Aliens Get a Pass With Bureaucratic Shuffle

While open-borders enthusiasts spread bogus claims about migrant children “lost” by federal authorities, there is genuine concern over the government’s failure to remove those here illegally.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, only 3.5 percent of unaccompanied alien children (UACs) apprehended in the U.S. are ever removed from the country.

That paltry percentage may be a high-water mark, as illegal border crossings with children are up a whopping 315 percent from a year ago.

So far this fiscal year, 13,186 UACs have been transported into the interior of the United States. That’s in addition to 94,293 released over the previous two years.

Courtesy of the Department of Health and Human Services’s Unaccompanied Alien Children Program, the get-out-of-detention releases ship youngsters to family members around the country. The placement system costs U.S. taxpayers more than $1 billion a year.

Beyond the price tag lies a starker reality: HHS’s foster care arrangements aid and abet child smuggling. This Nanny State exercise emboldens more alien families to illegally cross the border, endangering more lives and lining the pockets of criminal human-traffickers.

HHS, according to its mission statement, is tasked with “enhancing the health and well-being of all Americans, by providing for effective health and human services and by fostering sound, sustained advances in the sciences underlying medicine, public health, and social services.” There is no mention of accommodations for aliens of any age.

Clearly, the job of detaining and processing illegal aliens belongs to Homeland Security, not Health and Human Services.

Yet a court order, the Flores Settlement Agreement, limits DHS detention of alien minors to 20 days before they must be turned over to HHS. President Donald Trump last year called on Congress to end the backdoor bureaucratic handoff whose pernicious effects are becoming more evident by the day.

“The only way to ensure the safety and the presence at removal proceedings of alien minors is for DHS to detain them until their cases can be adjudicated,” notes Andrew Arthur at the Center for Immigration Studies.

It’s only fair and right that no child be left behind.

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    The guy who was detained for deportation when delivering a pizza to an army base has been granted a stay by a judge. His lawyers allege that he was discriminated against because of his ethnicity. Nope, anyone who delivers to a base has a basic background check. There is also no claim of asylum. He came from Ecuador in 2008, was ordered deported in 2010, and failed to go.

    The usual NY Times sob story laments that he has 2 young daughters, one with a heart condition, but does not point out that both were born far after he was supposed to go home. Once again, the refusal to follow the rules of this country becomes an excuse of why they can’t be deported now.

    The left constantly plays this game of delay delay delay and then claims that should be rewarded. No, the fact is he should be deported as an example to others not to do this. Why believe anything the other side promises when they only see any amnesty as a chance to postpone any meaningful enforcement of the law. It’s supposedly the Russians running this country when the fact is that much of the left, including the leadership of the Democratic party, says how high when Mexico says jump.

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    No such thing as an ucm. Any person who enters this nation illegally no matter their age is breaking our laws.

    No more.

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    Every govt employee protecting or handing one dime of aid to an illegal is breaking the law. Aiding and abetting is a felony. This is fraud, criminal embezzlement and an act of treason against our sovereignty. It is time to find out who these people are and start posting them online. Expose them and then send their names on pink paper to the president and tell him we want these people removed from office for inviting criminal activity into our nation. They should all be fired no matter what level they are on. We need a running list in each state and city or county. They should be sued for every dime they’ve given of the government treasury to illegal invaders. It is not their money to give. This is a massive problem because they are not only stealing. But they are inciting criminal behavior. A crime. Period. The mayor in philly should be in handcuffs right now and let’s see how much money he’s given to illegals and wonder how much he took for himself? Sure he thinks he deserves some kind of finders fee. He should be in handcuffs right now. And judges who are protecting illegals should also be removed from the bench and charged as traitors.

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    Patricia Watkins on

    I agree that these illegal migrant children need to be detained until their day in immigration court; especially if they are showing up to the border alone. If they are old enough and strong enough to make that long trek through dangerous territory, then they can be strong enough to be detained (in facilities constructed for youth). They should have no right to be wandering around America and not showing up for their court date. American children who commit commit wrongs are often separated from their families by being put into juvenile detention and sometimes into adult detention. Why aren’t America’s children being put first in concern and care? If they can be detained, so can illegal migrant children who should not be entering America illegally.

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      And the truth has been spoken.. Why are we rewarding criminals and neglecting our own