightened in 2014 when de Blasio signed legislation that limited exceptions to detainers accompanied by a federal warrant and instances involving individuals who had been convicted of one of 170 violent or serious felony crimes in the last five years.

Officials with the Department of Homeland Security told the paper of several instances when the city released someone who had committed one of the egregious crimes.

In one case, a Mexican who had been convicted of felony strangulation was released even though city policy required he be turned over to ICE.

Not even that case would be enough to deter the open border loyalists who spend their days building more walls to prevent cooperation with ICE. State lawmakers soon will be debating a bill that would bar ICE from making civil arrests at state courthouses without a judicial warrant or court order.

Mayor de Blasio may believe his full-throated backing of sanctuary policy makes for good politics, but it obviously does not make the streets of New York City any safer.

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    The American on

    happens all the time….criminals are criminals….goes beyond status…!!

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    TommyEarBoxes on

    I grew up in NYC but currently live in upstate NY. In 2 months I will be in SC and away from this god-awful state for good! I personally can’t stand Cuomo or De Blasio, but I think they are playing with fire. If NYC releases someone that kills or maims someone else, I could only hope that one or both be criminally liable and a lawsuit ensues. I would move back, just to get on the jury! I just can’t understand all the hype over illegal aliens especially since Obama was much harder on illegals. I understand that the whole issue is only to stick it to Trump, who is only trying to keep Americans safe. I hope we gain seats in the midterm elections…then we might actually be able to get things done!

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    It would seem rather obvious that the way to “make cities safer” as Mayor de Blasio claims to want to do, is to remove them from those cities. All this blather about “getting the immigrant community to cooperate” is actually contradicted by the fact that if an immigrant, legal or illegal, chooses to cooperate with the police and give information, what is that person to think when a few months or years later they see that same criminal back on the streets of their neighborhood, and thinking that they could then be targeted for reprisal.

    And it’s the sanctuary supporters who put them back on the streets, to the detriment of American citizens and legal residents. Just another example of how the Democrats have become the party of illegals and criminals, and frequently both.

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    VivaLaMigra on

    What? Hardened criminals given wrist slaps repay our generosity by committing…more crimes? Who would’a thunk it?