Homan Defends Enforcing Immigration Laws, Warns America of Huge Downside of DACA Amnesty

Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Thomas Homan defended his agency’s work to secure the border, including the filing of criminal charges against adults accompanied by minors who knowingly violate the nation’s immigration laws. “Those who choose to come between ports of entry are committing a crime,” he said.  His comments were made at a recent National Press Club forum hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies.

Homan explained that while it’s sad to separate children from their parents, Americans who are caught breaking laws and jailed as a result are separated from their children all the time.  “Children and parents get separated every day across this country when a parent is charged with a criminal offense. It’s sad to see children cry when you take a parent out of a home, but because it’s sad, doesn’t mean that we ignore the law.”

Homan also defended his agency and its mission, noting that some have portrayed his agents to being the equivalent of Nazis for simply doing the job they swore to do and enforcing the laws that are on the books.  “If you think ICE is racist, is Congress racist because they enact these laws?” he noted.

Homan, who is retiring this month, also warned the nation that continued talk of a DACA amnesty without first having the right enforcement tools in place would only be laying the groundwork for another amnesty one or two decades down the road.  “It certainly increases illegal crossings, that’s been proven for the last three decades I’ve been around,” Homan said.  “Those coming in now will be your next DACA in ten years,” he said.

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    I totally agree. They know exactly what is going to happened and that they will be separated from their children. They get to know the ropes on cheating the system. Why should they get a pass on breaking our laws. Our laws should always be enforced no matter where you are from. I don’t feel sorry for them. Our children, veterans, US citizens come first..

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    It said they’ll do their children this away but it’s their decision they know the consequences why is everybody feeling so bad for them and not for families like Mine all across Our Country LegalAmericanFolks.com

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    Illegals are not as stupid (or calculatingly cynical) as our media and politicians. They know that the longer they stay here the less likely they will be deported, because when those on the left call for “immigration reform” they mean one thing and one thing only, another amnesty with no enforcement. Exactly like the first big amnesty in 1986, accompanied by solemn promises from Ted Kennedy that “never again will another amnesty be brought to the floor of the Senate”, the amnesty is always up front and the enforcement never comes.

    Trump needs to say he will veto any DACA bill that does not put enforcement FIRST. No more trust me, because the enforcement never happens. Chuck Schumer was a leader in the House for the “one time” 1986 amnesty. So how many dozens of amnesties has he promoted since? If his lips are moving he’s lying.

    Kennedy was also one of the chief promoters of the 1965 immigration act which brought about the massive waves of immigration we have seen for decades, in spite of Ted’s attacks on critics who said that it would bring in over a million legal immigrants a year and would change the ethnic makeup of the country. No way said Ted.

    His brother Robert also testified at the time that only a trickle of immigrants would come from Asian and Latin countries. He is currently being lionized by the media because he “took on a sitting president in 1968”. Uh no. He initially refused to challenge LBJ and only entered the race after Senator Eugene McCarthy finished a strong second to LBJ in the February New Hampshire primary. But why bother with facts when there’s a story to tell.

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    VivaLaMigra on

    Too bad this guy is retiring. Seems he’s the only federal official who’s serious about enforcing our immigration laws. President Trump and Attorney General Sessions [aka the Keebler Elf!] sure aren’t.

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    Patricia Watkins on

    I totally agree with Homan’s comments. Children are separated everyday in America by parents who go to jail, by parents who move out of the home due to separation/divorce, or by parents who join the military & get deployed (just to name a few instances). Why should children who illegally come to America, especially when they are brought here by their illegal parents who know they are setting up this bad situation, be treated better than American children separated from their parents? Rabid liberals appear to care more about illegal migrant children than they do our own American children. And Homan is right about amnesty. Give an inch and they will take a mile. Give amnesty now to illegals and more will come (it is a lure). Then liberals will be hollering for more amnesty for those new illegals. Rabid liberals will never stop until America has open borders and America becomes a free for all.

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    I agree 100%. When people use the excuse of bringing a kid to the U.S. and break the law, it’s sad but can’t ignore our laws, for them breaking the law and expect us to allow this or who would be stupid- the U.S. Government. In allowing them to break the law and expect us to cry for them when they didn’t think ahead about what they are doing. Enforce our laws, I won’t cry and have pity when they can break the law and take what AMERICANS should get. And Veterans who fight for our country or it wouldn’t be here with the freedom/rights we have. They didn’t.