Radicals Miss the Facts in Leaping to the Defense of Illegal Pizza Delivery Driver

Advocates for illegal aliens have rushed to defend Pablo Villavicencio, an illegal alien with a wife and two children who detained on an outstanding deportation order while delivering pizza to a New York military base last Wednesday.

The publicity campaign has made much of the story and less of the facts. Before he was married or fathered two children, the Ecuadoran native illegally entered the U.S. When ordered to leave, he told a judge in 2010 that he would voluntarily return home. He did not and has been in violation of that agreement for the last eight years.

Those facts came out of the shadows last week when he tried to deliver pizza and was asked by guards at Fort Hamilton for identification. Like all other visitors to the Army base, he was required to present government-issued, legal identification

The 35-year-old illegal alien presented his IDNYC card, which is a municipal identification card that can be used at city agencies, museums or libraries. Often used by illegal immigrants, it does not authorize cardholders to drive, to work in New York, and cannot be used to enter facilities, like the base, that require government-issued IDs. In order to get a pass to enter the military base, Villavicencio knowingly and willingly signed a waiver permitting base guards to run a background check.

Because of Villavicencio’s decisions, the guard fulfilled his duty to contact officials with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and, as a consequence discovered that the individual seeking to enter the military base had an outstanding warrant.

Radical politicians and interest groups ignored Villavicencio’s multiple violations of law in their haste to grab political ground.

“[New York] Governor [Andrew] Cuomo must immediately issue an executive order granting access to driver’s licenses for all New Yorkers,” said Democratic gubernatorial candidate and actress Cynthia Nixon.

For his part, Cuomo railed against the arrest as “an assault on New York’s immigrant families,” before offering to spend taxpayer dollars to represent Villavicencio.

With no valid license, nor insurance, Villavicencio was breaking multiple laws. His employer also was violating federal law by hiring illegal aliens to make deliveries. And both were endangering the lives of every other driver on the road. The real tragedy of this story is that Villavicencio’s boosters fail to see that fact.

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    They are exempt, an illegal Mexican stole my husband identity not only for work like they claim they do, but the thief purchase a home, license, collected unemployment benefits , worker comp fraud, medical /insurance fraud, credit cards and many other goods, I reported the theft to FTC, IRS, ICE, FBI, the police and followed the FTC “do it yourself list” I worked very hard to find this thief and I found him, He was arrested with ATTEMPT TO STEAL IDENTITY. He was let go the same day with no other charges after I worked so hard to obtain the mortgage papers with this thief and his wife forged signature . No one helped us, the law failed us and the thief continued with his fraud. I’ve been fighting this thief mess for over 5 years now clearing my husbands name. I will let you all know what I’m going thru and how the government doesn’t care about us US citizens, I contacted the workers comp fraud unit when I found that after he was release he continue using my husband identity to collect more worker comps benefits, this is what they told me: as long as the injured worker has a legitimate injury it doesn’t matter under who’s name is it, leaving the thief to collect benefits and medical treatment including back surgery , jeopardizing my husband;s medical records , so I followed FTC do it your self list, yes you have to read read and read to get somewhere, I never dealt with identity theft and I had to learn the hard way by reading and searching, sleepless nights and endless weekends . So I became an expert that I was able not only to identify who he is but his entire illegal family, but for what the justice system did nothing to stop him, in fact he has another hearing in July yup the courts is allowing this to happen, they all know he is using my husband identity, he lives in Chicago a sanctuary and we live in another State, We never been in Chicago so this people that sell US citizen identities are good at what they do and make a lot of money, So back to FTC they told me in order to clear my husband’s medical records I have to write to the Dr. who performed the treatments and surgery to release any records under my husband name, so I did, never got them, so FTC then said to file a complaint with the Dept. of human services and I did, 3 months later they answered me saying they will not investigate, I am now desperate I want to live a normal life and worry that one day thenpolice knock on my door for something that the thief did, since we always get the unpaid bills. I wrote to the Attorney General, Justice dept. and got no where I feel that the FTC doesn’t work for us the victims, I have to hire an attorney and we don’t have the money to do so, in fact no attorney will take our case as they laugh and say what are you going to get from him $10 dollars a week. I have a whole file of evidence to put this man away forever and then get him deported. I contacted ICE and now he is on hold because workers comp now want to get him for fraud not due to identity theft but because he got so greedy that he was working while collecting WC benefits and he also trying to make another claim under his real name yes his real name with another company. so yes if WC comp would of act when I reported the fraud he wouldn’t collect all that money with treatments and benefits he defrauded WC close to a MILLION dollars, that’s when you read it on the news. The only good thing of all this is that I was able to clear my husband’s IRS debt, clearing my husband credit report and placing the fraud/freeze alert ,he cant not get any more credit. If an US citizen commits a crime such as this , he will be in jail or paying restitution, So yes after all the work I did he is still free, exempt and to make it worse he now own his own company with a brand new truck and expensive landscaping equipment (which we cant afford) making good money and we are left behind picking up his mess., all thanks to the taxpayers money he is doing well,. But I will not give up until this thief and his accomplice wife get deported, Until then I need to have patience and wait for ICE do do their job, can’t wait to see him pay for what he did to us, The only hope here is ICE and thanks to president Trump for enforcing the laws and those that support the illegals I hope their Identities get stolen so the feel the pain we feel. We work so hard to have a future and this thief ruined our lives so no I don’t feel sorry for them no one feel sorry for us, and be careful with so many coming to our country you could be next, There are many people with similar or same story as ours, I have no choice but to learn and now help others. God bless America and its citizens,

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    Pat DeFilippis on

    Doesn’t anyone remember the FORT DIX SIX.!!! They were delivering pizza and plotting to blow up Fort Dix.
    Hats off to the security officers at the Fort.

    Zero tolerance to illegal aliens who have no regard for our laws. No license, no insurance, no registration, no car inspection. Working off the books or with stolen ID. Not paying taxes, probably getting assistance.

    Adios, arrivederci, sayonara, au revoir, ciao, auf wiedersehyen, goodbye.

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      I totally agree, if they are not part of a drug chain or being drafted by a terrorist chain they would try to come into this country legally. I believe if President Trump would tell Mexico to build the wall NAFTA would be dissolved. After all the only reason NAFTA was created was to help Mexico create better living conditions so their people would stay in Mexico and not try to enter illegally or walk across the border to pickup their SSI checks that we the hardworking, legal citizens of this great country that GOD blessed us, the taxpayers. President Trump is trying to do what he campaigned for but our other elected officials that oppose our LAWS and Trump need to go. We need to elect people that believe and acts upon issues like our President!! Stop the flood of terrorists, because when they come in and kill over drugs and money they might as well as send a political statement that they don’t care about our government or our GOD!!

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    He committed a crime, deport him, he forfieted his rights upon the illegal entry into the United States.. Quit wasting the tax payers money on worthless garbage

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    Why does Cuomo campaign for and draft laws by which he expects natural born U.S. citizens to abide, i.e. firearm confiscation, yet he doesn’t hold those same expectations of people who have already broken our laws in order to be here?? U.S. citizens must obey the laws but illegals can pick and choose? Or are they exempt altogether?
    Would I be exempt from following U.S. laws if I identify as an illegal alien? That would certainly make my life much easier.

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      Kathleen Fenwick on

      Immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants will bring us back OUR country. Americans are not responsible for forking over our earnings in taxes to support people who broke our laws by entering our country illegally or entering legally and staying over their entry permit times. I’ve lived in 5 different countries and visited lots more. I had to get a visa which established how long I could be in that country. They checked all people in and out of the country. If I were late leaving, I could be jailed and/or fined. I did get a residents visa for one country (and lived there 18 years). I had to renew my visa every few years or face deportation. (at my own expense.) Every country has these same laws. Our laws are not unique or even unusual. What is unusual is the resistence of some states to follow the laws that govern our country. States do have limited rights. But they have no right to refuse to abide by the Constitution or to make laws that are in contradiction to the safe running of our country. They say our Constitution is out of date. It isn’t. They simply don’t want to protect our country from those who want the benefits of citizens without the responsibilities of citizens.

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        Kathleen, before you start spewing the predictable talking points, you should get to know those “illegal immigrants” that in your view are ruining white folks´s country. By continuing the “us vs. them” rhetoric, you fail to see the complexity of our immigration system and the push and pull factors of immigration that are unique to this country. I read the entire thread here and I’m not even surprised at the vitriol; it´s like the echo chamber just magnifies your one-side views. You should try to get to know the hard-working immigrants that are keeping our country safe and our economy strong. You’d be surprised by a lot of their stories. By the way, it is OUR country, too!

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          WHY does she have to “get to know” these people? She’s an American and has the right to speak the truth – even if you don’t like it. I live in Orlando and I am sick to death of these loud mouthed people screaming every word that comes out of their ignorant mouth! They have NO respect for America and I would love to see EVERY one of them deported. I am sick of this fight…..if you don’t like our laws, then get the hell out of our country!!
          The dems only want them here for their crooked votes!!!!! ANYBODY with half a brain can figure this out! America is slowly but surely becoming a latino country!! Never in my wildest dream did I imagine this.

        • avatar

          And precisely why are you “spewing” the leftist idea that we should “get to know” these illegals? What, precisely, is your inability (unwillingness?) to understand the NOT LEGAL in illegal?
          Why do you culture destroyers try to invoke emotions rather than reason? Would you be willing to give a pass to “illegal immigrants” who shoot up your home and kill your family BECAUSE you didn’t “get to know them” well enough to keep them from breaking the law(s)?
          Interesting also that you, clearly NOT a “white folk”, would invoke the leftist’s race card. That’s all you seem capable of doing.
          Their is NO ‘complexity’ in the basic law, applicable to ALL nations- that of following that nation’s rule for entering it. Meaning, to you simple minded mentally challenged , by presenting the proper documents at official entry points. This guy, among millions of others, didn’t. THAT MEANS HE COMMITTED A CRIMINAL ACT. I’m of the belief that we should avoid such “complexity” that comes down the line from such by simply shooting any and everyone going North (OR South) across the US Border anywhere other than at a manned border crossing location. Add to that their committing a crime EVERY DAY that they remain in the country.
          If it weren’t for activist judges who deem every illegal alien that criminally crosses our borders as “constitutionally protected”, none of this would be of consequence since all of the ILLEGAL ALIENS would be summarily returned across the border. Or shot as an enemy invader.
          You call the “complexities”. They’re not. People who cross with the intent of dropping their babies here on the pretext that they can then remain as a “parent” of a (questionable at best) “citizen by birth”, should NEVER be granted legal protection nor allowed to remain within the borders.
          The simpletons like you try to make reasoning, law-abiding practices an ‘offense’ against such ‘innocent’ peoples. Message, moron! They KNOW they’re breaking the law.
          Moreover, you use the lies ” get to know the hard-working immigrants that are keeping our country safe and our economy strong. You’d be surprised by a lot of their stories. By the way, it is OUR country, too!” in an attempt to give them credibility. ANOTHER message, moron! We are NOT talking about those LEGAL immigrants that you are conflating with the ILLEGAL ones. NO ONE questions “hard-working (LEGAL)immigrants”. But then, you’re either ignorant of that or you’re a deceptive liar about it.
          So, tell us all which you are? A deceptive liar or an ignorant person?

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          Only if you are a US citizen, is it YOUR country too! It is black and white. Your are a citizen of the country in which you were born in too. When you DECIDE to break the law, cross-over and not following the legal way, you must go. Starting a family and later getting caught breaking the law, does not give you a pass. You broke the law and there are consequences.

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          Donald Gitschier on

          @pena, you should stay in jail for a month and learn how those misunderstood have to be separated from their families, or are you truly the racist, sexist, what ever phoebe you surely are. Dont talk to me about following the law, until you expect ALL to follow the law

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    Pizza Used to Be Dinner in America

    Now its so thin and cheeseless, its more of a light snack before the main course…

    Same with adding more recent immigration, the American wages become “cheeseless”…

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    Advocates claim that sanctuary cities “make us safer”. In actuality they do the opposite. Is your house safer because an illegal who was convicted of robbing another house is back on the streets of your city. Who is safer because someone with a couple DUIs is still on the road, instead of on the way back to their home country? Is it fair that you pay hundreds of dollars a year in uninsured motorist insurance because illegals don’t carry any insurance?

    Was Kate Steinle safer because San Francisco released a five times deported illegal with a criminal record without notifying ICE they were going to do so? No she died in her father’s arms after being shot by that person. The political establishment of that city, and the voters who continue to reelect them, bear the responsibility for her death.

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      Right. My car insurance is high because of illegal immigrants drivers having no insurance or licenses. We pay dearly for them.

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    gerald m serlin on

    There is an answer: deport him. His family can follow voluntarily and make their better life in his native country, where he can deliver Mexican food.

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    Patricia Watkins on

    Rabid liberals do see the facts, but don’t care. Through their liberal lens, they view illegal alien migrants equal to legal American citizens. They want illegals to have equal rights as to citizens. They don’t care that illegals have committed crimes or have defied U.S. immigration laws. These liberals don’t care that crimes have been committed by illegals. And these illegals don’t care that they have broken U.S. laws and disrespected U.S. borders.