Dancing on the Graves of Innocent Americans?

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine the mayor of a major American city who is so happy about a political victory that he spontaneously busts out into an Irish jig. That’s exactly what happened when Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney broke into a happy dance with his chief of staff after a federal judge ruled that the Trump administration could not withhold key federal funds from the city, allowing it retain its coveted sanctuary city status.

Surprisingly, the mayor seems completely unaware of the high cost of illegal immigration foisted upon his state and its taxpayers by the presence of large numbers of illegal aliens. Here’s a few numbers to keep in mind:

  • $1.3 billion: The annual cost of illegal immigration to Pennsylvania’s taxpayers;
  • $5,003: The annual cost per illegal alien to the state of Pennsylvania;
  • $273: The annual cost of illegal immigration to each U.S. citizen household in Pennsylvania;
  • 203,000: The estimated number of illegal aliens living in Pennsylvania.
  • 30 percent: The percent of the federal prison population comprised of immigrants – most of whom are here illegally.

And then there are the victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens protected by sanctuary policies – victims whose graves Mayor Kenney figurative danced on as he celebrated a court decision that will allow him to release more criminal aliens to prey on innocent members of the community. Criminals like Milton Mateo Garcia, a previously deported illegal alien who was living in Philadelphia when he brutally raped a young woman in 2016. Or Darlin Navarro-Turcos, another previously deported Philadelphia resident who stabbed a man to death in 2014.

Sanctuary jurisdictions, known to serve as a beacon to illegal immigration while protecting dangerous criminal aliens, have grown exponentially in the last two decades. In 2000, there were only 11 sanctuary jurisdictions nationwide. Under President Obama, that number mushroomed to 300, and has now nearly doubled to 564 under President Trump.

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    A few weeks ago a man at a gathering told California Senator Kamala Harris, who is likely running for the Democratic nomination for president, that she cared more about illegal aliens than Americans. And her answer was an indignant “that’s not true”. But what other explanation is there for insisting that convicted criminals here illegally should be let loose on the streets of this country. Nothing we can do about our own criminals but deal with them, but it’s beyond reason why foreign criminals are not returned to their countries.

    California schools used to be the example for the nation to follow. Now they are a hollow shell of what they were because children of other countries are an anchor on the learning ability of American children. A lot of colleges nationwide have “remedial courses” for incoming freshmen because they are so ill prepared in the basics.

    ironic that this is about Philadelphia, which was the scene of the recent Starbucks fiasco. Now that that company has decided every homeless person can use their restrooms and **** around without a purchase you have to wonder how long paying customers will endure that. Brought it on themselves.

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      Leland, in the Downey Unified School District (southern CA), the superintendent has lowered grading scores, seemingly to maintain his high graduation rate of 97.5%. Now, a 65% will get you a C. Yes, I am a teacher in that district. I have had several “discussions” with counselors who asked (demanded) I pass a senior student who clearly failed the class. I remain anonymous because I don’t want to jeopardize my job.

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    Patricia Watkins on

    The thing is, as I see it, the mayor doesn’t care what the ramifications are to American citizens. He does not care about the victims of criminal illegal migrants. These sanctuary cities want illegal migrants to be equal in status to legal Americans. They see crimes committed by illegals equal to any crime committed by a legal citizen. Even if you present them with the facts, they will refute it or ignore it. Look at San Francisco where the five time deported serial criminal illegal Mexican migrant was released from jail instead of handed over to ICE and he then ended up shooting dead Kate S. That is a death of a young American woman that wouldn’t have happened if they had handed that illegal over to ICE. San Fran doesn’t care. All they want is to grow their Democratic community for more federal funding, cheap labor, and more future voters. It is all about Democratic power and open borders. I don’t see any indication of this mayor actually caring about his American constituency.